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Taylor E Lee How you doin'
Obligatory game day pic💃💃
102 1 1 1 weeks ago
Tailgatin' season
Love to love ya
My heart is happy happy happy ❌⭕️❌⭕️
95 3 2 1 weeks ago
jax ↠ tally
Da most beautiful people in da world 💗
Get rich or pie trying.🍎🔪
106 2 3 weeks ago
This is the scary yet hotttt😉
My words exactly^
My little boot-wearin' brother isn't so little anymore
84 3 1 month ago
In my spare time I enjoy frolicking in the middle of fields while channeling my inner hippie.
139 5 1 1 month ago
Yeah, what @sayit3times said
So Cute! :) @taylee_
Beautiful day, even more beautiful friend 🌻
123 5 1 7/18/2014
The loveliest pair 🌻
You're da sweetest friend 🍦
Hey FL, summer looks good on you. #SUP
111 4 6/30/2014
What? Not at all haha @clintus_h
Ooo I'm Taylor Lee and I can paddle board.. 😒 it's so hard for me 😔
Sibling lovin'
82 1 1 6/21/2014
Where is this?
Currently waiting to partcipate in shakin' it with our boy Luke🎸❤️
89 1 2 6/16/2014
FL Country Superfest Round 2
Such pretty girls:)
Here's to the good times🇺🇸🌟
83 3 6/15/2014
Superfest Day 1
So excited for you on becoming UF's hottest new cheerleader🎉but I'll miss ya dearly. Thanks for always making work fun, and 🔹🔸go gatas🔸🔹
86 2 1 6/9/2014
gyminator girl to gator girl🐊💙
Aw this is so sweet @taylee_ I love this and I will miss you too :( thanks for making me feel special 😊
Too much pretty in one picture guys
God takes people sometimes at a young age for reasons beyond our understanding. Connor, you were always such a good friend and I'm so lucky to have known you and shared many high school memories with you. You were ALWAYS smiling and had such a huge heart. I'll never forget having SLS class together and all the laughs. You were an amazing boyfriend, and then husband to Brandi. You will NEVER be forgotten Connor. Everyone loves you so much. RIP to God's new beautiful angel.
87 7 2 5/30/2014
Rest in peace Connor 😔😔
Sweet summertime
112 2 1 5/23/2014
My white girlfriend looking oh so gorgeous 😉
You're the best because you still let me sit on your lap #HappyMothersDay
80 1 5/12/2014
These "fore" girls love TPC and Jake Owen 🎶⛳️🇺🇸
106 3 4 5/8/2014
TPC Sawgrass Club house
Sooo cute and clever!
Sooo wish I could have came :(((
@shophellobeautiful 🌸🌾🌞
104 6 2 4/28/2014
F4f? @taylee_
Hello gorgeous! 😍
🐾The Easter pup🐾
108 10 4/21/2014
Love it!!!
I want one!
Dyed eggs and Easter sweets with my main "peep" 🐣
76 3 1 4/20/2014
dis da cutest
You 2 are da cutest
It's a ❀ Good Friday ❀
61 1 4/18/2014
eat {cup}cake for breakfast
I have that devotional!! Love it!
Wishing the happiest of bday's to my dearest linds, miss Paxon forever in my heart, and fsu's hottest batgirl~ you're 20 babe! From our high school shenanigans, to you showing me the ropes in tally.. our friendship over the years has me more than thankful to have a friend as fun and sweet as you in my life! Love ya you crazy fool😚💗👑 🍰
54 1 1 4/13/2014
distance aint nothin but a thang
I love you too much my bestie bestie thank you see you soon!!