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Ruthie C. Happily married, SAHM, ❤ filofax, sewing, & anything stationery 😄
These are the Rifle Paper Co. notebooks I used to create the dashboard in the previous pic. I bought them at target a while back...they come in a set of three. I took the notebook apart, sized it and made dashboards for this large planner and a pocket one. Hope this helps ! @michealplans @magentapinkfrog
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@threadofhearts love this idea! Hopefully I can find some!
This is really cute! 💓
Super late post on a sweet gift @katiedoty sent me! These handmade hearts are adorable Katie!! I have already worn the pin several times, and I'm thinking of making the other heart into a paperclip! Oh and the kitchen towel is already being used :) Thank you so much friend!!
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Hello yes I love!
@threadofhearts Sooo pretty!!
Current week in my #kikkik planner. Hmmm ...seemed like my pages were a bit simple this time around. I have to clean my craft room to find all my other supplies! ***calendar is a free printable from @boatpeoplevintage :)
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Happy Wednesday!!
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Adorable clips!!!
That Kokeshi!!😍😍
I also came across a little scrapbook store full of awesome goodies! Sadly most of my money was gone by then, and I was only able to get a few items. I'm definitely going back next time I visit my sister!
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@zeldamadewithlove @alicards thanks!
@bizzybadger @simplestories_ @pri.naiaralima thank you!
The best find of this weekend was this #journalingbible !! I have been wanting one for a while and fell in love with this one when I saw it. I'm going to spend some time looking through the hashtag for inspiration!!
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@sweetdieseldesigns I understand!
@mslettgal yay! Hope you find one!!
I was finally able to finish my tote bag today. Its the first time I work with leather handles, and I still need practice attaching the rivets. I still love it though!! I think I enjoyed making the leather tassel the most!! #sewing #handmade
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You rock!! Great job.
Wait u made this? Wow.....ur gifted. That's awesome
I'm sooo excited about this weekend! I can't wait to see my sister and nieces!! #myweek #roadtrip
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@boatpeoplevintage yes ! I have to take a better pic, but I love it!
@atikahtan thank you!!
I received my bow paper clip from @pigtailsandpockets and it's just perfect! I already have more of her clips in my etsy cart...she has the cutest designs! Hoping she does a cloud design soon ;) I also found the cutest printable over on @mayicarles blog! It's a cute way of keeping track of my to-do list!
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Oh how I wish we had a hobby lobby in Australia! @threadofhearts
Love that horse divider! 😍
This page marker was fun to make...pretty much obsessed with vellum and confetti! #kikkik
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Like a shaker! 💕
I'm going to harass the hubby for a sewing machine 😉😄
Planning and sewing...two of my favorite things! #totebaginthemaking
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@cdh27 I think they sold out :/
@threadofhearts that balloon dashboard is beautiful! Did U make it?
I told myself I wasn't going to "baby" my planners anymore, but this gold #kikkik might be my very favorite so far. I keep trying to convince myself that scratches give it character ...but that hasn't worked so far, and I find myself not using it. Sooo I made a simple dust bag to try to protect it when it's in my bag. Do other #planneraddicts feel the same way? Or is it just me?
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That bag is so cute!
Love this. I am going to make a similar bag for my special gold planner 😍❤️ xx
Tagged by the lovely @theplannersociety ...#widn ... I'm taking a break from sewing and making new dividers for my gold #kikkik! I found this beautiful digital paper pack from @candygloss006 and knew they had to become dividers. Who can resist macarons and balloons? Not me ;)
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Too cute! Off to check out the digital paper :)
Ahhhw those dividers 💚💚
Happy Sunday!
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I love tulips!!!
I love tulips too. Way more than roses.
Working on some vday cards today ! Found all these cute printables on #Pinterest and thought they went well together! Made some handmade confetti using tissue paper and wrapped them up with wax paper! Thank you @lovelyindeed @kelli_murray and @jessicakeala for sharing your creations!
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@threadofhearts ... I am a new follower and love your page! I am also new to filofax and having some issues finding inserts and tab dividers that are cute. Love all your where did you get your inserts? Right now I am using the standards from Filofax. I am trying to cute them up the best I can...😊
Lovely handwriting !
I didn't know Wendy's had these little frosty cards lol ! I think they are kinda cute!
481 32 2w
Love my free frosty key card.
@adybdr me too !
Loving my little collection of target page flags! I made a little pocket using a project life card to hold just a few of my favorites ;)
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@withlove.lady so cute!! I haven't seen them at my location :/
Great idea! 💕
Picked up a quilting book yesterday at the library full of cute blocks and patterns! I decided to make a patchwork heart since Vday is just around the corner. I still need to cut to size and iron it, but you get the idea :) #feelsgoodtosewagain
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@rrwerner and i spot scissors fabric
LOVE IT! @ivvyrose
Yay! Not too bad for my first try!!
547 38 2w
I would have never thought of cross-stitch either! You have the cutest things! I'm a new follower and looking at past posts may I ask what brand your canning jar is? I like it better than what I have looked at, and does it have a die-cut that goes with it? Sorry comment is so long!!
@threadofhearts 👆😊
I actually used my sewing machine today! I just have to learn how to attach the eyelets and make it into a page marker for my planner! #finallysewingagain
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@shaunaskstudios thanks!
Anytime 😘😘