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Ruthie C. Happily married, SAHM, ❤ filofax, sewing, & anything stationery 😄
Tagged by the lovely @cecicat #widn...I just finished making these clips using my cricut machine. Hoping my #makeyourplannercuterswap partner likes them! 🍦 Also, I'm using the inserts from my personal planner in my #fauxdori because I couldn't wait to use it! 😂 Happy Friday!! 💗
503 46 1d
The pink sprinkle washi😍😍😍😍😍
she does!!!!! a loooot!
An incredibly sweet #rak from the lovely @arlynamaria arrived! These bookmarks are soooo cute! Thank you so much Arlyn!! ❤️❤️ Look how cute they look in my #fauxdori! 😍😍😍 #plannercommunityrocks
456 23 3d
Thanks @inessencedesigns ☺️. Ruthie @threadofhearts, they're from a store called "Renaud-Bray" here in Montreal 😊😄.
Just finished making myself a Midori using some leather I found at Michael's! I usually find the floppy thin leather but this one was nice and sturdy! 😍😍
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This looks amazing!!! Nice job!
@tweetiepiecollage thank you!!! ❤️❤️
Making planner pockets out of project life can never have too many little pockets right? I added some twill ribbon to some of them (to serve as a bookmark or pull tab) and used my sewing machine to attach cards together. ☺️
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@rofeela 😭💔 جميييل
Tagged by the lovely @filo_newbie14 ...#widn...I am making Midori notebook inserts for a midori I don't have 😂. I wanted to get a feel for the size of it before deciding whether or not to actually buy one! 😁 I'm also trying to figure out what I'm going to do with this ice cream cutie! 🍦💗 Tagging @rtamiko @lovesweatsparkle @imvintagerose
479 17 6d
@imvintagerose great ideas!! Thank you! ❤️❤️
Why are you so awesome?!
Just finished printing new inserts from @celerydays !! These are my favorite inserts, and I was so excited when she made them available in pocket size! Yay!! 😍 I also made this little drawstring pouch for Mr. Toast (USB flash drive) ...because he is too cute not to have his own pouch! 🙊
506 23 1w
Those inserts look great!
LOVE your pouch @threadofhearts 💕💕💕
Kept it pretty simple this week☺️I did switch out my other dividers and took out some sections I didn't need. It was starting to look too busy for me! Sometimes simplicity is best. 💗
518 17 1w
Pretty! The grey and yellow flower washi is one favorite of mine:)
@threadofhearts Indeed, less is more! 💕💛
Found these clips and tabs at hobby lobby and thought they were perfect for my #lvagendapm! 💗
413 19 1w
I 💕💕💕this!!!! #owlandthepussycat !!! Adorable @threadofhearts !
That owl divider makes me so happy!!!
Received these super cute zippy pouches as a #rak from the lovely @plannernerd71 !! She incorporated these pouches into her budget system, and I thought it was a great idea!! She actually sent me five of them so I'm going to do the same!! Thank you so much Denise for your generosity!! 😘😘 #plannercommunityrocks
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@prettyplanny thank you so much! ❤️
Completed pouch 💗💗 ...I love this fabric! ☺️
483 35 2w
Loooooove the pattern!! Great job, it looks great!
Finishing up a pouch for my cross-stitch materials is on my to-do list today! Loving the curvy patch pocket pattern by @michellepatterns ! Now I want to add pockets to everything 😁
369 8 2w
That gnomy material is everything! 😍💚💓
Tagged by the lovely @celerydays for #widn ...just finished sewing my pen pouch! 💗 What are you girls doing? @filo_newbie14 @magentapinkfrog @purses_and_planners @hey.charlie_
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Made this too? SO cute! Will you be making more?! 😍
@linda_b_1224 make it for me!!
I started this pouch forever ago and never finished it😁 seems like a good day to do some sewing! Happy Friday!! 😊
395 23 1 2w
You are SOOOOO TALENTED @threadofhearts !!! I LOVE looking at your pictures😍💕😘
Oh my gosh this is perfection!!! 😍
Made a leather knot bookmark for my planner using a video tutorial by @mylifemits! ❤️ Sadly my measurements were off, and I made mine too short 😣 I'm still going to use it as a charm and will definitely make more. Thanks for a great tutorial @mylifemits ! ❤️😘 I'm also loving my macaron dashboard made from a notecard I found at Michael's. 💗
514 45 2w
@triciamakes this is the one I made that I used for the zipper pull! I made it too short so it didn't work as a bookmark for my planner! 💗
Where do u get ur dividers?
How cute are these Heather Ross prints??!! I decided to print some of my favorites (which she makes available through her book) and turn them into dividers!! Her artwork is the best! I'm so excited to put them in my agenda! 💗💗
395 19 2w
@threadofhearts I have the book, but the CD got broken during our last move! It is sad! I love many of these. I printed a few when i first got the book.
Oh wow I need that book!! I have several yards of that unicorn print fabric stored away and can never decide what to use it for.
This week in my LV agenda ☁️☁️
462 11 2 2w
I ❤️ that cute little cloud!!!
Hi where do u get ur inserts and dividers?
Received happy mail from the lovely @lolalasshouston ! She creates these #lovenotes and leaves them in unexpected places for people to find them! She was kind enough to send me some so I can do the same!! Thanks for spreading the love @lolalasshouston!! ❤️❤️
515 12 3w
@threadofhearts I love this!!! This would be great in my care packages. Very happy colors.
Hello May! ❤️❤️ **free calendar printable by @felingpoh 😍
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Hey love is this the pm size. I'm really contemplating on saving for one and I'm trying to find one less than $100 which probably is a long shot
@mikeswifeyplans it is a pm! I will send you a DM!
Keeping it simple in my pocket size #lvagenda ❤️ I really enjoy this size, and I'm using the planner as my wallet as well. I'm trying out the inserts from @theplannermarket and so far I'm loving them! I also made myself a fabric midori this morning! Now that it's made the rest seems a bit overwhelming 😣. I'm going to watch YouTube videos and try to set it up. I don't think I could switch from a binder planner to a midori, but I've seen so many pretty midori set-ups in my feed that I need to get it out of my system!! 😂
470 43 3w
@filo_newbie14 yay!!!! Which one??
@heyporkchop - aaaaaw, you are much too kind. I'm having a bit of a fangirl moment (trying to see if my Daredevil obsession translates into anything creatively). Sending some love back 😘😘 because you got me back to cross stitching after al almost 25 year absence. 😍😍😍😍. @threadofhearts - you were one of my first planner accounts I followed and still a fave! 😘😘😘😘💖💖
I'm terrible at explaining things , but I had several questions about how I created the tabs on my #kikkik 🙈. First I typed out the sections I needed in a word document and printed them on pretty cardstock. I then cut them out using a tab punch. I stapled them onto my divider (stapling worked for me since I knew I wasn't going to laminate them) and that's it!! Easy peasy!! Hope this helped! 😊❤️
535 23 3w
@plannedmischief here it is 💗
Cute! Thanks!