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Ruthie C. Happily married, SAHM, ❤ filofax, sewing, & anything stationery 😄
Woohoo! Happy mail from the lovely @sweetbog22 !! Thank you so much for being so sweet and sharing these page flags!! 😘😘I think I'm set with the watercolor page flags thanks to this awesome #plannercommunity!!
485 11 2 2d
@threadofhearts so cute! How did you do your tabs on your dividers?
I can't find the new ones boooo
534 27 3d
That glasses paperclip is too cute! Where'd you find it?
I like how you simply just put stickers on your planner, lol, not on pages, I like that idea. Havent seen that before.
Look at the cuteness that arrived from the lovely @stickewicketdesigns !! Leah, you are the sweetest🙊 Thank you so much for sharing these with me! You know I'm obsessed with paper clips!! ❤️❤️I'm heading to your etsy shop to see what other goodies you have!! I can't say this enough ...I seriously have the best IG friends!!😘😘#plannercommunityrocks
487 27 5d
@kireidesign 😘😘
Feeling a little more organized now that I've actually labeled some of my tabs. I regret not doing this to the rest of my sections...I might redo all the inserts (but not today)! 😂 Oh and target finally had the heart pens! Woohoo!
573 34 5d
Thank you!! I was looking on Instagram for the account :)
@8shurmmi8 ☺️
My week and some of the Kate Spade goodies I found at TJmaxx! 🙈 I'm still loving my inserts from @celerydays and she now has them available in A5 if anyone is interested! ❤️ **shops tagged ☺️
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I love the layout of the week on the right! Looks great! X
Thank you for all the positive vibes sent my way regarding the craft fair! It went really well!! I appreciate all of your comments. 😘😘 Also... I got home to some more #happymail!! It's been such a good week I tell you!! When I came across @confettipaper Instagram page I instantly fell in love! She sent me this adorable pom-pom paperclip after I commented on how much I loved it! It's even cuter in person!! She also sent me a set of page flags that she knew I had been looking for! She's the sweetest!! ❤️It totally made my day ☺️❤️
529 25 1w
Your planner posts and setups are always so cute! 💕
@seaweedkisses aww so sweet! Thank you!! ❤️❤️
Tagged by the lovely @momoloveletters asking #Widn ...Im all set-up at a local craft fair! Wish all of you could stop by and say hello!! Happy weekend friends! ❤❤ #ifonlywelivedcloser
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I have received such cute #happymail this week! I've always secretly wanted this sprinkle #washitape so of course I was super excited when I won the @hey.charlie_ giveaway!! Thank you so much for being so generous. Oh and you better believe I'm keeping that little piece of donut tape you used to seal the bag! It's also the cutest! 😘 I think she has these listed in her shop if you would like some of your own! 🙊
494 15 3 1w
It's not too late to decorate this month right? 😁...I don't use the monthly inserts often (I prefer the weekly), but I still want them to look cute when I look at them! ☺️
599 14 1w
What size is this kikki k? Med or large?
@planningwithkatherine medium ☺️
I loved the notecard @momoloveletters sent me so much that I made it into a little pocket for my planner! Perfect for a few small stickers and sticky notes! 💗
573 30 1w
I see. I wanted to try a personal size as wallet, because I always use a compact size or a pocket size for it. Glad I found your IG account for some inspiration. Thanks, sis! ☺️😘
@tawniruby thank you!! 😘
Tagged by the lovely @momoloveletters to show you #whatsinmybag! Pretty basic-my planner...card case and a few extras. ☺️I recently purchased a purse organizer from Ebay, and I'm in love with it! It keeps all the little stuff from moving around in my bag! 😁
485 30 2 1w
That bag looks cute! Do you mind telling me what style it is?
i havent but i will soon
I was beyond excited when I found out that I had won @momoloveletters giveaway for these flags! I had already given up on finding them!! I love how this #plannercommunity is always willing to share!! Thank you @momoloveletters !! 😘😘
516 43 1w
Still looking for target flags? I found some today.
@mermaidsews someone just sent me two more packs!! Thank you!! Have you found any of the floral or the new ones??
This week in my #kikkik planner. ☺️
501 35 2 1w
@saruhf 🌸
Sweet style!
Tagged by the lovely @siriusfilo #widn ...I'm working on a few items for an upcoming craft fair 🙈 ...wondering what @pixiesagwa1 @pigtailsandpockets and @filofaxin are up to! ☺️#sewing #handmade
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Happy Saturday! How cute is this little guy holding my #washitape? ☺️
473 22 1 2w
That bear!!! :D
Trying to organize my stickers 😣 do you girls store/organize your collection??
547 64 2w
@olyaylolya 😍
New dividers using pretty paper by #heidiswapp ❤️❤️ I love that the paper is double-sided! ☺️
535 32 2w
I love everything in this pic!
This week in my #kikkik ! Loving the inserts from @celerydays ! I purchased the "notes" printable from @heathergw and I think they are perfect together!! ❤️❤️
615 46 3 2w
@heathergw thank you! Your inserts are fabulous!
@jeskikkahh_xo left "notes" are from @heathergw etsy and the right grid inserts are from @celerydays etsy! ❤️❤️
Tagged by the lovely @stickewicketdesigns #widn...I'm decorating my new week using new inserts by @celerydays ! When I came across her IG feed I fell in love with her inserts. I was sooo excited when she opened her Etsy shop a few days of course I had to break my no-spend two weeks! Hehe so worth it!! #filofax #kikkik
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@vintagedayz @figandtwigs @dottedgirl thank you! ❤️
@tklo2013 they are my favorite! ❤️❤️
Hubby surprised me with a "Heidi Swapp" basket for Easter! How sweet is that?! He also included gift cards to two of my favorite stores! So blessed to have such a thoughtful husband!! #heisakeeper Maybe I'll get to play with all this once I clean the house! #confettieverwhere
639 47 1 2w
Ohhhh... Sweet sweet hubby! I love how he always gets you planner surprises. 💗