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Ruthie C. Happily married,SAHM who loves to sew. Love my Filofax,stationery, and my pen pals ! Personal account: @bitsofmyheart http://webtx.alsa.org/goto/anchorsofhope
This planner is so cute and small --it's really all the space I need!! #toffeenut
303 11 7 hours ago
I can never find the planners on the Kiki K site maybe it's because I'm too excited. I love this one so cute
Love it ❤
Finished some drawstring bags using the #lineddrawstringbag pattern by @jenib320 :) #handmade #sewing #halloween
295 7 1 d ago
I'm loving my #favoritethingsbdayclub package from @stephaniefinol !! The hoodie from @theprintedpalette is so pretty and soft and that mason jar cozy is the best!! Also loving my needle book and the little crochet hearts!! Thank you so much for everything Stephanie!! Xoxo
352 10 1 d ago
Is that a mason jar with a sweater on? 😃😃😃
A little Halloween pouch in progress !
330 19 2 d ago
oh oh oh adorable!
So adorable!!
Happy Friday!! #thefrostedpumpkinstitchery #crossstitch
337 17 5 d ago
Soooo cute!
This makes me want to get out my embroidery stuff! Cute design! 😃
Last week in my planner! :)
399 6 1 weeks ago
I love that planner!
Very cute
Finally finished the #crossstitch I was working on! I made a few mistakes, but I still think it's the cutest Halloween couple!! #thefrostedpumpkinstitchery #halloween
343 23 1 weeks ago
I think the best part of the #favoritethingsbdayclub is making new friends. All the girls have been so kind and supportive these last few months. Through the club I met @rtamiko who quickly became one of my best friends!! She not only sends one--no she sends two pairs of #katespade earrings and a #coach keychain!! You are the best Ronya!! Thank you so much not only for the gifts but for our great friendship !! Love you!!
320 12 1 weeks ago
Awesome gift!!
What is favorite things bday club
Also received the most adorable package from @sugar_stitches !! Look at that cute handmade bear... It's my favorite!! I also love the earrings, sticker book, pen and extra stationery items!! Thank you so much Jennifer!! #favoritethingsbdayclub
237 9 1 weeks ago
@pinkyletter Thanks! It's from a pattern by Retro Mama on Etsy.
@sugarpandax3 Thank you 💖- unfortunately I didn't find this pattern there 😕
Another awesome #favoritethingsbdayclub gift !! This one from @greenletterday !! I loved the camera and that USB is the cutest ever !! Thanks for all the extras ...they are totally me!! #mochithings #poketo #stationery
321 17 1 weeks ago
Love^ @threadofhearts
Cutest cat themed gift from @fourchicksfarm !! Now I have two #patchworkthreads t-shirts!! I love the scissors and the pouch is adorable!! Thank you Selina!! Xoxo #favoritethingsbdayclub #handmade #stationery
207 5 1 weeks ago
Haha! I thought it was transformers.
Yay! Glad it finally came. I felt like that took forever. I was starting to get worried! Sorry there's no card. I accidentally left it out an it's still hanging out in my purse...
Love love love my gift from @bselbyquilting !! Everything is perfect...the makeup, the hearts and the #bando coin purse!! They were beautifully wrapped too!! Thank you so much Brittney! #sephora #favoritethingsbdayclub
223 7 1 weeks ago
Those hearts are darling :)
What a fun club! How do you get involved!?
Yay!! I finally own a #patchworkthreads t-shirt!! Thank you @shinergirltx for this awesome package!! I love it all! #crossstitch #favoritethingsbdayclub
215 4 1 weeks ago
You're most welcome!! 😘
Gah! I want that tiny pumpkin! @shinergirltx 😘😘
More #favoritethingsbdayclub goodness!! Love this package from @sewbettyjane !! Fabric and stationery...perfect!! That soap smells divine Betty! Thank you!! Xoxo
358 7 1 weeks ago
that washi 😍
That honey almond soap looks divine! Who makes it, please? 🎀
I love this little planner!! #filofax #kikkik #stationery #washitape
496 20 1 weeks ago
Cute planner!
Love this #favoritethingsbdayclub package from @kristafleck !!! I love the planner and the heart tumbler...and I've been wanting those highlighters for a long time!! I still can't believe I own a "Krista pouch"...It's gorgeous!!
532 15 1 weeks ago
Too cute. What brand is the planner?
Another awesome package from the #favoritethingsbdayclub !! Thank you so much @meezie !! Look at that camera!! Love the fabric and all the extras too!! Xoxo
339 5 1 weeks ago
Yay!! Glad you like them😊 big hugs to you...💗
Yay!! I started receiving packages from the #favoritethingsbdayclub!! This gift is from @heather81203! Look at all the pink in this package...LOVE!! Thank you for the heart garland and all the awesome gifts!! xoxo
383 7 1 weeks ago
So awesome!! 💘
so pretty evrything!! is your birthday soon? or is a type of club I want to be in
Loving all my birthday gifts from my beautiful niece @erikaortiz28 !! Love you so much Erika!! 😘😘❤
224 26 1 weeks ago
Happy birthday huni :-D @threadofhearts x x x
Happy birthday :)
Last week was all about cleaning and organizing and watching youtube videos to learn how to apply eyeshadow!
465 21 1 month ago
Havent seen ur pic around lately!! Miss yaa