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Ruthie C. Happily married,SAHM who loves to sew. Love my Filofax,stationery, and my pen pals ! Personal account: @bitsofmyheart http://webtx.alsa.org/goto/anchorsofhope
Hubby went for groceries and came back with these!! Yay! #besthubby #babylips
180 22 1 hours ago
I got a bunch if the white wrapping ones ! And the purple (peach) I think is my absolute favorite
@momoloveletters I just saw your feed!
I had neglected my planner for a few weeks, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things :) ... This was last week! #filofax #kikkik
500 32 1 d ago
@melmarilyn thanks for noticing!! Just added you 😘😘
Wow so many lovely things you manage to find! Would you recommend anywhere online for me to look? XxX
Thank you so much for your letter @lita_sabena !! I used the gold heart stickers you sent me to make a dashboard !! Xoxo
414 13 2 d ago
Follow if you like Fashion 🎀
Woohoo!! We reached our goal!! Thank you so much to all who donated !! #als #lougehrigsdisease #alswalk @thatswhatlindseymade thanks for helping us get there !! Xoxo
164 2 4 d ago
Yay! Congratulations!!
Walking to defeat ALS this morning!! My team is $18.00 away from reaching our goal!! If you would like to help the link is in my profile!! Funds are used to spread awareness and to help find a cure!! Thank you!! Xoxo #someoneiloveiswaitingforacure #als #lougehrigsdisease
124 5 4 d ago
@filoeyecandi ☺❤❤
@desertpenguin I'm sorry to hear that. It's a terrible disease...a cure is needed 😔
You are loved.
243 6 5 d ago
@pixiesagwa1 awww thanks!! 😘😘
That pinwheel is beautiful!!!
Too cute!! Thanks @rtamiko !! Xoxo
397 9 6 d ago
@threadofhearts I have that same dashboard! Love it!
Good to see you again, I hope all is well.
What do you carry in your pockets?? I always have a hard time deciding ...
430 18 1 weeks ago
@threadofhearts Love your "smile" dashboard😍, where did you get it?
Words cannot express how grateful I am for friends like @rtamiko. Her daily check-ins and words of encouragement have helped in getting me through these last few weeks. She sent me this adorable care package-she even sent one to my grandma! I can't thank you enough for brightening our day!!
318 14 1 weeks ago
@threadofhearts missing you dearly, my dear friend 😭
260 51 1 weeks ago
I was wondering where you went @threadofhearts glad to see you back
A few of my favorites :)
571 40 1 month ago
Hello my friend. I hope you are well. <3
Come baaaack! I hope everything's going ok! Xx
I finished a little rug mug for my coffee...It feels good to be sewing again!! Also, more happy mail from my #penpals @loveualatte @arcobalenodicuori @lita_sabena !! More pics of those to come...but for now I'm going to enjoy reading the letters and drinking my coffee :)
382 59 1 month ago
Eeep it might be a little until something cute comes along but I'm excited to share with you!! Wish we were closer 🌷
I never received a DM! Just checking in! Making sure I didn't somehow miss it! 💕
I deleted the last pic and decided to list them here :) I have put together these sets to help raise funds for the ALS association. Each set is $15.00 (plus $2.50 shipping) and it includes the handmade drawstring bag and the stationery. All proceeds will benefit the ALS association which is a non-profit organization that works towards finding a cure for ALS. I have three sets available..US only. Please leave your paypal if interested. Thank you so much for your support!! Xoxo
302 17 1 month ago
@osewlovely thanks!! ❤❤
Would love to be pen pals!!
Seriously in love with everything you sent with your letter @kjl81 !! Such fun surprises throughout the whole package! I especially love the hoop you sent...I have the perfect spot for it!! Thanks again friend!! #penpals #snailmail
340 13 1 month ago
@kjl81 loved it!! Thank you!!
@madeiracrafts ☺
New dashboard and the sweetest letter from @sparklysquiz ! You used the cutest envelope!! I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to use it inside my planner !
498 29 1 month ago
Which Planner is it? :)
That's my name.
This week in my planner :)
507 31 1 month ago
Gosh I fell in love with this!♡
Yay! Got your letter ...thanks for the extras!! I will work on my response letter! @spoiledsidney #penpals #kikkik #filofax
271 9 1 month ago
@spoiledsidney thank you!
@spoiledsidney 😘😘
Yay!! I came home to this surprise package from @kikkik_loves !! What an awesome way of showing customer appreciation! It definitely made me smile! #rak #filofax #stationery #kikkik #kikkikrevolution
351 9 1 month ago
@pixiesagwa1 ☺
@filolitablue yay!! ☺❤❤
Planning and trying macarons for the first time! Yummy!!
619 47 1 month ago
@kireidesign 😘
@happyhomemaker_ ☺
Happy National Doughnut Day!! We couldn't resist going after seeing all the wonderful doughnut posts!! #mycutie
359 36 1 month ago
So so so cute!
Pretty mom!👩 Handsome son! 👦❤