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Ruthie C. Happily married,SAHM who loves to sew. Love my Filofax,stationery, and my pen pals ! Personal account: @bitsofmyheart http://webtx.alsa.org/goto/anchorsofhope
Last week was all about cleaning and organizing and watching youtube videos to learn how to apply eyeshadow!
436 20 1 weeks ago
Happy Wednesday!!
374 6 2 weeks ago
Happy Wednesday 😘😘😘😘
Thank you so much @sewbettyjane for this sweet surprise!! I can't wait to go to Starbucks !! I usually always get the vanilla bean frappuccino, but I'm looking to try something new. Any suggestions?? What is your favorite Starbucks drink??
350 25 2 weeks ago
Chai tea latte!!! Ask for no water- then they will only use steamed milk and it makes it creamier! If you need an extra pick-me-up ask for a Dirty Chai latte- they add a shot of expresso in it! 😍😜
Filo fax and starbucks. Two of my favorite things 😋🎀 vanilla latte or chocolate frappuchino ❤️
Love this care package sent by @bselbyquilting !! I have been secretly wanting one of these sew together bags and this one is beautiful. Thank you so much Brittney...love the fabric you chose and all the extras!! Lotion and pens...so perfect!!! Jacob took the snacks :)
379 21 2 weeks ago
Hi! We'd love to work with you. Can you send us a direct message here on Instagram?
A few months ago I joined a birthday club. I must admit at the time it seemed like a fun idea simply because we would be sharing gifts...but It has proven to be so much more than that. These ladies have been nothing but supportive and generous through these rough times. They continue to pray for my family and even though they are so far away they manage to put a smile on my face!! The lovely @fourchicksfarm sent me this gorgeous handmade tote bag which is perfect for our daily hospital visits!! I can't thank you enough Selina for such a thoughtful gift!! Love you girls!!
310 29 3 weeks ago
@heather81203 😘😘
My week and a few favorite things! Also...a little progress on my #crossstitch!
629 37 3 weeks ago
Where are this scissors from? 😱❤️ and what is this pink kitty thing there? 🎀
I love this hand cream 🙈
Hello August!! #alittlelate
526 23 3 weeks ago
@ankekramer 😊
@questionable7 @weimiylynn @createwithbeth thanks !! ❤❤
Making progress on this super cute pattern from #thefrostedpumpkinstitchery ...
263 30 3 weeks ago
Cute! I miss cross stitching 😢
Last week ;) #filofax #kikkik
511 19 1 month ago
how cute is this??!
Heyya where are u from ? Accept swap?
Received my order from @thelittleknot !! Thank you Samantha!! Xo
381 8 1 month ago
@thelittleknot thank you!! I especially love the cards you sent!! ☁☁☁💙💙
Follow me please... can be??
Sweet gift from my sister! Who else is dreaming of an endless weekend??!!
339 16 1 month ago
@threadofhearts what notebooks are Thais?
Found these cute printables on the @hkswapp blog...I think they are perfect for this little corner!
402 11 1 month ago
@threadofhearts tried texting you! Hope all is well
@lovesweatsparkle hey!! I have a new phone number!! All my contacts stayed in old phone...can you DM me your number!! Xoxo
Hubby went for groceries and came back with these!! Yay! #besthubby #babylips
356 31 1 month ago
Good job hubby! 👍
I had neglected my planner for a few weeks, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things :) ... This was last week! #filofax #kikkik
624 35 1 month ago
Love love love it! ! 😚
Cute zipper pouch!
Thank you so much for your letter @lita_sabena !! I used the gold heart stickers you sent me to make a dashboard !! Xoxo
462 13 1 month ago
Follow if you like Fashion 🎀
Woohoo!! We reached our goal!! Thank you so much to all who donated !! #als #lougehrigsdisease #alswalk @thatswhatlindseymade thanks for helping us get there !! Xoxo
176 3 1 month ago
Yay! Congratulations!!
Walking to defeat ALS this morning!! My team is $18.00 away from reaching our goal!! If you would like to help the link is in my profile!! Funds are used to spread awareness and to help find a cure!! Thank you!! Xoxo #someoneiloveiswaitingforacure #als #lougehrigsdisease
133 5 1 month ago
@filoeyecandi ☺❤❤
@desertpenguin I'm sorry to hear that. It's a terrible disease...a cure is needed 😔
You are loved.
254 6 1 month ago
@pixiesagwa1 awww thanks!! 😘😘
That pinwheel is beautiful!!!
Too cute!! Thanks @rtamiko !! Xoxo
421 10 1 month ago
Good to see you again, I hope all is well.
So cute! Where can I get that smile dashboard? I think I need that in my life :)
What do you carry in your pockets?? I always have a hard time deciding ...
458 19 1 month ago
@threadofhearts so cute. Love it 💕