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Ryan Young 🎥📡Emmy award winning Atlanta reporter, FSU grad, lover of great images. #atl #wsb #breakingnews
@RyanYoungwsb twitter
This is the bike that Gsp says tried to get away from them. @wsbtv
13 6 1 d ago
Ding Bat!
Every rider should know don't run from GSP, they will either catch you or hit you....
On scene of what looks to be the end of a Gsp chase.
19 4 1 d ago
What happend on windy hill last night
And then there's this!! Simple and truthful!! This girl!
49 1 1 d ago
Aww Nothing Beats Doggie Love! !!
by @nike "When you're on top, everyone wants to see you fall. They want to see you stumble. They want to see you slip up. They tune in just to see if someone can take you down. They root for the underdog. And you're not the underdog. You're @fsufootball, and you're the defending national champion. And you know that defending a title will be harder than winning one, because when you're on top, you get everyone's best shot. Just make sure yours is better. #justdoit" via @PhotoRepost_app
12 2 2 d ago
Yup. Georgia is coming for ya! #GurleyForHeisman
Lol @yenuwodajo Uga has the Sec to worry about! Gurley can when the heisman!
Belt line walk! City Swag #atlanta #atl #sundayfunday
35 1 2 d ago
Knocked out 4.5 miles -- no music no phone calls just nature!
The house movement has taken over the old 4th ward! This is why the windows are moving!
15 1 2 d ago
My old neighborhood
He just said it!!! We lol excuse the rest here! We them Boys!! Let's Go Noles!!
8 2 d ago
Game ready!! Wanting to make another run! "We do it big!" @fsufootball #noles
23 5 3 d ago
I had a feeling you'd say that.. We kicked them out the conf! Lol
Lol says it all!!
11 2 3 d ago
If I'm a Wvu fan I'd be upset about number 1's drop. Game may be over because of it! #uavswvu
New Porsche building going up nicely. #porsche
22 1 5 d ago
I was just telling my kids about this today! Wow...
Pulling cable like a boss.. Yup!
10 12 5 d ago
The Apd officer arrested for murder is being taken to jail. @wsbtv
13 3 5 d ago
This crew Drove over 200 miles today! Uhh
19 5 d ago
by @allthingsajc shooting investigation In Atlanta. @wsbtv
18 2 6 d ago
Is this you @knit77
@kymbo08 that's right across the street from me
This is the Hero Granddad!! He's awesome and is ok story at 11. @wsbtv
25 1 1 weeks ago
Nothing like a grandad!!!
Update: just talked to family members: Granddad is a hero he did all he could to save Grandson. Granddad is ok robbers in custody. @wsbtv
14 1 weeks ago
Grandfathers car hit several times as men with guns tried to rob him!
9 1 1 weeks ago
Getting an update now from DeKalb Police. @wsbtv
8 1 weeks ago
First on the scene of breaking news in Dekalb! A homeowner throws his car in reverse to protect himself from being robbed. First on the scene live again 5 @wsbtv
16 1 weeks ago
National Dog Day!! Old school pick she was ready that day!
41 1 weeks ago