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Ryan Young 🎥📡Emmy award winning Atlanta reporter, FSU grad, lover of great images. #atl #wsb #breakingnews
@RyanYoungwsb twitter
44 3 9 hours ago
Let's get it!
Today's workout!! Feels good no stress.
20 2 13 hours ago
The water looks so nice!
Whoa! That looks amazing!
This is the slogan of the march. Is the curfew and not allowing people to demonstrate causing this conflict? Let's see what happens.
27 2 d ago
The fear was that a call for a curfew would inflame people. What's clear people want and believe they should be able to protest.
8 2 d ago
During this meeting Dr. Alexander Dekalb's public safety dir. advised against a curfew. Missouri Gov. Decided otherwise.
5 2 d ago
Standing where #mikebrown was killed. #ferguson @wsbtv
43 2 d ago
Praying in #ferguson
22 2 d ago
Police have moved into place blocking some roads. Older protestors clearing out, younger ones are staying. #ferguson
20 3 d ago
Big test for tonight after community meetings. Will leaders call for peace make a difference? #Ferguson
12 3 d ago
As police move into place the chants of F the police have started. @wsbtv
12 1 3 d ago
That's classy!
Car surfing protestors.
6 1 3 d ago
Check my twitter for the rest @ryanyoungwsb
22 1 3 d ago
Now I lay me down to sleep.......zzzzzzzzzzzzz! Lol
It's nighttime the marching has started. @wsbtv
22 3 d ago
We had a tech glitch back at the station will be live again @5:13 from Missouri!
16 3 d ago
Protest are strong !
12 3 d ago
We haven't stopped.. Unreal
14 3 d ago
Ferguson moving toward the people.
21 3 d ago
15 secs small parts cut off.. More later.
35 3 3 d ago
Be careful
Keep up the good work. Will be following
This woman is saying the violence and rioting needs to stop. @wsbtv She wants to know why police used heavy handed tactics.
9 3 d ago
On the ground 30min now at a Pastors and Police meeting. @wsbtv working on solutions. #mikebrown #Missouri #atlanta #atl
14 3 d ago