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Ryan Young 🎥📡Emmy award winning Atlanta reporter, FSU grad, lover of great images. #atl #wsb #breakingnews
@RyanYoungwsb twitter
We are the only station outside Friendship Baptist Church as it is brought down. Sad words from people watching. A new Falcons stadium will soon take shape. I'm live at noon @wsbtv
9 4 2 hours ago
Wow... And they still wont make it to the playoffs.
Destroying history for a stadium! Dont make any sense to me! The dome is perfectly fine! I am a die hard Falcons fan, but just dont understand why we need a new stadium!
Left one murder scene and now I'm at a candle light vigil for another dead man. His family wants justice. Story @11 @wsbtv #atlanta
17 1 d ago
by @ryanvisalus
69 4 1 d ago
On the scene of a shooting University Ave SW Atlanta, GA. Working this Saturday to figure out what happened @wsbtv #crime #breakingnews #atl #atlanta
16 2 1 d ago
cool pic
Man was shot in the back of his head. He died @grady live at 6.
by @donnalampkinatl "Look at all of the back packs #northside #hospital just rolled up with @wsbtv to #stuffthebus" via @PhotoRepost_app
14 2 d ago
Yeah it's a great day outside!! #old4th
25 2 d ago
The before and after effects of taking a selfie and then getting featured on @wsbtv for being wanted. @crimestoppersatlanta #atlanta #crime
35 1 2 d ago
Tbt the 1980's boy I was ready. Thanks @shannonyoung for posting lol
25 6 3 d ago
U have come a long way! Lol
So your still wearing tight shorts huh?
Fake beards and a fake wig. The video of two men going after a pawn shop on Lawrenceville hwy, before getting caught.
11 2 3 d ago
#atlanta #crime
by @crimestoppersatlanta via @PhotoRepost_app
9 3 d ago
Breaking Hazmat suits out at scene. Mount Paran Rd NW Atlanta. #breakingnews #atlanta #atlfire @wsbtv
10 2 1 4 d ago
This all centers around a trash truck.
All clear!!
Breaking Hazmat situation @ Mount Paran Rd NW Atlanta. On the ground @wsbtv #atlanta #breakingnews #atlfire
12 4 d ago
by @wsbtv
19 2 4 d ago
What if I need school supplies
On Legion Drive in Covington, covering police involved shooting. Officer says man had a big sword and swung it at him. @wsbtv
17 4 d ago
Breaking The Mayor says The Cyclorama is moving. Updates at Noon @wsbtv #Atlanta #atl
15 4 5 d ago
Awww...the back of Chris Francis' head.
The cyclorama is moving to the Atlanta history center and there are more moves. Check Wsbtv.com
Right now!
21 4 5 d ago
I know that sound from a mile away.
So tired.of this in Atl. I happened to be at Welcome All park last week when some teens broke out shooting and my car was caught in the crossfire. Something has to be done about this lack of regard for human life......
We took this picture for the charity Sunshine on a Ranney Day - Home - http://www.sunshineonaranneyday.com/
62 5 d ago
I was sitting at my desk when this dropped in on me. That was a sign to get out the building. #spiders #daddylonglegs#itsallgood#monday
23 8 1 weeks ago
Lol just dropped out the sky... It's all good better the desk than on my head.
Good crowd so far-- still time to join in college students.
22 1 weeks ago
It's time to have some fun!
30 1 weeks ago