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Ryan Young Emmy award winning reporter, Cnn Correspondent, FSU grad, lover of great images. #breakingnews @RyanYoungnews twitter
Officers in Cleveland are on the ready. They are riding around in large groups. #Brelo
13 12h
As the sun sets in Cleveland people want to know what's next? Protesters are still marching and angry.
15 14h
In court there's tons of media and officers.
16 1 1d
I think I see you there. Front row behind defendant?
Live in Cleveland where the community is bracing for a verdict in a officer involved shooting.
21 1d
Breaking News Marilyn Mosby announces indictments in the death of Freddie Gray. On @cnn now July 2 officers will be in court. #freddiegray
26 2d
Scenes from today's protest. More than 1thousand marched outside McDonald's Hq over wages. They want 15 dollars an hour. @cnn
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Lol my gym is right there
2 man weave just like old times! @vincevelazquez I swear I'm just here for business! How did I get here? #ATL
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Just saw you on The first 48.
"GO OUTSIDE!!! Take your friends with you!
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Love it!! #ATL quick hello then good bye love my old crew.
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Heeeey Ryan
@ghostwriter03 this was a last minute trip didn't even book till after 4pm have some business to take care of.
Guess you don't have to play D when you hit beyond half court shots. #memvsGs @nba
14 1w
The Truth it's all lies you did not hit the shot!! I'm rolling!! Go Fishing Paul Pierce!
33 4 1w
Atl vs Dc!! No Truth you didn't get the shot off. The crowd here went crazy! Lol Atl @atlantahawks got it! #wizvsHawks
27 2 1w
Lebron about to tag dat ass when he play ATL lol.
Maybe, maybe not.
I didn't get see the show yet but my boy @vincevelazquez made into the @thefirst48 last night. But so did I -- doing work yall!!
43 9 1w
I saw it
Looking great..😀
Loving the touch of spring! #Chicago
32 1w
Breaking NTSB talking train crash. #Amtrak watch @cnn
9 1w
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sentenced to death! #BostonBombing #BreakingNews @cnn
13 2 1w
You knew that was going to happen.
The bombs exploded 12 seconds apart near the marathon's finish line on Boylston Street. According to Richard DesLauriers, the special agent in charge of the FBI's Boston office, the bombs contained BB-like pellets and nails. The bombs were contained in pressure cookers, hidden inside backpacks, according to the FBI.
Happening now verdict reached. #BostonBombing @cnn watch live!
7 1w
That's game Paul Pierce!! Lol ha ha!!
25 1 1w
Shut it! #dcrising
Protesters are getting ready to hit the street! Plenty of amped people! #tonyrobinson
13 1w
Protesters getting ready to walk the streets of Madison. @cnn #tonyrobinson
15 1w