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Ryan Young 🎥📡Emmy award winning Atlanta reporter, FSU grad, lover of great images. #atl #wsb #breakingnews @RyanYoungwsb twitter
Breaking President signs 21st century policing task force into action. Dekalb's Cedric Alexander is a task force member. @wsbtv
14 2d
15 students on a school bus involved in an accident. 3 were taken to area hospitals @4 find out who police charged. @wsbtv
4 3d
Crab soup.... Boy you don't even know!! Wow
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Man I bet thats good!!!
Holiday party @wsbtv #nice!
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Great message!! Time to get going.
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Great post!! Theme I'm down with @bigtiggershow
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Yes sir!!!!
News conference about serial killer underway.
15 1 5d
New details emerge in the case of a man called a serial killer. Only on @wsbtv will you hear more about the victims and charges.
8 5d
One crazy news day confirmed second suspect was caught in officer shooting. Officers are ok- broke Serial Killer arrest. Pray for these families!!
22 1 1w
Still shaking my head on the serial killer...
Been working this for a few hours this is the man police say was a serial killer. He's charged with killing 2 homeless men, I'll have more at 5!
26 3 1w
Innocent homeless men. What is this world coming too @tvryanyoung
Wow.... Watching your report right now. Usually downtown Decatur is pretty safe, for this to happen to that lady, had a lot of folks shaken up. I pray Justice is served & swiftly.
Swat tank just rolled in -- happening now. 2 officers shot
14 5 1w
#BREAKING UPDATE: @RyanYoungwsb confirms suspect arrested in shooting of 2 police officers: -Updates on Ch. 2 at Noon
2 officers shot 1 suspect shot- 1 /suspect on the run! On the ground gathering info.
10 1 1w
#BREAKING UPDATE: @RyanYoungwsb confirms suspect arrested in shooting of 2 police officers: -Updates on Ch. 2 at Noon
Let's go!! @fsufootball
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Go home maybe! Nice game tho
Everything has changed! No sports talk because what's going on in this country has forced us to talk about what's going on. #peace #justice #powerful
22 2w
Protest in Nyc growing-- just listening and watching. I would like to hear more solutions.
32 2w
On the radio this old school station is the truth.
16 2 2w
One more!
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Luv this! Wifey talks about Wade missing shots!!
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@pooh_doggydawg Ur 2nd fav celebrity couple
Supporting a Friend @delightsbydawn the cup cakes for adults only. In the Dome chilling with Wsb peeps. @jsolowsb
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Bring me a key lime please!😁