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Liz Goldwyn Writer, Director, Artist, California Girl http://www.lgoldwynfilms.com
Is it just me or is young Winston Churchill super dreamy? #crushinghard
321 18 11 hours ago
#WinstonCrushWednesday. ❤️
"I've told you already, Clarissa, that little boys should be turned into men, as soon as it can be managed. Tenderness won't help them." Great show @michaellindsayhogg at The Salon in Los Angeles last night
184 6 1 3 d ago
Thanks so much for coming pretty ladies @goldilocksg @mastergia! 😘❤️
House of cards?
My childhood autograph book #fbf
284 17 5 d ago
This is hot!!!! She was such a badass!
Bette Davis advice to those trying to "make it" in Hollywood: "Take Fountain" 👌 #solid #homesweethome #jetlag
600 23 6 d ago
I leaving :(
@jaymassacret 💔
In an effort to promote literacy, that is, the actual READING of real, paper BOOKS, I have accepted the #colouredbooktag #orange challenge from @stephcburton and am passing on to @derekblasberg @mastergia @samtaylorjohnson @jakeshears @digitalperm & @rossoncrow the challenge of #blue 💙📚 #readingissexy
383 17 9 1 weeks ago
@daniellebernhisel adoring this stack and ready to read it
@goldilocksg Just ordered a copy of the Sexual Book of World Records -- thanks for the tip. Will go well with my Mormon Book of World Records (honest).
@zac_posen in his atelier with his S/S 2015 finale gown. Well done ZP! 👌⚫️⚪️🔴
388 9 1 1 weeks ago
@goldilocksg love you!!!!
THE LOVES makin' the #nyfw scene #itswhyweliveinLAbaby cc: @natnatlove
258 7 2 1 weeks ago
Love the pic @lisaloveofficial @natnatlove
❤️ my new @zac_posen S/S 2015 sunnies which hide dark circles & a multitude of sins #nyfw #sneakpeekZP2015 #insomnia
409 14 2 1 weeks ago
💙 @isa_arfen 💙
206 1 1 1 weeks ago
We missed you @charlotte_olympia 💋
Last night my gorgeous and talented pal (and @tiffanyandco new Creative Director) @amfitheatrof blew my mind by giving me a diamond #tiffanyt bracelet she designed. Receiving diamonds from a woman might be the sexiest thing ever. 💎
276 7 2 1 weeks ago
Hello! @amfitheatrof xxxx
You look amazing! ;) Ur makeup and hair looks flawless.. xoxo and @amfitheatrof what an amazing gesture. xoxo
@tennesseebunny 💃🔥👌 #takeanumberfellas
252 9 3 1 weeks ago
Looking like a young Jane Fonda there!
Wow! Foxy @tennesseebunny miss you both 💋❤️👍
Stoked on my S/S 2015 @creaturesofthewind & @eddieborgo look for tonight #fromrunwaytoreality
619 23 2 1 weeks ago
Nick Cave @ Jack Shaiman Gallery #nyfw
359 18 1 weeks ago
@s_r_golden 😍
@wishiwerethere L O V E him
Thank you @lulu_guinness I am armed & ready for NY 💄✈️
611 17 1 2 weeks ago
@goldilocksg so lovely to finally meet you! 💋
So hot, Liz 💋🔥💋🔥
Goodbye summer 📷 @keeoone
390 13 8 2 weeks ago
Such a divine shot!
Another rad bookstore find today #beautyiswerk
420 13 2 weeks ago
@selle_quintana need
Sunday bookstore find cc: @jennydianelewis @ioecho
383 8 2 weeks ago
Skoby shredding
253 2 1 2 weeks ago
Thanks!! @goldilocksg
508 9 3 weeks ago
@supination good morning
Hurricane Swells #hurryup
424 8 5 3 weeks ago
Come on over XXX
Haha @keegansingh I will work on it for you!