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@traceeellisross is feeling arty #parisphotola
291 7 1 6 hours ago
@traceeellisross That kimono is GORGEOUS!
I have that same kimono :)
Shane & Chris on the New York backlot @Paramount #ParisPhotoLA
143 3 1 8 hours ago
Sweet💔makes me think of being at Pratt 1990
What a good thing to have for when your homesick. ❤️🗽
Thank you to these lovely men from the LA Fire Dept who just freed me from being stuck in an elevator! They told me they got a call to "rescue a damsel in distress" 🚒💪
519 38 11 hours ago
@lysa_kolbasa !!!
They are the best people! 🔥
#tbt 19th century seduction with fan
426 11 18 hours ago
I used to collect images of Victorian Afros. Always so surprising.
La Jolla daze ✌️
538 21 3 2 d ago
Follow my life in Greece! 💙
A tangle of sweet peas by the sea
525 9 3 d ago
354 1 4 d ago
700 11 4 d ago
Smicko. First Prize. A Bunny!
My paradise #CaliforniaLove 📷 @keeoone #tbt
311 3 2 1 weeks ago
This looks like a still from Dark Shadows... which means I love it.
Ken Price "Wide Load" @kaynegriffincorcoran
282 9 1 1 weeks ago
👍👍👍👍 @divinnnnn
1890s medicine adverts "Always Reliable" (and often containing cocaine, opium, Belladona, arsenic and other toxic substances)
464 14 1 weeks ago
@tyanna_coburn those dolls
Today's research #librarynerd4eva
268 11 1 weeks ago
My favorite kind of days! @goldilocksg
Psychadelic @elisabethtnt on my lawn
302 7 1 weeks ago
Gimme that outfit 👌
I like the high-tops👌👍
330 11 1 weeks ago
Oh i love this. #easterdream @jazintown @tessamos "and all the little bunnies had their own special job"
@moseleying_around :) xoxoxox
My 1940s "love letter" skirt with envelope pocket 💋 #oldfashionedgirl
253 3 1 weeks ago
We used to write SWALK (sealed with a loving kiss)
A proper "Tunnel of love" 1940s
509 1 1 weeks ago
Pop up illustration from 1890 showing the Clitoris, Urethra, Vagina, Hymen !! #progressive
456 19 2 weeks ago
You hade at "pop up"
Illustration from "The Ladies New Medical Guide" 1890 #research #ilovemywork
399 7 2 weeks ago
The illustrator made some interesting color choices...
Lazin on a sunny afternoon
505 13 1 2 weeks ago
Creative selfie. ♡ your hat.
You are so fab!