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Liz Goldwyn Writer, Director, Artist, California Girl http://www.lgoldwynfilms.com
232 2 1 hours ago
So inspiring!!
Hurricane Swells #hurryup
237 3 5 2 hours ago
My dear ol' #windansea #surfshack. ❤️ @goldilocksg.
windansea! My backyard!
Thanks @10magazine for the nice story in your Sept issue, shot inside a #RichardSerra sculpture at UCLA
345 10 3 9 hours ago
Absolutely stunning photo! 💘💘
So pretty
Festival bae 🌺✌️
365 3 1 2 d ago
Alexa oaxacan crochet top!!! #carolinakcollective #carolinak
Last Nite ⚡️⚡️⚡️
228 3 4 2 d ago
Ah The Strokes!
Sunday swinging
522 7 3 d ago
Where did you get your hat?
💨 #RobynCumming
453 10 3 d ago
@distillat @gtealjr @sherrod_ @justinvisible @hairyempanada @derblutbaron
@__witchbaby ✨✨✨
A perk of researching at UCLA Special Collections Library is taking study breaks in the outdoor sculpture garden #WilliamZorach
342 5 1 weeks ago
As a symbolic (and quite beautiful) gesture of political protest, the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei leaves fresh flowers in his bike basket every day, outside his studio in Beijing.
517 5 2 1 weeks ago
There is a picture of one on my stream.
Besides red lips I'm quite lazy about beauty: I don't own a hair dryer & have to be reminded to brush mine. But when on set with talented artists like @petergrayhair I take full advantage of a little magic 💇 #tandcla #rossoncrow'schopisbydanilo
276 9 4 1 weeks ago
Same here
Just another Manic Monday...not in a glamorous dress & jewels being photographed for Sept @townandcountrymag but rather at desk in glasses writing away! #throwbackmonday? #nicolettasantoro
480 18 4 1 weeks ago
Hello from Liberatum
RIP Jay Adams, my all time favorite skater & California native #Dogtown #legend
500 5 1 weeks ago
maybe some skater kids will now "opt out of the drigs and alcohol that tore him and his body up? re-aired interview in npr he said he hoped he could keep some kids from making the same mistakes he and some of his crew did. as a mom, i hope he is right. <3 peace
TGIF with artist #JohnBaldessari for Sept @townandcountrymag
269 9 2 1 weeks ago
Love his work with sound and instruments ❤️
Mad Max @maxvadukul in action shooting #RyanKavanaugh for Sept @townandcountrymag #tandcla 🚁 *note we cleaned up all the newspaper after!
190 12 1 weeks ago
This is amazing
RG from my dear friend & leading lady @jenamalone who looks incredible in @zac_posen in the Sept issue of @townandcountrymag #friendsforeverapartortogether 💘
419 5 2 2 weeks ago
Looking great!!
Beautiful sisters @lootin & @natnatlove having lunch between takes on set of their Sept @townandcountrymag shoot 👯 #nofilterneeded #TandCLA
280 7 4 2 weeks ago
@natnatlove oh hey girl
Love the Loves!
With #DavidLynch for Sept @townandcountrymag - first met him as a little girl when he & my dad were working on #WildAtHeart -learned to meditate via @davidlynchfoundation last year, best time investment I've made yet and very helpful to quiet an anxious, troubled mind, common in "creative types" like myself !
655 20 3 2 weeks ago
Thanks for posting about this - I'm going to look into it
I spoke with master producer #RickRubin about creativity & consciousness for the Sept issue of @townandcountrymag ; he has been meditating since he was 14, radiating calm and centeredness, inspiring. #bigfan #thegetoboys #johnnycash #jayz #beastieboys #rhcp #llcoolj #rundmc #publicenemy #legend
521 24 2 2 weeks ago
Erm yes!!!!
3 @goldilocksg cool
Just read my dad the piece I wrote about him (as a surprise) for Sept @townandcountrymag ; he turns 88 in a few weeks, wanted to give him as an early bday present #tandcla #daddyslittlegirl
352 27 2 weeks ago
🍰very sweet!
So sweet ❤️
Sept issue of @townandcountrymag I guest edited is out&online now! I look like a vampire next to my tanned brother @tonygoldwyn in this portrait by @maxvadukul check the issue for the 50 page portfolio of my LA #tandcla #spf60baby
637 49 7 2 weeks ago