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Haskell Harris McKinney Style Director at Garden & Gun magazine.
Brad Beckmann on the corner of King and Market streets, ladies and gentlemen. Seventeen years old with serious style. #charleston
144 10 2d
@georgegalleryanne he didn't have a card but I'm going to figure out how to. He was so great!
Morning stroll to see all the new things in bloom at our house, including this once tiny crepe myrtle. @sleepydownsouth has outdone himself. #moveovermarthastewart
113 1 3d
@sleepydownsouth's gardening game is 💯
#tbt to a recent road trip with @sarahokelley to eat @chefandthefarmer in Kinston, NC. I grew up in a small town and I'm so impressed by what @chefandthef has accomplished with @achefslife. Also, @sarahokelley can sure pick a damn good bottle.
86 7 4d
@gretmackintosh I know, so proud 😁 .. Ktown making a comeback
Head over to the @gardenandgun blog today for a closer look at the five endangered Southern sites on this year's list from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, including the A.G. Gaston Motel in Birmingham, AL, which hosted Martin Luther King Jr. and other Civil Rights leaders (link in profile)...
58 3 5d
My Mom is a glassware nut and she definitely passed it on to me. I'll take every last one of these lovelies. Regram from @shopverobeachvintage
124 18 5d
These are exactly the kind your grandmother had. I love them
You came by it honestly @haskellharris! That's what I tell myself anyway
Two weeks from the deadline, folks! Go to to enter while you still can! And don't forget that style and home are huge categories! From apparel to textiles to furniture and accessories, tell us about your work! #hurryhurry
83 12 5d
@calliejenschke thanks for keeping me in the loop 🔁👍
Don't forget to tag pics of your favorite Southern entries for the upcoming @gardenandgun #southernfrontdoors online gallery. Loved the classical millwork on this fading Macon, Georgia, beauty. @lauren.e.mauldin #dortraits
203 3 6d
Even in this state, this door is stunning...just like the rest of the house!
Yes ma'am xx
Bravo to the creators of What Happened, Miss Simone? First Tryon, North Carolina, and then the world. #ninasimone #whathappenedmisssimone
104 3 6d
Watched it last night @haskellharris. So good.
I watched that over the weekend. Amazing! Didn't realize she was from Tryon even though WNCW plays her music a lot.
Regram from @amaryllisinc. #makesmewanttoplantraspberrybushes
190 5 6d
Raspberries = summer! 👌🏼
:) thanks for sharing! Happy 4th week! @haskellharris
Homeward bound with @sleepydownsouth. Memphis > Charleston.
88 2 1w
You guys are so cute! 😘
How dare you!
Long lunch in Memphis @porcellinos with @sleepydownsouth and @woodwab #familyreunion
89 4 1w
So glad y'all liked it!
@rebeccaschoenthal thanks!!!
Regram from @calliejenschke. #lovewins
141 1 1w
So happy today for my husband and my daughter! ❤️
Bumper sticker (in the window) envy. #latergram
117 1 1w
Taking some time in Hampton Park tonight to reflect on the last seven days in Charleston and remember the nine lives lost and that their families are saying final goodbyes today and tomorrow and the next few days. #hatewontwin
196 1 1w
If you're in Charleston tomorrow night stop by this lovely event celebrating @sallykingbenedict and @macandmurphy. #threeverytalentedsouthernwomenunite
63 4 1w
I wish i could be there @sallykingbenedict is so talented!
I wish I was there for this!
269 7 2w
So sad😢
Regram from @societysocial. So glad you are enjoying the latest issue of @gardenandgun. If anybody knows the virtues of wicker and rattan it's you my dear! Xo and Happy Sunday.
72 2 3w
@haskellharris I picked up a whole stack at Barnes and Nobles yesterday! And the textile designer (out of the South too!) flipped when she saw the feature in her issue. She also picked up a huge stack and passed them out at fabric market last week!! 😄 #RattanRocks #WickerisWonderful #MakeAStandforRattan #RattanRevival I mean, let's do this.
@haskellharris We just sent you a direct message... Thanks!
Regram from @egould_ of a fab paper favored by Mr. Jefferson himself. Can't help it if I'm biased because I went to UVA. TJ had excellent taste. #wahoowa #trellisanythingispretty #charlottesville #uva #monticello
118 4 3w
Love that @egould_
Thanks for sharing, @haskellharris ! Right back at you, @laurensouthdown ! 😘 The Historic Landscspe Institute starts again tonight... hard to believe! We loved having you and @seasonlowcountry with us last year- a tough act to follow!
#fbf to my Grandmother's pool a very long time ago in Virginia. Literally lived there in the summers with about a billion of my cousins and all the neighborhood kids.Yes that's AstroTurf all around the sides. Bahaha. She said she did it so if we ran and fell we wouldn't hurt ourselves. #retro #wishiwasthereswimmingnow
166 25 3w
I remember Betty Jo hanging all of the baskets of rosebud begonias around the perimeter of the pool wall. To this day, I grow a basket of rosebud begonias to honor her giving spirit.
@haskellharris Catching up on IG while Camp sleeps. This pool is AMAZEBALLS. Is that garland on the brick wall?
Staying for supper at the office to ship the next issue is a lot more palatable this evening, thanks to the delish boiled peanut salad, benne seed asparagus, Mepkin Abbey mushroom and farro salad and other Southern treats from @salthousecatering. #surebeatspizza
72 8 3w
You would never find this on the lower east side! #lifeisbetterinthecountry
Boiled peanut salad?? Born and raised in Charleston and never heard of this. Putting it on my must try list for sure!