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Haskell Harris Designer, contributing editor, Southern style steward, amateur foodie, brand consultant, product developer, blogger, owner at Haskell Harris Creative http://magpiebyhaskellharris.blogspot.com
Heyyyy there, honeysuckle. #spring #chs
88 4 10 hours ago
Smells so good everywhere!
Love seeing the subject of one of my first columns on female Southern entrepreneurs for Southern Living mag, Birmingham's Lucy Smith, get a little love in the May issue of Elle Decor, too #southerntalent #lucysmithdesigns #hiphiphoorayforbraveentrepreneurs
45 3 22 hours ago
@danawolter so nice and so talented!
Always loved her stuff, happy to see her goodies in @elledecor
Today on the blog: How the artisans at Maryland's Almanac Industries are shaking up the traditional idea of leather business card cases with whimsy and bright pops of color (link in profile)...
35 2 1 weeks ago
yay, @almanacindustries !
Awesome, thanks!
40 2 1 weeks ago
Today on the blog: Straw and raffia-inspired pieces have always been a staple of the Southerner's wardrobe (blame the heat!) but the summery textures are also having a major moment at the moment. Click on the link in my profile for a roundup of my fave modern takes on the look, including the @ralphlauren slip-ons shown...
Today on the blog: Rediscovering the amazingly beautiful book The Louisiana Houses of A. Hays Town in the seventh installment of my series on great Southern architecture, art, and design books (link in profile)...
60 5 2 weeks ago
Great book. @aglee82 My mom has it. She'll give it to you. Acadian roof line, cypress beams. Perfection.
A well-loved copy sits on our coffee table.
Boom! #wisteriaexplosion #charleston
152 6 2 weeks ago
@haskellharris yes, really! They don't taste like anything. Capture the fragrance by infusing it or make a syrup with it. Only the flowers are edible! Everything else is poisonous:(
Best smell ever, right!?!
My second round of "style spottings" are up! Click on the link in my profile to see them all (including this cheerful new hand-knotted wool rug by Hable Construction for Capel Rugs) #hpmkt #stylespotters @highpointmarket
79 2 weeks ago
Haven't seen @masseygordon in almost two years and miss her so much it hurts. Feeling beyond lucky to see her tonight. #soulsisterreunion #hpmkt #couldntstoplaughingtotakeanormalpic
59 9 2 weeks ago
You two are so cute @masseygordon @haskellharris
💖 really so cute!!! Hope HP is so fun:)!
My first round of "style spottings" are up! Click on the link in my profile to see all of them (including this giant butterfly art by #naturalcuriosities)... @highpointmarket #hpmkt #stylespotters
122 13 2 weeks ago
@jaimeerosestyle ...❤️👍
@mdickensdesign you mentioned butterfly prints...??
57 8 2 weeks ago
@haskellharris AND thank you for the style spot on vanColliers James sofa!
Thank you, Haskell for spotting our Jet Set Etagere
42 2 3 weeks ago
Site meeting and working lunch with one of my favorite architects in the South and my favorite clients at the vineyard/entertaining barn project I'm working on. #pinchme #feelsolucky #firsttasteofwinefromthevineyard #spring
@capersc56 eating in the vineyard on one of your beautiful tables ;)
Sorry. Another sisters post! Dying over this one I found of my Mom (right) and my Aunt Suzanne--one of her five sisters. Mom was the only brunette but I spy some serious blonde highlights in this pic! #tbt #bighair #teensywaists
63 13 3 weeks ago
Oh my..The Sweet Bird of Youth..flies too fsst
Love this! Post some more!!
Whenever I head home to Virginia for work or for a family visit (work in tonight's case) my sweet Mom puts fresh flowers by my bed. It gets me EVERY time. She appreciates the beauty in simple things and I heart her for it. #itsthelittlethings #homegrowndaffodils #yesimasentimentalsapsosueme
132 9 3 weeks ago
It must be a Virginia thing... My mom always does this!
And an Alabama thing. Always! Very sweet.
My nephew George sent his wedding salutations to me + @sleepydownsouth today. #ithinkhehadsomehelp
50 3 3 weeks ago
Just another George!
Today on the blog: A closer look at the story I produced and wrote about the brand new line of hand-painted floor tiles by Charleston's @mirthstudio for the April issue of Southern Living (link in profile)...
57 7 3 weeks ago
@haskellharris @mirthstudio beautiful!
Love this and loved seeing at highpoint! What a great line! @mirthstudio @haskellharris
Today on the blog: Saying goodbye to my little house on Charlotte Street and hello to a brand new house adventure (link in profile)...
76 3 3 weeks ago
Love! @lolaandbess
Today on the blog: I'm back from my real honeymoon AND my blog honeymoon, folks! And today's post is all about why I decided to honor the simplicity of my Virginia Grandmother's forties-era nuptials by having the smallest wedding possible (link in profile)...
121 21 1 month ago
Congratulations @haskellharris Isn't love grand?!!
Experimenting with zucchini ribbons and this combo of red onions, kalamata olives, fresh herbs, and a snow honey vinaigrette is pretty damn good. #whereareyouspring #iwanttoeatthisontheporchbutitsfreezing
61 8 1 month ago
@haskellharris sounds amazing!! Will check it out
@frankeenandesign hey Fran! Thanks so much!
Beyond excited to put this big, beautiful 1920's kazak down in the new guest bedroom!!! #inlove
103 4 1 month ago
Awesome... Where did u get it?!
Champagne toast with my parents on a spring Saturday afternoon is hard to beat. @sleepydownsouth
111 4 1 month ago
That is mouth watering!