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Haskell Harris McKinney Designer, contributing editor, Southern style steward, amateur foodie, brand consultant, product developer, owner at Haskell Harris Creative
#veilleuse #nightlight #fleurdelis #chs #nightnight
31 22 hours ago
Early bird. #peachsunrise
67 2 2 d ago
@haskellharris susan said the event was amazing last week! ❤️
@katehable it was! So good to see Susan.
Easiest pasta ever: tomatoes, basil, garlic, Brie, glug of olive oil, salt, pepper. Let it sit then pour HOT linguine into the bowl, stir, and top with parm. The Brie melts and it is so good! Thanks to my Mom and the Silver Palate for teaching me. #sundaysupper
121 11 4 d ago
This is one of my favorite recipes! Love the Silver Palate cookbook!
Scenes around the home office today. Pinterest be damned I'll always love real mood boards. #sundays
103 7 4 d ago
Just like we love paper!
@murielschelke ;)
Leave it to my two very thoughtful, history-loving friends @calderclark and @charlotteephoto to come up with such a lovely wedding gift for me + @sleepydownsouth : a traditional loving cup engraved with our wedding deets. #loveyall
72 8 6 d ago
Xo @calderclark @charlotteephoto
@sleepydownsouth you're allowed to drink a local craft brew out of it. 😜
Been coming to this little place as long as I can remember and these charming houses never get old. #beaufortnc #summatime @sleepydownsouth
110 4 1 weeks ago
@addisonweeks sorry I missed you too! Would have loved to have seen you! :)
Mama Lou and George and @sleepydownsouth decided to brave the tidal pools. #shacklefordbanks #nc
40 1 1 weeks ago
@sleepydownsouth you like a natural
My nephew George keeping an eye on @sleepydownsouth out in the deep water.#gingersforthewin #shacklefordbanks #nc #notinterestedatallinnapping
30 1 1 weeks ago
Hiked across the island through the dunes to the Atlantic. So beautiful! #shacklefordbanks #nc @sleepydownsouth
47 1 1 weeks ago
I know this beach well
Captain Harris aka Dad in his element. Shackleford Banks, NC.
46 2 1 weeks ago
Love a good, seafaring dad.
6am in the park! #daystartedright
40 3 1 weeks ago
I 💙 cleome.
@laurensouthdown it looks like a flower Anthro would sell if they sold live plants. Me likey too.
Hanging out in a Jekyll Island photo booth with these two last year. #tbt @luliewallace @looklingerlove
34 4 2 weeks ago
3 of my faves on IG 😉
Love Jekyll! We were married there 11 years ago!
Paris or Charleston? Part Deux. @lacqueredlife @laurensouthdown #cheznous
114 5 2 weeks ago
@hbraet yes! Please come see us! ;)
@hbraet C'mon!
Charleston or Paris? #morningwalk
74 2 weeks ago
Almost don't want to cut these. They're like straight out of a #vermeer painting. #heirloomeggplant #summatime
94 5 2 weeks ago
@laurensouthdown I'm gonna grill them and stack them with some heirloom tomatoes and goat cheese. Well see if it works!
Post recipe instructions on pinterest- I never get eggplant right.
Talk all you want about JT being mass market but dude is a born entertainer. #makingmemphisproud @sleepydownsouth
109 8 2 weeks ago
@westonfarms Framer! #themagnoliaqueen
75 6 3 weeks ago
@haskellharris that looks fabulous! Thanks so much for the shout out :) We were honored to have @preston_montague render Thomas Jefferson's seal in Southern Magnolia!
@amymassey1 westonfarms.com
@kimsunee digging into #amouthfulofstars. Congrats! Love it!
47 5 3 weeks ago
Yuuummmmm @lolaandbess
Thanks @haskellharris hope you are enjoying it!!! Xo
To the sea! #happyhour @sarahokelley
46 1 3 weeks ago
Sliced okra and salt and pepper and olive oil headed for the oven. One of my faves.
143 14 3 weeks ago
Yum it's what's for dinner