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Tam-Tam Glam Slam Reviews Hey Ya'll, I'm Tammy of Tam-Tam Glam Slam Reviews . My You Tube Channel is Tammymarykay1. Come check me out, know that I love you. And reach out!
#bbw #blackbeauty #sexy #party #
6 4 1d
New bathing suite, and relaxing by the pool.
#cleaneating #raw #rawfood spring clean your system. Summers around the corner!
10 1w
#flordia #singlelife #travel
10 1w
Repping Detroit every where that I go! #detroit #hustler #life #detriotigers #blackwomen
7 1 2w
@tammymarykay1 What Up Tammy! #DtownfaLife
Good morning, at tbe Chicago O'Hare airport, having breakfast with Hosea at the Macaroni Grill. #pets #travel #babyanimals #petlovers #dogs #Chicago #cubs
13 2 2w
Heyy cousin @tammymarykay1
@tammymarykay1 hey Tammy u in Chicago?
It's my birthday!!!!!
7 4 1 month ago
@tammymarykay1 what's up Tammy...Happy Birthday girly...I know Yu had a great day!
Shoes, shoes, shoes.#shoes #shoesfeyish #style
4 1 month ago
Still sunny and bright In Arizona!
8 11/14/2014
Hosea, 7 years old
7 11/14/2014
7 11/14/2014
Sun bathing in the Arizona Sun, Im happy. Being on my plans for 5 days has help me gain just a little bit of clarity the Sun is really good for you vitamin D #fun#juicingforhealth#detox #detoxifyingcleanse #detoxdiet /visit destroy belly fat (dot) com
14 3 10/4/2014
Cool pic!
This looks great!
Day 5 on my liquid fast. I've already lost 4lbs pounds. But most of all I feel great I have clarity of mind and I feel a whole lot more energy#juicing#health#
8 5 10/4/2014
@shortypink37 , make sure you do some super special for yourself that can help you grow and improve. You deserve the best
My bday oct 19 but im celebrating the whole month
Japanese sushi, "Sho Chiku Bai. Japanese rice wine. #drinks #happyhour
5 1 7/23/2014
@tammymarykay1 Hi sweetheart ☺
My Azteca fix, Flan, awesome mexican desert. Yum, yum, tum
3 6/25/2014
On my way back to Seattle to pack up my life. A move my belongins to Tucson, Az why not celebrate?
6 1 6/22/2014
Watching you on youtube!!
It's official, I now live in Tucson Arizona it's beautiful here I think this is going to be where Ill live forever
7 1 6/21/2014
Hi cousin miss you you look so cute
Its Ethiopian cuisine for me tonight! I wish someone was here to share this with me. If you never had a Ethiopian food you don't know what you're missing. The spices they use are out of this world. Bon apitete. #healthy #ethiopian #foodie #food
10 3 6/11/2014
@nique4nique show this to your momma. I was telling her about you hope your food is she wanted to know what it was. Share this picture please
@nique4nique I meant to say what Ethiopian food was
Sushi in Chicago, I'm in heaven tonight. They call this sushi roll the Chicago, it has salmon, eel, cucumber topped with to bike and tempura crumbs. If you haven't guessed by now, im a true foodie.
3 1 6/10/2014
#weightloss #foodie #shusi #lovefood
I'm in Chinatown in Chicago and we are eating at a restaurant and this is what one of their main courses is Have you ever had deep fried pigeon? #Chicago # Chinatown #foodie
7 1 6/9/2014
Hecky no! lol
My morning juice concoction dandelion leaves grapes, and Apple. This is a great juice for detoxifying the liver and kidneys Apple has pectin and the grapes have the anti- oxidants. Wonderfully healthy. #juicingforhealth #juicing #weightlossjourney #weightloss#fitness
8 1 5/20/2014
I'm going to try that