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Teudis 💲 Rose🌹™ 😏Pronounced 2⃣dis🌹
"More Green💲Its a Lifestyle💸 Being Broke 😩Childish🍼👶; Im quite Grown"😏💰💯
Stay🚶....💩💩💩 🙊🙈🙉✌ http://ItzAshNyc.taken/OhtellmewhyUmad
#tbt 😩 when kilo was 6weeks old😢
57 3 2 3 hours ago
Sooooo cuteeee
Ayyyyyyyy! Kaptain Krook approved
Congratulations my queen on you're 1st day of management. Financial district I feel bad for ya. She's one tough cookie🍪 #wce #bossChick #iloveHerCauseSheHasHerOwn💰
44 5 1 7 hours ago
@itzashnyc 😂😂😂 shitting💩
@teudis718 just stating facts!😂😭 ain't nothing wrong with that! 😊
On the rise🌅 #vda #vdaNewYork
15 1 2 d ago
Bronx–Whitestone Bridge
That red tee nice
2.0 #vdaNewYork🌉🗽🏦
18 2 1 2 d ago
George Washington Bridge
Yo what's good...put me on so I can rep the brand.
@yovied lol the brand reps it self. Now support the brand it's not that expensive
Proud of my brothers. #vdaNewYork @vdanewyork shop:VdanewYork.com🏦🗽🌉🏫
20 7 2 d ago
Nice catalog 👍
@eric_lovelace 😂😂😂😂 hurry up n buy before it sells out
GM (get money) u could be a boss, Or u can get a job. #grind
31 2 1 2 d ago
Respect! Lets connect.
U know it my love!😘💁
45 3 2 2 d ago
😈||🐰 #2facekilo
59 7 1 3 d ago
@teudis718 👌👌👌 at 3 months my dog (Maltipoo named Rocky) was chewing my Tory Burch flats to shreds & my moms furniture... But lots of luck to Kilo & his parents! 🙌
@xtherese___ definitely need it. Lil nigga loves chewing shit up
Kilo a heavy sleeper w his eyes open. But once I say bacon it's ova! 😂😭
56 9 2 5 d ago
@itzashnyc @theampmlife no he never sleeps and because of that neither do I 😢
@stephiesosexy lmao aawwww boo!!😘
No face💂No trace🐾No case👮 #trapstar
75 10 1 5 d ago
Cafeteria Restaurant
awesome pic. lovin' this. thumbs up. Greetings from BLVCK KAVIAR // Team Germany
@mikeleongrosch 🙌🙌🙌🙌 thanks bro
61 4 2 6 d ago
Cafeteria Restaurant
My beaters #nike #ajko #1s #sportblue🔵
52 1 6 d ago
#sneakeroftheday #todayskicks #igsneakercommunity #smyfh #wlu #wdywt #sneakersruinedmylife #fresherthanyouraverage #s7 #nycgotheat #bigeastkicks #unlaced456 #solefiendz #thejcollector23 #butigotthemjstho #jordandepot #highoffkicks #wearyourkicks #ohtellmewhyumad™
Pretty much😏#ohtellmewhyumad™ #freeMeekTho #GetUrWeightUp😂 #haters
28 1 6 d ago
Got ours. #64gb #iphone6plus #earlyxmasGift🎄🎅
28 7 1 6 d ago
Which ones you get?
@retro_rob6 two 6 plus 64gb silver n space grey
Kilo morning faces. 😩
57 5 2 1 weeks ago
That face because he is going to see all these 9/11 post on Instagram today
@theampmlife word lol
13 yrs; still feels like it was yesterday. #911 #UnitedWeStand #tbt #rip #TwinTowers #nyc🗽🇺🇸
26 1 weeks ago
Wifey w some guy. #wcw😘😲
23 13 3 1 weeks ago
@retro_rob6 tell him to shower he smells like last week @dominicansoldier1 go home!!!
@stephiesosexy my eyes looked crazy in this pic 😵💨🍃🍁🍂
Please stop growing. 😩
59 4 2 1 weeks ago
@huniboo1 @rainbow2812
😩😂😭. Bang the side of his left ear👂💥🔫💂
36 1 1 1 weeks ago
Finally can't wait till tonight. #SonOfAnarchy👂🔫💀
34 3 1 weeks ago
Yes! Finally!