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Teudis 💲 Rose🌹™ 😏Pronounced 2⃣dis🌹
"More Green💲Its a Lifestyle💸 Being Broke 😩Childish🍼👶; Im quite Grown"😏💰💯
Stay🚶....💩💩💩 🙊🙈🙉✌ http://ItzAshNyc.taken/OhtellmewhyUmad
We known each other for a year now. Crazy how time fly. This was our first picture together; still my favorite 😍😘👰 #Tbt #AniyahNMe👫🚗💨
56 11 1 4 hours ago
@ampmrodri thank you sir! Appreciate u! U and your lady @bubblespop1 u guys are #PowerCouple🙌
@itzashnyc 😘😘
29 1 7 hours ago
W New York - Times Square
I feel you im in the same grind.. lol.
I don't usually post everything I buy. But man @trapstarlondon been killing shit. #carepakagenumber5📦 #addicted💊💉🎩👕👖
33 8 2 20 hours ago
THIS IS NOT KILO my lady wanted a French bulldog 7 months ago. Kilo 9 weeks now. crazy how similar they are. Ladies spoil you're man w loyalty n respect. Get what ever u like; unless he's broke! 😩😂 #ItAintTrickingIfYouGotIt #ITopedHerBdayList yes there's a list📝 😂😂😂
33 8 1 22 hours ago
@bubblespop1 for sure💯🙌😘
The only woman that can really make me smile. #myFineChina🎎 #ButShesThaiTho👸 #IBarelySmile #CrookedSmile😏 #wcw
53 8 1 23 hours ago
Fairway Falls, Delaware
If it makes u happy I won't comment on ur post again
@eric_lovelace wrong emoji son I'm just messing w u
Every please go support my brother👱💂 on iTunes #premeditated @seanpreme @seanprememusic finally I been waiting months for this...👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💯
13 3 1 d ago
Interstate 76
LET EM KNOW GZ!! They gonna sleep on us but we here to wake they asses up! We on our way to the top can't nobody tell us different 😎
@seanpreme u ain't never lying B #StayFocus #keepGrinding💯🔥🙌
The war continues🐶🆚👟 #rip 😥😓
33 15 1 d ago
Yup I know how that is money tore up a couple of my shoes man it really is 🐶🆚👟
@charlie_blueline_army lol love em tho
🐶Good morning bitches🐺🐺; I'm all ears🐰. 😩😂
79 9 1 2 d ago
awesome :P
"Shout out my nigga Tito☝️ for this fucking beat, nah he ain't make it but he told me that it's fucking heat!!! See my team got their ear👂 to the fucking streets; that's why ima make sure everybody got enough to eat" @seanpreme 💯🙌🔥 Make sure ya go on his bio click that link🔂 #repeat #seanPreme @seanprememusic @seanpreme
8 1 2 d ago
Salute my bro thanks for the assist 💯🙌🙌 squaaaddd
🎎🍚🍳🍜🍖🍤 #koreanBBQ
30 2 1 2 d ago
So Moon Nan Jip
Damn.. There's one in flushing that's super ghetto and delicious lol
@yefrym hahaa sounds good next time we out
Last night; good vibes only💯
32 3 6 2 d ago
Negro Claro Lounge
Idk how we made it home. Lol
@juice7185 😂😂😂 facts
Happy b day to my gf, soulmate, partner. Your ambition is just as strong as mine & that's why love you. Ty for being YOU! #strong #beautiful #bold enjoy your special day my QUEEN👸 😘
76 12 3 d ago
@_empirestate0fmind_ thank u sir! 🙌
Teudis say happy birthday to my daughter in law
#unds for @itzashnyc; happy b day gorgeous!😘 #turnup🎉🎊🎉 #SLP⚫️⚪️🔴
47 8 3 d ago
@workaholic__kingney @seanpreme @youngc_ys appreciate ya showing love to my lady #respect 💯💯💯 Ty
@teudis718 @itzashnyc you already 🙌💯
My dawg!!!💂🐶💤 #kilofrench #trapstar make sure ya follow him lol
57 2 1 4 d ago
Shmurda‼️💂🏦. #trapstar♻️🔂♻️
26 4 4 d ago
Near Washington DC
No switch; I don't condone phony #LiveLife💯 #im2coolforthatFakeShit #GotNoTeForThatHatingShit👺🔫🔫💂
18 2 4 d ago
Baltimore Maryland
KILO❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️. #kilofrench #PosingForTheBitches🐶💞🐺😂.
82 5 1 5 d ago
@johneonmars lol good looks b; my lil peanut! Lol
I love!
Realest shit I EVER posted 💯
42 6 d ago
Levels to this📶; Just different categories📚 #SetTripping🔴🔵 1#AirJordan📕1#sb📗1#SLP📘#Levels📶
65 13 6 d ago
42 11 1 1 weeks ago
I think I told you about this too lol
@ampmrodri lmao I know bro. I'm sick; I'm sure there's a surprise when I get home 😥😥😓😓