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Cyrus w'Chun HKG/Switzerland/London/Beijing/Paris/Barcelona/Madrid/Rome/Milan/Tokyo
Dolce Vita
'Be the change you wish to see in the world' Gandhi http://www.facebook.com/w.chun.cyrus
My companion;) #bf4 #titanfall
18 3 5 hours ago
Haha yes I will maybe next month, do u have place for me to stay?
神啊。。。 !
24 1 10 hours ago
淺草寺 Asakusa Kannon Temple
Sacred day.
23 10 hours ago
Check this out! My first visitor in Tokyo ;)
31 1 1 1 d ago
東京ミッドタウン / Tokyo Midtown
365. Unforgettable moments. And buddy u have to shave!
18 2 d ago
Super OT tonight, have to help lobby lounge to move away this enormous object for the special event tmr.... It's 3am now FYI...
31 5 d ago
The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo
I wish I could be the pilot.
22 1 6 d ago
台場 (Daiba)
Tonight's special, sushi-like little dessert. So kawaii!
21 1 weeks ago
The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo
Yangyang knows how to do 谢谢 now haha so happy!! She knows how to thank everyone! Miss my baby so much!
15 1 weeks ago
How long do I need to wait from installation, Damn Origin!
14 5 2 weeks ago
@wc777 哇噻' 那么多人用都没有用完啊😜哈哈哈
Anyone wanna come join me haha
22 2 weeks ago
磯丸水産 六本木店
What a surprise from my colleagues last night! Thank you my family!
36 7 2 weeks ago
The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo
Happy happy birthday!! 🌸🎉🎂🍓🎁💐
Thank you thank you!
Thank you my friends!!
11 2 weeks ago
パセラリゾーツ六本木店(pasela Resorts Roppngi)
It's always my honor to have u in my life, my love.💙
31 1 1 2 weeks ago
The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo
So sweet:(
Happy birthday to me! Thx my love, and btw I'm still working haha😂😂😂😂
27 6 1 2 weeks ago
The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo
长大了 要听话了 知道吗! 这一年过得真快! 真的想家了, 想家人,想生活。
20 1 2 weeks ago
Our anniversary my love 😘😘😊😊
16 2 weeks ago
What a surprise in the morning from package delivery! Thank you so much my love!!! I still can't believe this.💏💏💏💋💋💘💗💖💕💞💝💓❤😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
34 2 1 2 weeks ago
Happy birthday lah. Love u baby!❤💏
Power hotels in the world. Ritzcarlton Tokyo on magazine.
14 1 3 weeks ago
The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo
HK nae?
First time finish work at12, finally I can have a normal long sleep.
23 3 weeks ago
代々木駅Yoyogi Station