Hahahaha เอาบ้างงง🤣🤣🤣 #anysongchallenge
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Let me find out #Omarion is over there trying to shoot his shot in his comment section 😏
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#CALL #콜 3월에 개봉합니다.
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❤️ @lewishowes @iamthemamacita ( Después de la cirugía que le hicieron a mamacita ya casi le quitan su cono 🙏🏻 )
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Day made 😭😍
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Primeiros momentos de 2020! Muito feliz, @flamengo ❤️
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TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh ___ It’s a tough time for so many people as the world observes #KobeBryant and his legacy. ___ We knew it was going to be especially hard for #ShaquilleONeal, who played alongside Kobe on the Lakers for years. ___ Shaq broke his silence a few days ago, but tonight he joined Dwyane Wade and others in a special tribute program honoring Kobe on TNT. ___ Shaq shed tears as he talked about his good friend and discussed the importance of letting loved ones know just how loved they are. “Now I lost a little brother,” said Shaq, who recently also lost his—click the link in our bio to read more. 📹: @nbaontnt
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Shaq reflects on Kobe Bryant (via @nbaontnt)
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