sabadou turistando 🌏🚀
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¡YA LLOVIÓ! 🌨 @atletidesanluis volverá a jugar un partido de Primera División en el Alfonso Lastras por primera vez desde el Clausura 13’. Esa vez le ganó 1-0 a Xolos con gol de Alan Zamora. . . . . . #SanLuis #Xolos #LigaMX #AlfonsoLastras
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So my Mother (Yes, I have a Mother) doesn’t follow BJWT because she’s afraid that I might get killed. If I get killed, it’d happen regardless if she follows us or not. In the meantime, she’s wasting her time by not watching Magical videos like this one. I have 7 huge Lion Kings in this Pride, and I go in with all of them except one, Ghost, because I didn’t raise him. I trust the Love and respect that I’ve given all of my kids throughout the years. I’d deserve to die the most painful Death if I mistreated them even for a second. Look how much they Love their dad, they reflect me and I reflect them... #SaveLions #AyrtonsPrideBJWT #PapaBearChronicles
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Ou bezwen konn kotem ye 🔥map Boukannen @tophotdoghaiti 🌭🌭🌭
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Gotta teach them early😂🤦🏽‍♂️ Link in our bio! #doitforstate #difs #fullsend #explore
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MOOD 🎉💃🏻🌅 #J-2
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You’re No Longer Settling. SELF-AWARENESS is bringing you a whole new level of understanding of your TRUE POTENTIAL & WORTH! You’re Starting to Value YOURSELF, Your TIME, Your ENERGY, Your MINDSET & Your TIME. The changes you’re making is going to shift your Life in a Positive way! Everything In Your Life Will Now Begin To Propel Forward!! You’ll Notice a Shift from STAGNATION to FLOW. From LACK TO ABUNDANCE, From CONFUSION to CLARITY. From PAIN to PEACE. THIS IS THE “TURNING POINT”!!!!!!!!!!!! ✨✨ 💥 This Gorgeous Galaxy 🌌 Glittery ✨ Dress is Designed by One Of My Favourite & Most Important Person Of My Life @ans@anshuzarbadee_ #sister #sisters #sister_love #bestsister #sistergoals @anshuzarbadee_ ♥️👯
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Vaqner ⚽💪👐 #QarabağFK #vaq#vaqnerdasilva #vaqner
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