I may not be able to breath through my nose, or stand up without my head spinning today 🤒🤧BUT I did manage to edit my vlog and get it up on YouTube!! This is a super real and relaxed day in the life with a coffee run, feeding Fox, upper body workout and... BTS look at how weird Kurt and I get after 9pm🤣😬 Head over to my YouTube channel now to watch!
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: 커피빈 재입고 문의가 끊임없네요 소량 입고해놨는데 재고가 부족해서 큰일이네요😔😔 구매원하셨던 분들 서둘러주세요💛 #인지액브
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Hi Survivors!⠀ ⠀ Okami Pet sudah hadir nih! Ayo gunakan Okami Pet sebagai pelindung-mu saat di medan perang! Kamu bisa mendapatkan Okami Pet di Okami Royale sekarang loh, ayo spin sekarang!⠀ ⠀ #FreeFire #Okami
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Bohut galat MVP bnaate ho tum sab!! 😶😶
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It would be great to see him as a JOKER!! Faad dega bhai 😍
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Do you like🍦
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