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“We usually talk about comfort as a positive quality. It is an object or environment that makes you feel at ease and gives you a sense of intimacy. Comfort is often something that we think is innate but actually it only exists once we experience it. We like to think that our houses are comfortable, we want our environment to be so, but what happens when you venture beyond that familiar zone?” - Curator @omarsosabartolome on the subject of @FriedmanBenda’s group show “Comfort.” Guillermo Santomà “Toilet sink,” 2019
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@studio.drift, the Dutch design duo known for ambitious projects and asking difficult questions, scales things up even more with "About Nature, Technology, and Humankind," is on view at @carpentersworkshopgallery San Francisco. It marks the largest installations to date of seminal works Flylight and Fragile Future III in the United States. Both works, which showcase how artists utilize cutting-edge technology to mimic existing natural phenomena such as the flight patterns of birds, are presented during a time of dire environmental turmoil that beckons new scrutiny of the sustainability of human progress. #regram: @surfacemag
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Los Angeles–based ceramist @bariziperstein debuts her Tube collection, a line of new and exclusive ceramic pieces, in her first solo exhibition at @TheFuturePerfect’s Bay Area outpost. The work on view riffs on an industrial tube, curving, cutting, and combining different versions of the cylindrical shape in artful, unexpected ways.
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Opening tonight @galeriekreo, a series of artworks that ignore the border between art & design informed by @virgilabloh observations since an early age. Objects made of concrete, steel and spray paint combined to create an impression titled “Efflorescence”.
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The crown jewel of "February Light," @salon94’s presentation of work by Catalan artist #JosepGrauGarriga (1929–2011), is “Llum de Febrer,” a weaving he completed in 1981 that spans more than 20 feet and incorporates the colors of a desert sunrise. It’s an example of how, in an attempt to free himself from traditional tapestry-making, Grau-Garriga added other materials into his work, including rope, jute, copper, wool, and silk, resulting in a tactile feast for the eyes. via @surfacemag
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@Cultured_mag asked architect @leemindel of @sheltonmindel what he considers to be the most important architectural feats of the last decade. Head over to their Stories for the full list. Seen here, @boscoverticalemilano designed by Boeri Studio.
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Jean Prouvé, Cabinet BA 12, 1948 and Pierre Jeanneret, Coffee table and Easy armchairs, 1955-56, Chandigarh, India @galeriepatrickseguin #jeanprouvé #jeanprouve #prouvé #prouve #pierrejeanneret #jeanneret #chandigarh #architecture #demountable #house #furniture #design #midcentury #modern #french #galeriepatrickseguin
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These are Le Corbusier’s three niches from Unité d’Habitation in Marseille and his “LCII” sconce (1949-52), Charlotte Perriand’s “Soleil” adjustable table circa 1950 which she designed for Ski Resort Les Arcs 1600 in France, Hervé Baley’s high stool circa 1970, Roger Capron’s ceramic vase circa 1950 @MagenHGallery #designmiami #lecorbusier #charlotteperriand #hervébaley #rogercapron #france #interiordesign
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