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1a) Hmmm, Very dicey. Till my live video sha. 1b) It depends on what you consider cheating. 2a) Who be this kid? Pour the Whiskey Get tipsy But odikwa .....💃🏽💃🏽 2b) I think intentions should be almost clear at the beginning of a relationship. 3) I reject every spirit of lord of the rings 😤. Well, till tomorrow . What are you views on these questions? Drop them in the comment section and join me and my guests as we dice topics Tomorrow evening. You can also call in on 08167573694 during the live video so we connect. CONNECT WITH ALEX, (Unusual mindset is allowed) Graphics @phizzytainment
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Trust me, I had passed the spot. I was going home. Rehearsal was done and nothing was holding me back. Just like a sharp light ray, that corner caught my attention and I said 🤔 “Mondays are for serious/official looks and I’m in baggy pants but then , a human made that rule and Alex will remake it “ 😂. I took my picture and I’m blessing my page with it 🤗. I hope your monday was fruitful. Mine was 💃🏽. If you think yours wasn’t, tomorrow will be. Bless you. 🙌🏾 Shades @shop.neen Hair @rayzeesignaturehairsng Location @terrakulture
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BIG MOOOOOOOODD!!!!!! You heard me. Need I say more ? No time for shenanigans. Hey Geng 🙋🏽‍♀️! What’s your mood for this week? Have a no nonsense week. #stayresponsible #busy #bismidmakeup #campari #lavyanna #unusual
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When it comes to owning whatever stage, trust me to kill it professionally 🙌🏾. “Alex is not in the country” , “Alex is doing this or that”, a lot has been preventing me from projects like this at different times and it’s always been a wish for me to be on stage again since theater days in Uni. 💃🏽. This time , your girl and a host of other amazing acts will own the stage for four Sundays 💪🏽. What are you waiting for 💁🏽‍♀️ ? You can’t miss it. A @bapproduction showing every Sunday in the month of February (2nd, 9th,16th ,23rd) “MAN ENOUGH “ Is brought to you by @bolanleaustenpeters and a lot of amazing personalities. This is a gripping tale brought to life by masterful performances and perfected with beautiful audio visual brilliance guaranteed to make you eager to watch again as you’ll definitely go home with a lot of thoughts. Get your tickets now. Link in my bio.... #unusualstage #unusualdrama
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Missed me? I missed you more. Baby girl has been good, booked and busy, traveling, being home, resting,schooling while briefly away, e.t.c 🤣. May the lord confuse your enemies too🤣. LEXITIONARY moment 📖!!! Big Godian - people with money providers in sugar daddy/ boyfriend forms. Prink - Meaning to preen. Ok let me break it down, use your dictionary for both words 🤣. Yaba left - Yaba psychiatric hospital, Lagos Nigeria. Any question, Ask Google. #lifeofalexunusual #owningme #8.4million
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Sweet all over 🥵. Flooding your timeline with my pictures because I can. No belt, a marlian but I’ve got manners. Yes, I permit myself to stand out. Not even the president can banish me because, I take only my orders. ⚔️ #Alexunusual #owningme
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With shades of blue, she blew minds. Fiercely calm royalty. Beauty and brain. I mean, who wouldn’t stare ? Here at #soundcitymvp awards simply turning your crush’s neck. @soundcitymvp Stylist @medlinboss Influenced by unusual @alex_unusual Wig @wigchateaux Hair stylist @segungbabyface Makeup @kandyhouseofglam Photo @lekeakindehinphotography @medlincouturecollection signature pants available for order. #Alexunusual #owningme #latepost
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Sometimes, things get us worked up and we make ourselves and loved ones suffer. My loved ones used to suffer my transfer of aggression till I found peace with my skin and myself with @lav@lav@lavyanna_skin . Just like it came to me like magic, it works like magic. What are you waiting for ? Lavyanna distributors are all over the world and our products can be delivered anywhere. My best @lavyanna_skin products are the Skin detoxifying charcoal black soap, Lavyanna melanin glow body oil, Vitamin C illuminating face serum, Melanin glow lotion, Vitamin c daily exfoliating face wash and every other @lavyanna_skin products 😂. Use Lavyanna daily. Stay forever young. Stay happy. Directed by @alex_unusual
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