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Hiked timber the other day and it was pure epicness. What’s your favorite hike you’ve ever done?
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This is Claire, she likes baguettes 🥖. She’s also very good at convincing security guards and an incredible photographer, check out her work
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Bout to head out to summit another mountain with this one. What are you doing this Sunday?
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Double trouble with @ladybaguette
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Before the development of clearly defined ports, mariners were guided by fires built on hilltops. Since elevating the fire would improve the visibility, placing the fire on a platform became a practice that led to the development of the lighthouse. In antiquity, the lighthouse functioned more as an entrance marker to ports than as a warning signal for reefs and promontories, unlike many modern lighthouses.
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All roads lead here
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Epicness at Bromo. What’s the most epic sun rise you’ve ever seen?
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I cant believe it’s 2020 already. Soooo many photos from these sets that I have been struggling to edit. Also...I have a trip booked to morocco, Portugal and Spain in March. Anyone have any recommendations or gonna be around? Model: @carlybelle_
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