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Pro tip: try framing your face and placing your waves this way to give the illusion of a more contoured face. Don’t be afraid to let your hair fall to the front of your face and get a little sultry. Pair this with a proper makeup contour/highlight and wallah! Holiday weight gain just disappeared ;)
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Took the risk and colored outside the lines with Zarmeen. Thank you for the encouragement 🖤
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Enas will tell you that this video did her glam no justice. Honestly zero justice. But this is all I got. The good news, my hair and makeup skills are better than my camera skills. Couldn’t catfish you if I tried! In other good news, I happen to know a super talented photographer who always makes me look my best ➡️ @eye_of_enas #chicagomua #chicagohairstylist #napervillehairstylist #napervillemua #greeneyesmakeup #hoodedeyesmakeup
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The vibrations a bride gives off is unlike any other. All smiles. Nervousness. Excitement. Anticipation. And LOTS of white sparkly love. One of my favorite things about work is being around this very special energy. Thank you for shining near me @dayze_cruise 👰 Hair by me, makeup by @geriperezmakeup #Chicagomua #chicagohairstylsit #Napervilleweddings #napervillemua #beautifulbride
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Gave @mommy.inlove a makeup lesson and drove home one main idea. Makeup should be an amplification of your already beautiful face. You should still look and feel like you. Your best you! #naturalglam #effortlessglam #makeuplessons #chicagomua #chicagohairstylist #softglam
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Oh it’s bound to be a happy new year with these bad boys. Watch my story to see me geek out! @makeupbymario #makeupbymario #makeupbrushes #makeuonymarioburshset
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Palosha’s mehndi look for her brother’s wedding ♥️ (No filter or edits) P.S. I left her curls tight because she still had some time before the event :) #chicagomua #chicagohairstylist #chicagomodels #chicagophotographer #mehndimakeup
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No filter or edits, just this beautiful look on Uzma. This application took just over an hour. Although this glam seems soft and natural, it take still takes time... if not more time! #partymakeup #chicagomua #chicagohairstylist
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