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An Actor Prepares🌟 . . . 📸 - @badolavarun
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Shed your insecurities and reveal yourself to me so I can see each imperfection, cherish every flaw, get to know you from the inside out for my love is raw.
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Some things are worth getting up early for 💪🏻
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Humari kahani sirf sunne wali nahi dekhne wali hai • Dada & Bachchu on the sets of #MDK#MDKD . . #onset #MDKD #cokestudio #cokestudioseason9 #music #singing #funonset #terawohpyar #nawazisheinkaram
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When it comes to escape the chaos, I run to music. And when I talk about music, I would like to talk about ( They have got these super amazing products to charge you up with love of music ❤ Head on to or their website to buy now !
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