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I’ve been MIA peeps sorry about that. Been going through some stuff recently, haven’t felt like myself, I have 0 motivation to do anything but I’m trying my best to come back strong dw I’ll be back on the grind soon guys! I really appreciate all the support and love you guys have been showing me, means the world to me! On the flip side! Here’s a few photos I got while here in Seattle of my cousin @samerloukman wearing the reflective @illvzn jacket!
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#DecadeChallenge swipe to see a madness lmao 😂 📸: @_yushy
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JME in the studio - From the latest Sidemen Sunday Video @illvzn
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Just got back from LA and this was a really great trip but a short one however I’ve had an amazing time testing out this #OppoReno2 phone over these last couple of weeks. I’ve got some amazing images with it’s quad camera. My favourite feature about this phone is the wide angle to x5 zoom which even when you zoom in fully you still got amazing quality! #ZoomintoImagination @oppomobileuk #ad
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W @ksi
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Need to get back to taking pictures out and about so if you wanna shoot let me know trying to test out new things like this wide angle lens on this phone! This pic is taken on the #OppoReno2 phone which how wide you can go with the camera! #ZoomintoImagination @oppomobileuk #ad
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This music video is gonna be sick! @ksi Down like That ft. @richforever @lilbaby_1 and @producersx W EVERYWHERE
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Still out in LA then we off to Vegas! Still so hyped that the fight is over and JJ took the W. Took this photo with the #OppoReno2 which has an impressive 48mp which is great for reframing an image, as you can see I can crop without loosing any quality which is something I've wanted in a phone for a long time! #ZoomintoImagination #ad 📸: @zerkaahd
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