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I am excited for this trip I mean Palm Springs and The Summit. Stand+ family on deck. God is good. Please pray with me for safe travels and productive connections for this movement of millions! It’s happening right now!!!
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Over the years I’ve seen folks with bad strategy get full throttle support, using frightened overmatched people to deal with the violence that surges in times of distress... Please look at this picture he was a bonafide soldier, vetted, certified, frontline prototype! OG’s are the answer especially ones who are cut from this cloth #GroverJacksonRIH~
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I remember being 11 years old 1984 - Jesse Jackson was running for President- our family had moved to the suburbs and apartheid with Nelson Mandela was on the collective consciousness of black people as we called ourselves then. I read everything I could about Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and told my mother that I would FOREVER be his freedom fighter. He is my inspiration- long live The King! Bishop Omar Jahwar
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1319 S. Lamar Dallas TX KWAR/Legacy Five Experience 930 Urban Church
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Well this is the wind down. Was with Kiddo @antongspeaks today after I left our soldier Grover! We laughed reminiscing on so many Grover moments over these last 18 years or so. He was one of a kind. I’ll share an epiphany I had today~ “the fragility of time” - we simply don’t know how much we have so personally I’ve decided to spend NO MORE time with chronic accusers and unbelievers - they drain you so they can tame you and when your spirit is depleted they simply shed shallow tears and walk away. While I’m alive I refuse not to fully live. Grover I got the message and I’ll see you on the best side!
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Please pray for our brother Grover Jackson
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Tonight at 7pm citizens will share solutions to end violence in Dallas, we assume the wealthy, the government, and childhood heroes are who we should look to in times of grief, but Jesus went to fishermen & well-women~ real SOLDIERS. I’m going to OG’s 1319 S Lamar come out! 7pm
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Just found a picture of me when I was one! Cleaning our offices. Lol just kidding that’s my nephson. Love him to life. Cleaning and enjoying it!!!
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