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The Paramount building is one of my favorites in New York City. I love the glow of the clock and the old school architecture settled in between all the modern sky scrapers 馃檶馃徎馃摳
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There is a reason these mountains are called the Sandias 馃檶馃徎 I went out on a very cool evening this past weekend to take a time lapse of the sun going down and the mountain changing colors. I also forgot to fully charge my camera so I brought my @jackeryusa Explorer 240 with me to keep my camera charged for the whole time. This is the way I use my Explorer 240 most often 馃摳馃檶馃徎 #ad
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Seeing all these photos and Instagram stories of the snow storm in New York made me almost buy a plane ticket to the city. Already missing this place 馃檶馃徎馃摳
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This is the only nice sunset I have ever seen in San Diego (I know, weird). After a day of storm clouds the sun peaked through on the horizon and lit up the clouds for a few minutes to give us this beautiful glow 馃檶馃徎馃摳
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I enjoy being out at night, especially in New York. I like to imagine the reasons other people are out as well. Are they going to a night job or are they heading to their friends to hangout. I don鈥檛 know and I love that.
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Missing California right now. I always say that i am not a huge fan of LA but I realized that every time I have been has only been for less than 48 hours so I think I need to take a longer trip to give it a better chance. SWIPE to see a timelapse 馃檶馃徎馃摳
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This was my first sunset of 2020 and I don鈥檛 think I could have started the year of in a better way. Can you spot the 2020 sign in Times Square in the photo?
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Missing these warmer nights under the stars with @digandserve and @staykitfox 馃檶馃徎 Can鈥檛 wait for it to warm up a little bit so I can be comfortable shooting more Astro 馃槀馃摳
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