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... Another fire in the hole!! From my @nyc_photographers winter sunrise meetup with @bklynborn81 . ... 🎼 You are my sunshine, my only sunshine ,you make me happy, when skies are gray, you never know dear, how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away.🎶🎵 … 📸 © Sally Morales @bossbug71
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... Happy New Year!! Here’s my first set of pics in 2020 at the Annual Polar Bear Plunge, with my photo group @nyc_photographers, lead by @bklynborn81. It was a cold but fun day, and as usual we grabbed some grub after the event to fill our bellies and get warm. … 📸 © Sally Morales @bossbug71
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... Good riddance to 2019!! 🖕🏽 ... My life has been on a crazy rollercoaster. I’ve been an emotional mess for quite some time. From my own health issues to watching my 80 year-old father’s health decline dramatically (which was torture for my siblings and myself). He had Diabetes, but his heavy smoking caused major strokes, which caused injury to his brain — leading to his Dementia. He was in a nursing home for 17 depressing months. Dementia robbed him of his memories, his freedom, his dignity and his quality of life. He refused to eat and take his medicine. He lost a lot of weight to the point he was just skin and bones. He was angry most of the time, but we did the best we could to make him feel comfortable. ... His passing over the Thanksgiving weekend was caused from a sudden development of Pneumonia and a Heart Attack. Getting through the Holidays was hard, even though I tried to keep myself busy. Life will never be the same. Although I will always miss him dearly, he’s no longer suffering and is resting peacefully. I’m not very religious, but I light a candle every night, so I can somehow feel his presence. ... There were very few good moments. My admin career has been progressing in a positive way. I met new & nice people. And I’ve converted from my Nikon DSLRs to a FujiFilm mirrorless system, which made my middle-aged back very happy. ... I haven’t been photographing much this year though. I lost my passion along the way with everything that’s been going on. But I pushed myself. With the little photos that I did post, here is my top nine of 2019. Thanks to my family, and my friends for all the support so I can hold on to my sanity. Now I look ahead to 2020 with some purpose and determination to get back in my game. That’s what my dad would want. That’s what I want too. ... [RANT] To those who smoke cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, hookah, chew tobacco, etc. — stop!! JUST FUCKING STOP!! That shit smells horrible and can cause serious damage to your body. Needless to say I hate cigarettes and now I have another reason to hate them — they took my father away from me. It’s not worth the risk. … 📸 © Sally Morales @bossbug71
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... I took this very wide shot of the cityscape from Dumbo, and I managed to get only a little distortion. I’ll need to go back on a cloudy day for a more dramatic shot. … 📸 © Sally Morales @bossbug71
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... A fish-eye view of our beloved Brooklyn Bridge. … 📸 © Sally Morales @bossbug71
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... X marks the spot!! … 📸 © Sally Morales @bossbug71
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... 8mm is amazingly wide!! I managed to get this entire view in one frame; no stitching!! … 📸 © Sally Morales @bossbug71
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... Trying to get out of my funk and wrap up my editing for the year. I’ll be posting more fish eye pics for the next two days. Here’s one at the WTC’s PATH station. … 📸 © Sally Morales @bossbug71
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