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A Lucky opportunity to hang with a Sperm whale while he just floated in front of me and my friends. It’s so hard to explain how small you feel when in proximity to this amazing creature. Not because of their size alone but because of their unique capabilities in the Ocean. They are incredible and impressive. This creature is truly worthy of learning more about...#whales
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A thirsty and cautious cub in the Mara
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A Sperm Whale in Dominica...#whales
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Have a whale of a day...
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I call this pose inverted sperm whale… Namaste. A Common practice for sperm whales
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Thanksgiving with the sperm whales...It’s hard to believe I have so much in common with a sperm whale… They love to dive and so do I! Of course they could dive in the neighborhood of 3000 feet. They have a big brain, the biggest brain on earth and I’ve told I have a big brain. And if that wasn’t enough they love to eat squid and so do I… Perhaps our likeness is why this beautiful creature chose to stop in front of me to have his photo taken. #whales #diving
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Sibling rivalry...
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Right turn gear down. #eagles
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