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200k mood. Pretty cool🤘🏼 . Instagram owes me a metal or certificate of “200k followers, as a female, without ever posting a thong photo” 😅 . Instagram is such a cool place when used correctly. A place to connect. To relate. To learn. To teach. To document. Thank y’all for following along my journey and for all the support you show me along the way. ✊🏼❤️ hoping to be impactful in one way or another!
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Monday mood 🥱 Anybody else? We gettin it done doe! Hope y’all are killin it.🤘🏼
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Happiness 💕 Thank you for making my life infinitely sweeter, @avollmers. Can’t wait to hang with you all night. Happy Valentine’s Day! ps- does this mean that I still need to get you a card? pss- I beat you to posting so that means I clearly love you more just sayin
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Dear Lord, Please remove this stubborn lower belly fat from my body. Sincerely, all women. - - We all have it, and it’s usually one of the “trouble” areas for us girls. There’s no special food and definitely no special exercise to get it to go away so stop your google searching. Only thing to minimize, is to stay in a caloric deficit until it makes up its mind to LEAVE. Cheers to cardio sessions to speed up the process 😅✌🏼
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THANK YALL so much for making this weekend’s launch for @alphaforward a massive success. So grateful ❤️. . I know inventory went quick and I know that’s super frustrating. I’m working on being able to gauge my bulk inventory purchases as accurately as possible, but as always, growing pains and figuring it all out are apart of the process! I’m up for the challenge. Can’t wait to show you what I have for y’all this year. 🚀
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Happy Friday! 24 hours away from @alphaforward first launch of 2020 got me like 😀😃😃😃. I love designing clothes that I get to fill my closet with. . ps- I bet at least 7 ppl ask me where I got my jeans.
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I’m starting up a Youtube channel (life, fitness, business, etc) and low key pumped about it. First vid will be up on Friday. What y’all wanna see from me on the TUBES? 🎥 ⬇️
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