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Joan jonas performing Moving off the land II at the Prado anatoonal Museum. It was simply the most beautiful evocative and healing performance we have ever experienced. JOAN WE LOVE YOU. you have ast a spell on Madrid!
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Joan Jonas performing at the Prado National museum Madrid this evening. She put on one of the most miraculous performances ever . With great thanks and recognition to the TBA21 ACADEMY for this extraordinary commission, this work has developed and grown under your watch with Stefanie ahessler and your direction. But all of us pay homage to one of the greatest artists of our time. JOAN Joanas... @prado @tba_21 @tba21academy @museothyssen @SAVE OUR SEAS.
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At the Rembrant exhibition that opened this evening at the Museo National Thyssen Bornemisza. It's a must see. Some extraordinary masterpieces in the room. Sporting my new Saccai jumpsuit which I felt might suit the look of the evening... #rembrandt @museothyssen #saccai
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#Repost @studioolafureliasson ・・・ Turn on sound! This is the strange sound of a piece of ice falling down a 150 m hole in a glacier. Video by isotope geochemist John Andrew Higgins on an expedition to Antarctica. Brilliant!!! Thanks Olafur!!!
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I cant wait for Joan Jonas and Stefanie Hessler to arrive in Madrid for the install of Moving off the land II at the Museo National Thyssen Bornemisza. We open the doors on Feburlaryb24th, there is a rare performance of the work at the Museo National del Prado on the 26th. We look forward to seeing you there! @museothyssen @museoprado @tba21academy
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Joan Jonas, Alessandra d'Aloia and me taking a stroll on the Wassengrat at sunset! Come to Madrid to see her amazing exhibition "Moving off the land II" olinspired by the ocean at the National Museum Thyssen Bornemisza on the 24th of Feb, with a special performance on the 26th at the Prado! Two national museums in one week is an accolade for one of the most successful and admired contemporary artists today. A true feminist, joan shares her life and work with immence generosity. We are so proud that she is coming to Madrid in just a few weeks. Commissioned by TBA21-ACADEMY. @museothyssen @tba_21 @tba21academy @museoprado
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Verbier art summit brought some amazing people together. Here is the final panel today moderated by Jessica Morgan (director of Dia Foundation) with El Ultimo Grito (Goldsmiths college) Joan Jonas (artist) and the brilliant black feminist philosopher Djamila Ribero. #verbierartsummit #diaartfoundation @verbierartsummit #feminism #blackwomenfeminism Watch my story on instagram for live stream of some of the key talks by Joan Jonas and Djamilla Ribero.
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I see what I see, I say what I think, but it is now transformed by an inner journey that I am on! I see more hope, feel more love and far less anger and frustration! I encourage anyone who has not yet taken up meditation to do so, and it brings such insight, connectivity, peace, and clarity to one's life that is so needed in the lives we all lead. I feel part of a community without knowing everyone. I am experiencing change that I had hoped for and dreamt about for decades, and those that I love already feel the difference! Thought I should share... #meditation
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