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📸Framed on Systematic A fight between black pheasants that is reminiscent of a dance on ice. Temperatures that drop to -20°C are certainly not a good reason to stop shooting. #framedongitzo
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A landscape photographer knows that the perfect shot is often the least obvious one. With the Gitzo 3-way head,  you can have all the precision you need – whether you are photographing from a distance or hunting for details.
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📸Framed on Systematic By increasing the exposure speed, the snowflakes take on a muffled lightness and become an essential part of the image. #framedongitzo
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📸 Framed on Systematic Working under falling snow is very stimulating for a nature photographer. The harshest winter conditions are often the ideal time to capture thrilling shots. #framedongitzo
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Gitzo’s Noir Decor finish is obtained by means of pure aluminum particles and black pigment that are treated at high temperatures and inserted in magnesium. This is what makes it incredibly resistant and virtually indestructible!
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📸 Framed on Systematic Are you as fast as a mountain hare? You have to keep up in order to photograph this very agile animal in one of its rare moments of relaxation in the snow. #framedongitzo
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📸Framed on Systematic A family of polar bears ventures onto a frozen fjord, perfectly at ease in the harsh winter weather. This seems to be the ideal habitat also for the photographer who is ready to follow them everywhere for images like this. #framedongitzo
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For a professional photographer, a tripod is much more than a travel companion – it’s a very personal component of your equipment. In order to have the proper height, remember to use the winning equation of standard head + your tripod < your height - 20 cm.
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