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Introducing I MEAN OBVIOUSLY, my new series of paintings on canvas. This has been my first go with painting within a constrained shape that was made for me. I have to say I love filling the space. Both are 36”x36”.
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1,2,3, or 4? One from each collection. Which one is your favorite series?
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SEE YOU THERE, 2020. I grew up in Las Vegas so the heat was all I knew. Now I live in northern Utah and although I love having the four seasons and the change of weather throughout the year, I’m always going to love the sun and summer weather.
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NEW, The Stay. I loved exploring perspective even further with this piece by having three doorways at three different sizes. One of my few that hangs horizontally at 22” x 15”
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Magic Mountain / 2020. Where is the prettiest place you’ve ever been?
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Hav House does CANVAS. 36”x36”. Yes! I’ve been sketching for a while with the intent of making some paintings on canvas. I finished my first two this week. This one will be part of an upcoming show in March along with some pieces from my THE STAY collection. Very happy with it and I’m excited to add this to the type of work I do in studio.
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NOT THAT IT NEEDS IT / 2020. A photo collage of Arches (Utah) and Yellowstone (Wyoming). The last time I was at Yellowstone there were lots of hats in the water and in surrounding hot pots. It was really windy and hats were flying off peoples heads like crazy. Next time you’re in Yellowstone on a windy day, hold on to your hats.
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SEE YOU THERE / 2020. I live in Northern Utah at the base of a mountain range. I see the mountains up close everyday and everyday I love the view. It’s never going to be anything but good.
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