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A special find by my best sea glass buddy, my 10 year old son! This teeny tiny gem was just on the edge of the waves and he spotted it ❤️it passed the plastic test-I wonder if it’s a ruby 😍 #seaglass #puertorico #huntressbysea #gemstones
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Sometimes the #seaglass just glows in the sand 💚#HuntressBySea #puertorico
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Me and @prsurfadventures took a client out today on a #snorkeling experience and this little turtle 🐢 friend hung out with me for so long. It would dive down, munch on some sea stuff and then come back up, check me out, swim, snack, check me out. Lazy Friday afternoons in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 Are you ready for yours?? #snorkelnw🇵🇷 #snorkelnwpuertorico #air#airbnbexperience #airbnb
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Decisions, decisions. Some of my favorite shapes and colors-all found by yours truly! 💙💛🧡💚 #Seaglass #HuntressBySea #puertorico #seaglassjewelry #mermaid #fishon
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The sunsets here in Puerto Rico just cannot be missed. Hope you all get to experience this sometime ❤️
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Some of my favorite finds from yesterday’s walk :) some marbles, a gorgeous grey 😍 and a cool little button!! If you saw my story you saw the other thing I found #seanis 😂 but we’ll keep it PG 😂 but y’all really liked that hahaha #alwaysonthehunt #seaglass #puertorico #huntressbysea
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We are expecting massive swell this weekend, but today was a great day to dive! Thanks @prsurfadventures for the amazing clip of our dive. Book your adventure with us today!!! #tiratepr #explorePuertoRico
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Draping this on the rocks at the beach I imagined a mermaid leaving behind her treasures as she swam into the depths. Take me to the sea...the perfect pop of color for every mermaid 🧜‍♀️ This beauty is available for purchase! #seaglass #seaglassjewelry #seaglasslove #puertorico
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