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This performance was epic on so many levels, i had the honor of performing,meeting and connecting with a room full of amazingly talented people, @alokvmenon @tessholliday @samsmith @ddlovato @iamsheadiamond @xpozdphotography #goddesslivesmatter
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@xpozdphotography captured this breathtakingly gorgeous photo of @ddlovato @iamsheadiamond and I鈥檓 still Gasping for air!!!!! #goddesslivesmatter
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Walking to the stage in 2020 like..... #goddesslivesmatter
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Mind your business 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ(i have to do a cover of this)
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Who wanna book us for our 2020 #worldtour? #tgncmagic #goddesslivesmatter
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I see things clearer now!!! There is a reason for everything season!! Baby there is a storm ah coming #goddesslivesmatter
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I couldn鈥檛 find my dress in time for @samsmith shoot so in the words of the late and great #marshapjohnson i paid it no mind! I haven鈥檛 embraced my inner Feline in years!!! Since my accidental marriage and accidental divorce, I realized along time ago, my being sexy without being sexual is power! Greeted by eye rolling, stiff necks and cat calls, so i turn it down or turn it off, but I鈥檓 completely unbothered in #2020 confident and uncensored i turn it on and then turn it up! Currently on #instagram i have 60% women followers and 40% men, The highest Demographics are in the #unitedstates ages 25-34 with #newyork leading over #losangeles Remember sexy comes in different shapes,shades, and gender identities! Throw away your stereotypical textbook of black,white and mediocre grey so you can taste the rainbow!!! Life is so much better when you make your own rules, it鈥檚 better to ask forgiveness then to ask for permission!!!! #unapologeticallyme #unbothered #lovingtheskinimin #body #bodypositivity #sexy #sexyatanysize #sexychocolate #goddesslivesmatter
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