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swear all i do is write sad songs and wear tracksuits lol
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When Will We Meet Again?
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first time doing an interview, first time doing a magazine, this very first time in VOGUE 🧡 learning how to be correct with my words, yet honest about my feelings. learning how to represent myself as Imani and how to represent the part of me that i want to share with the world. learning how that works in media. learning. although i feel like i have failed to translate myself in some parts of the interview, @nlvogue has done a wonderful job shining light on what i, eventually, would love for people to see. both my courage and fragility. my desire to create honest, mindful art that hopefully one day will inspire, move and enlighten others. • • when i’m ready, while you are ready. nova luna 2020 much love to the team @sofievandervelden @carmelaprins @juliamarino @aljabakker @davidkoppelaar @evacopper @eldridge_mullenhof
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in process, currently, still loading, rewriting, new chords, old lyrics, same voice. as much as i want to share the process of my writing process and my ep preparations, i find myself being scared to admit i don’t know what i am doing, while i’m still fully doing it. i’ve always been a singer, always a writer, always a performer, not always a musician. i am now learning how to create something that can actually be received and to share that with others. • • for now: a video of me looking for the right flow, tone and lyrics. for now it’s just me.
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i hope you find what’s best for you
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Lauren And Me Shot And Styled By @kekevisuals, @keannaisha
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