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So thankful for @joeveracruz and @janetveracruz and all the do for our city and church. I don’t usually run unless someone is chasing me but I think I’m going to make an exception and run this 5k. This young man will be @trinity_fairmeadows tomorrow, would you be there and pray for his healing or a match for him with us. #bethematch #bonemarrow
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Shooting hoops “Lebron James” 😂 @kingjames
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📖Matthew 6:26-34📖 We often read this scripture to build our faith in our worst and scariest moments, as we should. Have you ever considered though, that just maybe God sometimes wants to use you as a vessel from heaven to make this verse ring true in someone else’s life? One issue I see every Wednesday Night @trinity_fairmeadows as we bring the kids to the church is that many of them have shoes that are incredibly worn and too small. Their feet sticking out in the cold, no shoe laces and more. Last night as I often do, I took some old tattered shoes of a sweet little girls feet and gave her socks before we put some newer shoes that were donated on her. She smiled with pride, she later told me “Pastor my feet are warm now” I had to walk away and shed a tear. These are the moments I experience the presence of Jesus the most. These are the moments my heart breaks with his. Last night I also put the last pair of shoes we have at the church on this girl. So I’m just wondering if some of you may be heavens answer to Matthew 6 for some kids. We are in need of new or very slight used kids shoes and shocks, all sizes. You can bring them to our campus or donate online to the Fairmeadows campus. Memo: Fairmeadows Shoes. (Disclosure: this is a borrowed photo from google I wouldn’t want to embarrass the sweet girl we helped last night) Be Blessed, Be a vessel #findpurposehere
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We are learning the books of the Bible @trinity_fairmeadows
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Shady Grove isn’t playin 😂
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As a young adults Pastor I often get complaints from women on how bad and annoying the culture of boys/men sliding in their DMs is becoming (aka randomly messaging them). This may be a way for single people to meet but so many guys need to learn the “not interested” signs and move on. I decided to ask girls to tell us some of the most annoying and weird practices from guys. Here are some of the practices that will never get you a date. The rest are on my Instagram story. #slidingintodms
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I love what God is doing @theprojectch! Such a powerful night and so much fun!! #youngadults
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Chicken Noodle Soup wit a soda on the side.
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