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4th year of Thanksgiving and/or Black Friday in Texas. Many more to come.
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This past summer was incredibly transformative for me. I didn't take many photos, nor was I on social media to document it. The moments that I did capture, tell an important story for me personally. I am blessed to have amazing people around me, at the right times in my life. In retrospect, it is crazy to see how harmonious it was, and is. Sometimes, all it takes is a shift in perspective to see. Alot of physical, mental, and spiritual work takes place behind the scenes of people's lives. Embrace the change. To the people I referred to up above, I love yinz - or ya'll, I should say馃檹
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"victory lap" 馃弫馃弫
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Good to be back in TX for black Friday this year. Missed the @bpnsupps warehouse and the team.
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Nobody gets employee of the month.
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Getting closer to game time. Loser cleans the toilets Monday. #flyeaglesfly
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1 year in the Lonestar state.馃嚚馃嚤
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Elbow surgery cut my baseball playing days short.. don't call it a comeback
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