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Can find this set on my patreon this week with @taylermariexo_ 馃崑
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This set with @earthbabylindsey goes up on my patreon this weekend, link in bio.
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She鈥檚 mine 馃崙馃槇 #humpday @imashortyru12
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I find that I鈥檓 hesitant to share the nude shoots as if I鈥檓 afraid of being judged. It鈥檚 hard to make everyone happy but I know what I enjoy shooting. My art, my expression, my artistic freedom, I can do what I want. Working on coming out of my darker side and it鈥檚 shell. I鈥檓 going to continue posting teasers to here from the sets I shoot. Find this uncensored set on my patreon, link in bio. Model @jgosey
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Losing followers and getting posts reported 2 days in a row. Subscribe to my patreon so you don鈥檛 miss out on these shots. Here鈥檚 a set with @ladysly22 link in bio
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Maybe this one won鈥檛 get reported. Subscribe to my patreon so you can actually see my even better posts. Link in bio @meranda_h
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Florida鈥檚 heat is no joke in abandoned buildings. This set up on my patreon with @heather_feaster 馃崈
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Set with @xosarelle up on my patreon, link in bio. Who else should I shoot with?!
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