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Looking back to look forward. Flashback Brief History of Rock ’n’ Roll and my favorite rock star liner looks from decades past with tips from my time at Director of Artistry at ARDENCY INN in preparation for today punk shoot with @alexanderthompsonphotographer With clients like Joan Jett and Amy Winehouse you know winged liner is my thing. ’50S: FELINE FLICK Fifties crooners stuck to ladylike cat eyeliner with precise, clean edges. TIP: “This is the most wearable look,” says Vincent. “It’s also really easy if you know how to place it.” He recommends using the curve of your lower lash line as a guide for the winged-out edge and not extending it past the outer corner of your brow. ’60S: GRAPHIC MOD Songstresses in the sixties etched tight curves along the lash line with an extra dose of black in the sockets for a sculpted effect. TIP: “packing on the product in a way that feels dimensional and more modern.” Focus on a soft line at the lashes, add mascara to the roots, and build the intensity by layering on different formulas of liner for a multi-dimensional look. ’70S: BAD GIRL BLACKOUT Seventies punk rockers rimmed their top and bottom lash lines for a tough, smoldering gaze. TIP: “Make sure you rim the top and bottom lash lines with a quick-dry liner like ours, so it doesn’t transfer onto your skin and smudge,” Vincent says. “It looks sexy and sensual—and it lasts all day.” ’80S: TRUE COLORS Pop stars in the eighties added vivid candy-colored shades to their black-rimmed eyes for a playful pop of color. TIP: a thin stripe of black liner on the lash line and adding colored liner directly above it to define the eye while making a statement. ’90S: SLEPT-IN GRUNGE Nineties rockers haphazardly applied black liner on the waterline for a diffused, devil-may-care appearance. TIP: “Liquid liner adds dimension—it’s actually very flattering.” For a last-night’s-makeup look, Vincent uses water-resistant liquid liner on the waterline, then diffuses the color with a smudging brush. ’00S: EXAGGERATED WING Singers of the 2000s sketched bold masses of creamy, winged-out liner for an extreme lifted effect. TIP: “Trace the line in one swipe and just fill it in!”
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i artist is not just a mentorship program, it’s so much more. This program is not a destination but a journey. Together we will take an in-depth look at your career, look at your life as an artist. Look into where you want to be and what you need to do to get there. You will have an opportunity to gain real insight and guidance from those who have been there. Anything immersive makes the change in the right direction. This three day program is geared to jump start your career at any level that you might be at. To be with like-minded individuals, diving deep into how artists learn and interact with their artistry. For more information about i Artist 3.0, visit our website at www.themakeupshowforum.com or www.themakeupshow.com
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Haunted Beauty Glamour glam·our /ˈɡlamər/ noun ARCHAIC enchantment; magic. The historic Biltmore Hotel opened in downtown Los Angeles in 1923 and was the talk of the town. Paranormal activity has been reported at the Biltmore hotel for decades. The nurse ghost on the second floor, the crying girl ghost on the ninth floor and the famous boy with no face the hauntings happen with frequency. The most famous ghost hiding out there is the ghost of Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia, as the hotel was one of the last places Short was seen alive before she was murdered. Short's ghost has been seen on the tenth and eleventh floors. Guests report not only seeing her but feeling a cha he in temperature and have reported a sweet floral smell that linergs in the cool air. In this series we brought in multiple makeup artists to explore the idea of enchantment, haunting beauty and the exploration of glamouring in it's most ghostly sense. Model 🖤🖤🖤 HAUNTED BEAUTY @xioxmagazine 🖤🖤🖤 Photographer: Daniel Rosenthal (@danielrosenthalnyc) Makeup Artist Collaboration: James Vincent (@jvincentmakeup) Danessa Myricks (@danessa_myricks) Lijha Stewart (@lijhajade) Ivan Bettancourt (@iknowivan) Bethany Townes (@bethanytownes) Makeup Assistants: Ozzie Gutierrez (@ozzie_g), Magen Grays (@magengraysmua) Special thanks @shellytaggar @themakeupshow Designer and Stylist: Ashton Michael (@ashtonmichael) Models: Jeana Turner (@jeanaturner) with @nomadmgmt, @onemanagement, @nycbcg, @romanyoung Axel Swan (@axelswan) with @photogenicsla - #regrann
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Reposted from @themakeupshow ❤️For many, we’re a family❤️We’re here as a source of inspiration. We’re here to give artistry a fresh breath of creativity and passion. We are here to unify artists from all over the world. In your own words, what’s one word to describe The Makeup Show? Houston, TX: ‪‪‪March 21-22, 2020 New York, NY: ‪‪‪May 3-4, 2020 ‪Amsterdam, Netherlands: ‪‪June 20-21, 2020 Chicago, IL: ‪‪‪October 17-18, 2020 Vancouver, Canada: ‪‪‪November 14-15, 2020 . . . . #the#themakeupshow #themakeshowchicago #iartist #myartistcommunity #creativecommunity #bettertogether #themakeupshow #themakeupshowhouston #themakeupshownewyork #tmshouston #unfilterexperience #tmsnewyork #mua #education #themakeupshowvancouver #vancouverbeauty #danessamyricksbeauty #glitter #bts - #regrann
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So apparently last night I walked around all night with one single piece of gold sequin stuck to my eye and nobody told me because they thought I was working a look .... Makeup artist problems. #glitter #glittereye #boysinglitter
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Me and my family are thick as thieves in this ever changing Makeup game you have got to set clear goals and surround yourself with a community of other artists and influential leaders that will have your back, stand by your side and help you move obstacles out of the way. I am so lucky to have this family with me. #THEMAKEUPSHOW #makeuppodcast #myartistcommunity
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Home Alone. This is what Jeremy Meek thinks happens when he leaves me by myself for a weekend for the first time in years. 🍨🐻🍨 Spoiler Alert. I did buy ice cream for dinner and it was $14.99 for a pint. Keep the change ya filthy animal. 🍨🐻🍨 #instagaybear #instabear #thebearmag
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The Memento Mori contains a special combination of oils to trigger the memories of love and those we have lost. Each of these oils carries significance in honoring and celebrating a loved one (while putting attention to the feelings of those of us “left behind”). Today would be my Grandmother's Birthday. A woman who taught me so much about the person I wanted to be. In her memory I have developed our Rebels and Outlaw's Sacred Ceremony Candle in Memento Mori. A candle to help my circle remember that even when our loved ones are not here with us, they are with us. I dedicate the first light to my Non. May perpetual light shine upon them. Memento Mori. Amor Vincit Omnia Memento Mori translated literally means 'Remember To Die'. Over time it has become a reminder of mortality. Our own life and those who have left before us. Amor Vincit Omnia reminds us that 'Love Conquers All' and that we hold those dearest to us in our heart and minds forever. #mementomori #rebelsandoutlaws #candlemagic
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