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I don’t know what men need to hear this.. Deal with your misogynistic fem shame before you come courting! We deal with so much violence in the world the last thing we need is your emotional terrorism. No Boo, I don’t want to be on the DL with you.. I know my value. It’s taken me along time to let go of my issues the last thing I want to do is carry yours. Align your chakras and then maybe we can talk. Photo @ericgabrielxx 💇🏽‍♀️ @juanitalyon 💄 @keelymaroney 👗 @hollycopelandstyle
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Bruja Photo @ericgabrielxx 💇🏽‍♀️ @juanitalyon 💄 @keelymaroney 👗 @hollycopelandstyle
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I’m already making camping plans for spring 🏕 I can’t wait to be in the woods! Photo @ericgabrielxx 💇🏽‍♀️ @juanitalyon 💄 @keelymaroney 👗 @hollycopelandstyle
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My last post was about banishing so this will be invoking. Mid last year I did some medicine work. My biggest take away from that work was that there’s no “I” there’s only “us”. So the biggest thing I want to invoke is gentleness. The kind of gentleness that’s rooted in compassion. We all need it . we all change and benefit from it when we practice it. regardless if your giving or receiving. Invoking: gentleness Photo @ericgabrielxx 💇🏽‍♀️ @juanitalyon 💄 @keelymaroney 👗 @hollycopelandstyle
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(2nd post) Banishing: It’s so easy saying I wanna get rid of negative things in my life the harder question to ask is what am I doing to attract these negative things. This year I’ve been working on the way I connect with people. So the nightmares in away were very fitting on the work I was doing. It’s all about connection and all the fears that come with that. The thing I’m leaving behind is the unhealthy need to keep people at a distance. Realizing I no longer need this armor around my heart. When you come from dysfunction you slowly start creating your worst nightmare. You want to connect but you push people away in fear that they will hurt you ( yet you somehow let the most fucked up people in) I am no longer afraid I can now trust my gut on who can have my heart. Banishing .. fear Photo @ericgabrielxx 💇🏽‍♀️ @juanitalyon 💄 @keelymaroney 👗 @hollycopelandstyle
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It’s interesting how many layers there are in healing trauma. This year I’ve been plagued by nightmares. It’s always the same situation in different settings. By the time I manage to wake up I’m crying and my heart jumping out of my chest. The thing that puzzled me is that these dreams aren’t the usual nightmares of a person trying to kill me or chasing after me. These dreams were about abandonment, feeling unloved and scared. Intellectually I know that’s completely wrong and untrue but trauma doesn’t work on an intellectual level. The old wiring and muscle memory are really at play here. Not only did go to therapy but i started a new practice. Everyday I speak to my heart. I will tell myself Out loud that i’m loved, I’m worthy of being loved and I am evolved enough to take care of my heart and i won’t lead it down the garden path. It felt so cringe worthy when I first did it but then I realized I have a life time of hearing negative things those negative words are in my body in my atoms and in my psyche. Isn’t time I replace them? When you BANISH you must INVOKE. (Making this a 3 post topic more tomorrow) 📸 @ericgabrielxx 💇🏽‍♀️ @juanitalyon 💄 @keelymaroney 👗 @hollycopelandstyle Ring @eleven44
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I like to be mindful of what I put out in the world. I’m not one to just vomit negativity or complaint about people on social media But I have encountered this one too many times. This is for all the Butch passing queens that in the last few years realized you could play with your gender. I love that you’re enjoying playing with your femininity. I also love that you have the privilege to play with it when you want and yet put it away when you want to get laid because femininity is fun until it gets in the way of your needs . I really do love that you’ll never truly experience the discrimination and the feeling of being unsafe that comes with being fem because No one should ever experience that. What I don’t love is when I’m speaking about my experience you try to lump in yours with mine. I acknowledge that people have looked at you strange when you dress up and That your life comes with it’s unique challenges but we are not the same. I can’t wash away my femininity. You’ll never know what it is to have a strange spit on your face, to have people follow you home, to have a queer partner tell you they can’t see past how fem you are, you’ll never know the excruciating pain of not fitting in. I recognize that with discrimination there’s an over lap of experiences but that doesn’t mean you’ll ever fully understand. As much as I love your fem play exploration be mindful this is real life for some of us.
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Been an awful good girl Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight. With @msrita Photo @hortaculture
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