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Head in the clouds ☁️ // ft. @jamesmatthewsmedia - Can't wait to be back on this magical island this year 😍 Crazy to be above the clouds and witness the sun dip below them - really felt like I was on top of the world! Shot on @sonyalpha A7III + 16-35mm f/2.8 GM
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📸: @wat@watchluke TWENTY NINETEEN - What a year it has been! Looking back at this year it's crazy to think about what I've managed to do and see in the past 365 days! 😱 Swipe for a couple of things I find funny/memorable 😂 From hiking up Snowdon with my cousins, doing our first ever talk with the @uk.shooters team, @watchluke and I always being late to UK Shooters meetings (sorry @m.visuals 😉), dyeing my hair silver, and visiting some beautiful countries and meeting a whole bunch of awesome people along the way. 😁 Thank you to everyone who was a part of my 2019, let's smash 2020! 💙💙💙
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Sunrise Sunrays ☀️ // Who's watched my video in Madeira? Link in bio in case you missed it! #visitmadeira - It was an epic 4 days with @mikevisuals & @jamesmatthewsmedia - big up to @epidemicsound for making it happen (you can get a 60 day free trial if you sign up using my link) and @adidasterrex for sending out some gear to keep us going on the trip. Let me know what you thought of the video! 🎥 - Shot on @sonyalpha A7III + 24mm f/1.4 GM
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Sound On 🔊 NEW VIDEO IS OUT ON YOUTUBE! // The link is in my bio 😎 #voyaged - Spent countless hours editing the full video, mainly due to my editing software being an absolute PAIN, but we got there in the end 😂 Bringing the memories back from an awesome trip to Madeira with @jamesmatthewsmedia & @mikevisuals. Big up to @EpidemicSound for making it happen! I'll be back in 2020 for you, Madeira.
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Morning Chill ⛅ // Taking it back to Scotland back in July with @mikevisuals! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Planning some trips for 2020 soon... Where should I explore? #uk_shooters
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Gently down the stream 🚣 #voyaged Have you ever been to Japan? 🇯🇵 Seeing @jordhammond's stories and exploring some new places is getting me excited for me to get back on that side of the globe again!
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Moody Storr #uk_shooters 📷: @wat@watchluke - Taking it back to the Scotland roadtrip with the @uk.shooters team - we hiked up to Storr for sunset, but instead of an insane sky, we were handed gale force winds and frozen hands 😂 However, we still got the drone up to do some light painting and had a great time at the top with @cyrusnezami, @m.visuals and @watchluke 🤙 Have you explored Scotland yet?
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Don't go chasing 🌊 - Back in Iceland, seeing these incredible natural wonders towering over you 😍 & I ran under part of the waterfall and had a hell of a shower (and a hell of a massage too - the water hit HARD!) #mystopover #voyaged - Shot on @sonyalpha A7III + 16-35mm f/2.8 GM
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