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I guess it was all meant to be...
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Little did I know my boy @matthewmoreland would predict the future with that hat on in 2014, but that’s what he does... along with many other things 🤣. Swipe left to see him at his finest everyday and to wish him a happy 32nd birthday!!!
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This isn’t a paid ad, or a paid partnership, this is a company I’ve believed in since day 1. Check em out @nosweatco
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The last of a dying breed. Words can’t describe what 16 has meant to a lot of us, but what an honor it’s been. My brother for life. Happy retirement B-Mac. HOF is waiting for you!
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Enjoy today. Playoff time is a blur
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Don’t look 👀 now... it’s #cozyszn
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This one tastes extra sweet 2019 NL East #champs
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Players weekend in the Big 🍎 My dad refers to himself as “Big D” because he’s the patriarch “D” in the family, but I like to think I’ve overtaken him on that front. It’s a daily struggle, but glad to rep either or today 🤣 Ps— my dads name is Dennis
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