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I’ve photographed her since she was born... and it’s always so surreal to see these little humans grow. I never seize to be amazed by His creations. And just look how excited she is to see me! 😂 I know... say MashAllah. 😍 ---------------------------------------------------- 💌: All inquiries via my website: www.kikikhan.com ⠀ 📸: @kikikhanphotography ----------------------------------------------------
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Dreaming of summer & sunflowers on this chilly wintery night...🌻 ---------------------------------------------------- 💌: All inquiries via my website: www.kikikhan.com ⠀ 📸: @kikikhanphotography ----------------------------------------------------
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That last one got a little deep, so keeping it light today with this handsome crowned prince! 🥰 ---------------------------------------------------- 💌: All inquiries via my website: www.kikikhan.com ⠀ 📸: @kikikhanphotography ----------------------------------------------------
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My parents got divorced when I was 5 years old, so I don’t know what it truly means to be “daddy’s girl”, but ‘till this day I remember those early years. I don’t care what anyone says; we all talk about the maternal bond and how mothers love their kids unconditionally, yes it’s true, it’s natural, but there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing the bond between fathers and daughters- Dads who don’t just show up, but ones that are willing to wear tiaras, sing like Elsa, and twirl around with their girls to simply make them smile. I make an intentional effort to make sure to document the little moments that may seem mundane, when in fact.... they’re magic.🖤 ---------------------------------------------------- 💌: All inquiries via my website: www.kikikhan.com ⠀ 📸: @kikikhanphotography ----------------------------------------------------
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What a miracle is the creation of life? We’ve been built to withstand the emotional rollercoaster of conceiving, the uncertainty of keeping, the physical hurt of delivering, and the mental capacity to be raising. Whichever phase you’re in, whatever you’re going through, remember- God never allows pain without purpose. 🙌🏼 ---------------------------------------------------- 💌: All inquiries via my website: www.kikikhan.com ⠀ 📸: @kikikhanphotography ----------------------------------------------------
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Every good and perfect gift is sent from above! 🥰 ---------------------------------------------------- 💌: All inquiries via my website: www.kikikhan.com ⠀ 📸: @kikikhanphotography ----------------------------------------------------
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The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children. ---------------------------------------------------- 💌: All inquiries via my website: www.kikikhan.com ⠀ 📸: @kikikhanphotography⠀ 👩‍👧: @roohijeelanimd ----------------------------------------------------
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(CLOSED) PORTRAIT SESSION GIVEAWAY!! TO ENTER: 1. Click the link in bio to enter your name+email 2. Follow @KikiKhanPhotography & @AbihajKhan 3. Tag a bestie on the giveaway post.Bonus entries for additional friends. ——————————-// Prize is valid for a couple, maternity or family session and will take place in the Chicago suburbs. —————————-// Entries close at 11:59 pm CST on 9/22. Must complete the giveaway form at kikikhan.com to qualify! Winner will be announced Monday; good Luck! *Illinois residents only- you can enter for friends and fam living in Illinois as well. Winner is required to sign a model release. Giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Instagram.
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