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we have been loving seeing your reviews come in! a new feature on our website allows you to submit reviews about your suits. when you include a photo, you receive a 10% off code for your next order ☺️
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take a peek at our stories to see which suits we currently have in stock! we found some extra inventory so there is some new additions to what is online 👀 📷 @carleyscamera
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khaleesi top for minimal tan lines / raven bottom for cheeky coverage 💦 have a good weekend everyone!
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sun glitter ✨ "bright, sparkling light formed when sunlight reflects from water waves."
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@carlyupmann in angel top / raven bottom - sky ☁️
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@ishh in angel suit in margarita. still working on that restock date! we don't want to promise a restock date and then not deliver, so we are waiting until we can be 100% sure on the date/time. bottoms available in M, L, XL. top available in XL.
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if you are looking for cheeky bottoms, raven is your go to. 🧚🏼
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