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Birthday drop TOMORROW 👀🌹 Subscribe to @officialkiandbri YouTube to not miss this beautiful creation created by @ryn_o @kianadavalos and myself 🤞🏽 #NewChaptersEveryday #23 #pisces
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The night I told @kianadavalos “I liked her” wasn’t easy! At that point of my life I really believed I wasn’t capable of loving someone other than myself. (Sounds crazy right) The mind plays tricks on us but luckily I was surrounded by some beautiful people ( @ambaar_mw @luisisus @sh3is @sheebenito ) and a little liquid courage ahaha! Today we make 4 YEARS and I couldn’t be more grateful for our journey and the love that makes us grow stronger everyday. ❤️🤞🏽I love you Baby 🌹 ______ SWIPE TO THE END TO SEE A CHINA THROWBACK 👀 #kiandbri #February26 #4Years #LoveisLove #BLL
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Age is a beautiful thing when you’re counting every blessing. Thank you for capturing all of me on and off the screen @ryn_o 🌹 BTS by the queen @kianadavalos ❤️ ________ Last Feel in Heels class of February TONIGHT @8pm! 👠(choreography only) We been working on taking up space through movement as well as committing to what feels good to us. Tonight we’re breaking free 🤞🏽#RsvpOnly #LevndrivFeelz #MoveWithMe #PleasantvilleNY #KiandBri
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Your actions are not only defined by your words. I like what I’m seeing and love how I’m feeling 🌹 #presence #IloveyouKiki
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I promise it’s ok - if you explore in all the right ways 🌹 _________ Captured by a queen @wwl_portraits#MoveWithMe #LevndrivFeelz #BLL #AlwaysLove
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Hope you all enjoyed our valentines visual 🌹 The amount of love, passion and dedication we poured into it was definitely one for the books 💞 [CLICK THE LINK IN BIO] _______ The song was chosen by @ryn_o and all the captures - like who is this guy?! Lol 🤞🏽 _______ #LoveEveryday #KiandBri #SoGood
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No lie - I used to dream of days I could dance with my person and do stuff like this! 🌹 So Thank you @kianadavalos for your love, patience, and artistry! You’re truly amazing! 😍 ______ Valentines Video from me and mine to you and yours ✨ [LINK IN BIO] ______ Shot and edited by the one and only @ryn_o 🤞🏽Thankful for you 🙏🏼 #SoGood #HappyValentines #KiandBri #DontBeLate #ForYourDate
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A day of love is a day explored through raw feelings. 🌹 Before valentines begins give yourself time to love and heal alone and then share it with others. (I valued most of my alone valentines nights which now allows me to enjoy Valentine’s Day even more with my baby. 🤞🏽) There is still Love around you....Why do you think I tell ya to get a snack! ✨ lol #LevndrivFeelz #February #Valentines #Foodie
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