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It’s #wundachairwednesday y’all! Excited to see what everyone has been working on with the chairs in lessons and personal workouts! I have been neglecting my swans, not by choice, since before my baby girlfriend arrived. I had some fairly serious complications from child birth that prevented me from doing these types of exercises. I haven’t even touched this exercise in almost 2 years. To me, this video is proof that the Pilates method works. I’ve been using other apparatus and other exercises to work on swan since I wasn’t able to do it - and yesterday...I got this! Was it easy? No. Was it perfect? Hell no. Doable? Absolutely. Thanks @russopilates for getting me #pilatesinspired 😘
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Just hanging out side of the studio imagining these pine trees are really palms, these amaryllis blooms in my hair are hibiscus and soaking up the February sun 🌺
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I can’t say enough good things about the foot corrector - it’s part of my daily routine. If you don’t use it regularly, try this little routine on both feet and report back! When I was in the middle of active Lyme disease treatment this apparatus helped me keep my range even though I couldn’t do much. Even though it just looks like a foot exercise it works the whole bod and you can feel the connection all the way up! Now if only they could make a super light, backpackable version of this sucker I’d take it on every hiking trip...until then, the toe corrector will do the trick!
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It’s #wundachairwednesday y’all! Use the hashtag or @ me or both so we can all be inspired by this whole big pilates community! If you haven’t checked it yet, my friend @rus@russopilates has a new tag to bring the community together : #pilatesinspired - this one is for you, @russopilates 😘😘
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Obsessed over this very first time handstand on the ladder barrel 👏 thanks for choosing me to be your teacher
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my assistant back in her tinier days😍
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It’s #wundachairwednesday y’all! Excited to see what everyone is working on! Use the hashtag or @ me or both! It is also another day to enter into the momentumfest contest! There are just a few days left to join in the @mom@mom@momentumfest insta contest to win a free ticket to momentum fest! Today’s theme is connection. I had to go deep into the archives for this pic! This was from either 2015 or 2016 during a continuing education with my teacher @redthreadranch_krn . I’m so thankful for my Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Training group. I’m so thankful to you, Kathi, for connecting us all! In this pic @juliet.clingan and I are working spine stretch on the wunda getting some excellent instruction from @whatsjancookin and @carolina_core_pilates . These women are amazing (and so is every single person in the PPATT group not pictured here). Connection is so important and I wouldn’t be the teacher I am today without y’all 🖤 Join the Momentum Fest Instagram challenge February 11-15 and be a part of our celebration of movement, community and fun! Here are the rules: You will post one picture or video per day showing us how you interpret each of these words in your movement practice and lifestyle: Monday - EXPLORATION Tuesday - FUN Wednesday - CONNECTION Thursday - STRENGTH Friday - CELEBRATION Use the hashtag #momentumfest so we can see all the fun you are having! Follow @momentumfest on Instagram and tag @momentumfest on every picture or video you post for the challenge in order to be considered. Get some friends to join you for the Instagram fun! We will announce the winner of the three day Momentum Fest pass in March!
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A little over a month away from the tower/Cadi workshop at the studio! I’m excited to see everyone - we are going to have a blast breaking down some of the tower and Cadi exercises like this one! I love the splits on the Cadillac (okay, okay I love the splits EVERYWHERE!). It’s the perfect ending to a hard workout!
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