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4 sleepless nights and 4 maddening days. This is our way to celebrate the Valentine's day. Sorry, @netflix_in Thank you to the entire team of @jugaadmotionpictures and @22feet_tribal to make it happen. Written by @oldmonkandcoke Directed - @molfarnist Shot by @malay_prakash Produced by @sahnipranit and @dnm_roots Edited by @vpralay Costumes by @sethsia Production Designer: Satya & Priya Hair & Make-up: @taskeen_c Chief AD: @outofthewwoods DA and storyboard: @thesuprstory 1st AD: @heemverma & @ashi2381 2nd AD: @dig@diggy1000 Casting: @jac@jackieramchandani Colorist: @christianleiva82 Sound design: Aditya Thakkar Line Producers: @pranav_puer_aeternus_shukla & @the_perks_of_being_anany Executive Producers: @haribala & @yashgonsai 1AC: @shubhamvs Thank you for your trust and coffee nights: @kashondelivery and @kanunni Cast: @aisharahmed, @pritkamani, @pripribanerjee, @diggy1000 , @jackieramchandani , @aktalkies , @rohitkamra , @armannagpal , Madhura Patil, Amrita George, Deveeka Sv, Sharvi Bhujbal.
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The only danger is to think that filmmaking is a single man/actors/director medium. It’s a collaboration. Always. Tough, annoying, inspiring. Each person worked on this music video contribute its own part. Without them it will be impossible to do. @thesuprstory without you the continuity of the Universe wouldn’t exist @heemverma can’t imagine a dance movement without you and crazy ideas, details noticed and hunted by your brain @yashgonsai you took care of our bodies, sets and souls. Even though we ordered an extra Starbucks cup. @jackieramchandani your eye always find right people despite of the mouth saying random things @the_perks_of_being_anany and @pranav_puer_aeternus_shukla always there, always finding solutions, houses, light men’s trucks, crazy landlords, making friends and enemies in the name of Jugaad. @kanishq_27 as we remember the knight is always the knight. In the shadows and in the beams of light. I always know where to find you and to be inspired by the cozy world you create around me. @gauravpf , the sound of each wooden bulk talks to me in your language. Language of sounds and whispers. @ashi2381, a flower in the middle of the war that always keeps our spirits up. @diggy1000 , randomn rap in between the takes something that makes us inspired, proud and exited for the next take. The lipsticks and dog balls always can be found by you even in the middle of the isolated Castaneda’s deserts @jade_bymk , always there to add the beauty, glamour and aesthetic depth to each frame of the narratives we weave with love. @gauravch097 for driving us, bringing the forgotten suitcases with the speed of light and finding the solution when no one in this reality can. @nupurnijhawan thank you for always supporting our ideas and feeling our vision even when it’s raining cats and dogs
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Date of the year: 11.10 Inspiration of the month: @jugaadmotionpictures Recce of the week: Koh Samui Hobby of the day: Night-Morning discussions on acting methods Memory of the hour: Family trips and 2019 in 3 years Biography of the moment: Antonioni Number of music videos: 8 Number of ads: 30 Number of feature scripts: 2 Number of web series scripts: 1 Completion date: @dnm_roots Next year. Jumping from the cloud cliffs. Diving into the invisible caves. Dissolving in the changes. 👗@jade_bymk 📽@adityavarmaarts
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This music video is something very special to the entire team of @jugaadmotionpictures We were free to create, write, experiment, dance, cast and dream the way we wanted it. Thank you to each person who helped us to create a tiny world of vampires that are scared of the silver wedding gifts, of huge lehengas ready to attack you and the madness that’s happening on the first morning after the wedding. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @dnm_roots - your brain gave the birth to this music video, to this concept and to the vampires diaries. 😈 @adityavarmaarts despite my color blindness you have recreated this beauty. 📽 @svkhanna I’m changing my views on the taste. Without you I can’t imagine this video to be like this. ❤ @vedikapinto I remember the first day. And the last. And the middle one. And the back day. And the feet day. And the mehendi night. I can’t imagine this to be without you. Ever. @vpralay there are so many posts to be posted about your work and this is just the first one. No, the second one. Actually the third. Or more. Thank you for this perfect cut. @vizdumb you inspire us to think and to execute all the madness we have inside and outside our heads. @ankkieee_07 and @amitsharma124 thank you for your production design and accomodating our mad, last minute changes. @sethsia you know my love for your taste, your costume design and your dedication for each detail of styling. @preetinagdev_mua it’s very rare when the hair and makeup can tell the story in a film. And it tells, sings and whispers. Thank you for your magical brushes. @tamannat_ from the moment we discussed the choreography and the moment I saw the first take I knew we achieved what we had in mind. It couldn’t be better. Thank you for each moment you spent with us during these mad times and for being a perfect not just a choreographer but a DA that saved our continuity various times. @reason_fauj thank you for breaking our bodies and minds with your krump choreography. @outofthewwoods welcome the chief AD work and to the ungratefulness that comes with it @sahnipranit without your back this film wouldn’t be possible. And post production supervision. And... The list to be continued.
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We are excited to present the music video for "𝗕𝗼𝗺𝗯𝗮𝘆 𝗗𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗺𝘀" by 𝗞𝗦𝗛𝗠𝗥, directed by our very own, supremely talented Pranit Sahni [ @sahnipranit ], and shot by Kaushal [ @kaushal_dp ]. KSHMR, one of the most celebrated and top DJS in the world, and the Indian EDM bossman @loststoriesmusic combine their unique production styles to create an enchanting house anthem, paired with the sweet vocals of award winning playback singer @sethkavita. Thank you for the entire team of @jugaadmotionpictures that made it possible. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Cast: Akshat Singh & Anandi Sanghi Directed & Produced by: Pranit Sahni DOP: Kaushal Shah Editor: Pralay Valanju Creative Producer: Dar Gai & Dheer Momaya
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Sometimes it’s just about emotions and magical coincidences when the camera edits by itself to match the duration of the song. One of my favorite videos, - “Into the night”🐈 And the song that follows me during all my trips, @prateekkuhad 🎪 Eternal love for @zyhssn and @jimsarbhforreal Watch it on YouTube. Link in Bio. #intothenight #prateekkuhad #jugaadmotionpictures #musicvideo #adityavarmaarts
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The freedom of choice starts from the Kant’s second Critique and travels through my desires, crankiness, random thoughts in the middle of the night and the idea that sometimes I can choose to be happy. Sometimes I choose to fall sick. Sometimes I choose not to dance. Sometimes I choose to dance. And sometimes I choose to be seen in the reflection of the fridges. #Repost @jade_bymk ・・・ Perhaps @molfarnist most shining quality is her versatility - the effortless grace with which she not only glides through various roles in life, but also in matters of style. At once both playful and poignant, intense and sprightly - her clothes convey her multifaceted persona. Case in point - this pink and white ensemble by Monica & Karishma. Photo - @adityavarmaarts Jewellery - @misho_designs #jadebymonicaandkarishma #mkcouture#ExpressThroughCouture #indianheritage #handcrafted #heritageweaves #womenpower #jadecouture #indiancouture #couture #11yearsofJADE #WomenEmpoweringWomen#womenpower #Global
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#Repost @jade_bymk ・・・ Filmmaker, actor, model, activist, teacher - @molfarnist dons multiple feathers in her hat and she wears each of them with finesse and confidence. The Ukranian talent powerhouse moved to India 8 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. From taking on some of the most interesting and thought-provoking projects to a stubborn refusal to conform to norms - she moves with confidence, poise and gumption. And her style reflects this too. She lets us into her sartorial language in ‘Express Through Couture’. 💇‍♀️HMU - @jeanclaudebiguineindia 📷Photo - @adityavarmaarts 💍Jewellery - @misho_designs #jadebymonicaandkarishma #mkcouture#ExpressThroughCouture #indianheritage #handcrafted #heritageweaves #womenpower #jadecouture #indiancouture #couture #11yearsofJADE #WomenEmpoweringWomen#womenpower #Global
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