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#ShuDeal_partner | And one day she woke up and decided to live her life based on alignment, passion, and possibility. ✨ #MoxieeStyle • • • Shoes: @shudeal997 Photographer: @lunarkris Styling: @m.inahsa Designer: @yikstyles #Sponsored #ShuDealAmbassador #SDBA_MoxieeD #ImmaShuDealAmbassador #springshoes #shoejunkie
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#ShuDeal_partner | Heyy guys it’s #FashionFriday and I’m coming to you with a mini serious for IGTV where i discuss some of my favorite brands. First up @shudeal997 ‼️ #Sponsored #ShuDealAmbassador #SDBA_MoxieeD #ImmaShuDealAmbassador #fallshoes #shoejunkie
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So this past week I got a chance to get super cute for #gameday like I use to a few years back. It felt different this go pressure to be EXTRA cuteeee just however I was feeling in the moment would reflect my choice of style genre. And there is NO SHAME in my game...i know i wore my camo shorts twice and each time was a LEWKKKK ..excited to show you guys how to do game days but the MOXIEE WAYYY 🖖🏾💕 #MoxieeStyle
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A tale of two beauties, may they be #fierce while remaining a #classic | Queen and Queen 👑 #MoxieeStyle • • • • Photographer: @_capturedbyjacob_ Styling: @mox@moxieedstylings Models: @lexinthebox @moxieed
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The PASSION in our eyes says so much | Queen and Queen ✨ #MoxieeStyle • • • • Photographer: @_capturedbyjacob_ Styling: @mox@moxieedstylings Models: @lexinthebox @moxieed
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Merry Christmas from my family to yours 🎄❤️ Yesterday I literally was just enjoying every moment with my family | I had to take a social media break to just ENJOY them and all the memories made ✨ #MoxieeStyle
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