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This is my last day in Iceland today, and after a month of exploring the country, I’m leaving with a new feeling, the feeling that this place is starting to feel like home. This image is the result of 5 days of coming back to the location and scouting, imagining the image I want, executing the difficult panorama and about 8 hours of editing. It’s hard to explain how much work goes into a single image, but this one really took a lot of energy to accomplish. It was also a huge chance to catch the northern lights right above the Vestahorn mountain and an incredible thing to witness. I started to shoot my panorama and left it unfinished when the lights started to dance at blue hour. I got crazy and started to shoot the lights only. A bit later that night I realized I completely forgot a part of the pano so I’d have to find a way to put the pieces together in post. The foreground and mountains is a 7 shot panorama shot at 75mm, 4 seconds, f5.6, iso 320 and taken with the 70-200 f2.8 GM + A7riii The sky was taken at 12mm, 13 sec, f4 and iso 2000. Taken with the 12-24f4 G + a7riii @sonyalpha #sonyalpha #alphacollective #bealpha
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Half way between Peru and my dreams Life is fragile, so fragile. I urge anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable in their lives to make a change and take actions. Remember, you CAN control your thoughts and actions. You CAN control how you deal with adversity. You CAN choose to have positive thoughts towards yourself and others. With a little practice of course 🤗 And once you realize it and put it in practice, you can experience...Freedom. That’s the key And that’s how I feel when I look at this image. About the image Multiples shots taken during a long trek in Peru last June. I’ll be leading a workshop again over there this year where I’ll teach everyone about landscape photography, night photography, editing and digital art. Composite created from : Drone Panorama shot with the Mavic 2 pro Single images shot with @sonyalpha a7riii + 16-35 f2.8 Imported in Lightroom, assembled in Photoshop and edited in Lightroom @gosselinphoto #gosselinphoto
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Today is like any other day. But I’m tuning 30. It’s just number which doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s just a little reminder of where my newly acquired wrinkles come from. But please resist the envy to wish me happy Bday. Instead, take that 10 seconds of your time and think about someone around you that might feel lonely or in need of love, and do a little something for that person. A little Facebook message, text, handwritten card, a surprise visit, anything that might help them feel better. Although I appreciate the birthday wishes, I’m lucky enough to have a loving family and partner and I feel fulfilled with that. I really don’t want to use this social media to benefit me today so please do something for someone else. Love y’all 💙 About this image, I chose to share this one because it’s my favourite from 2019. To me it represents hard work, creative vision and personal style. It also makes me laugh, when I hear some yellow jackets haters 😂. Small people in big landscapes will always be the perfect representation of pure freedom and humility to me and I’ll keep doing it no matter what.
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I gave myself the challenge to create an interesting image out of a pretty average foreground and non-existent atmosphere and get out of my comfort zone for the composition. I hope this one speaks to you! Continuing with my workshops in Patagonia, the one in Torres Del Paine is almost sold ont and I have a few spots left for El Chalten. This image is one of the many places we’ll visit in El Chalten. The Chalten Workshop is non-stop photographic opportunities with sunrise sunsets and night on almost every day. Even if we will do a total of 6 days of trekking, you don’t need to be an athlete to participate since we only walk a few KM’s per day with our backpack. Last year I had Cindy, a 70-years old woman with almost no trekking experience who was able to carry all her camping gear, camera gear and food with no problems, if you read this Cindy you are my life goal 😂💪🏼 Don’t hesitate to drop me a DM if you have any questions:) Gear used: Sony A7riii, Sony 16-35 f2.8 @sonyalpha #alphacollective #sonyalpha #alphafemale In-field and editing techniques : Focus Stacking, Focal Length Blending, Exposure Blending, Compositing, Warpping
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The Ultimate Patagonia Photography Workshop is OUT! 2 separated workshops, choose one or join us for both! This year, I’m doing it bigger, better and longer with TWO photography workshops to cover more locations and give you the ultimate experience of Patagonia. These will be co-led by my good friend @tyl@tylekki who spent 80 days exploring the region. The workshop starts in El Chalten where we will trek, chase the light non-stop, sleep under the stars and immerse ourselves completely into nature. The adventure continues in Torres Del Paine in an all-included setting where we’ll spend 4 nights in luxurious domes at the world-renown @ecocamp On top of bringing you to the best photography locations, I will teach you all my secrets in the field and show you my personal editing techniques during our multiple post-processing sessions and presentations. You’ll also learn about shooting and edit time lapses with @tylekki. Patagonia is my most popular workshop, so don’t wait too long to sign up! Applications close on February 1st 2020. Link in bio!
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I asked the group to leave at 11:30 pm in the night to hopefully shoot the night sky at that viewpoint. The 3.5 hour hike in the rain wasn’t too bad, but once we reached the spot at 3 am I realized we’d have to wait in the cold, all soaked for about 4 hours and not being able to shoot the stars because of the heavy clouds. It was that kind of time when I felt we needed to give it a go but turns out it might not have been the best decision 🤪 So our guide gave us an emergency blanket and we waited in -5 degrees until sunrise. All frozen, soaked and miserable. Sunrise wasn’t the most epic but we decided to wait a bit. I gave my drone to @hiltondavila so he could take some shots. Unfortunately the fog made it hard to fly and he had to land the drone down there, next to the big blue lake. So he had no choice but going down to get it, and up again. While Hilton was running for his life, I took this panorama and a self-portrait to show the scale of the scene. This was only the beginning of the day and we still had another 3-4 hours of walking including a pass at 4800 meters. It was the most difficult day but also the most rewarding. That trip in Peru that was my absolute favorite and had a huge impact on myself. I’d say it was a life-changing experience and made me realize I strong I am, mentally and physically. I also made lifelong friends 👫 If you’d like to join me next year on my photography workshop we’ll be visiting that spot at sunrise. And don’t worry we won’t wait in the freezing cold for 4 hours 😂 :) Link in Bio! @gosselinphoto #gosselinphoto
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Where to start with this one... This was on day 6 of our 7-day trek in Peru last June. I had envisioned this image way before getting into the country and got inspired by @maxrivephotography after seeing his images from there. It was important for me to create images that reflected my own style and creative vision, but that involved getting to most spots at blue hour, which means leaving most of the time around 2-3am to start the hike. The ascension wasn’t that long, maybe 2-3 hours but it was very steep. We arrived at the pass one hour before sunrise and we still had to get down where the cactuses were. All I can say is that getting down in the dark on an extremely slippery and steep slope like this without a guide would have been quite dangerous for someone who doesn’t know the area. So we made our way down in the dark and arrived at that viewpoint around blue hour. I shot the scene in a hurry, catching the last blue light before sunrise. The last part to get down wasn’t any easier and we were relieved to arrive at camp and take some rest. My friend @bilal_photography slept somewhere between 14-16 hours and I thought he was dead for a moment 😂. I think that’s why it took me so much time to process this one, knowing all the physical work behind it, I wanted to make sure it was at a level that represented well all the hard work I put in. Hopefully it does that. This is one of the spots we’ll be visiting next year in June during my photography workshop. - 3 spots left, link in bio! Shot on Sony a7riii + 16-35 f2.8 GM Foreground and mountains : 23 mm, 1/8, f16, iso 800 Sky : 3 shot panorama at 16mm, 20 sec, f3.2, iso 4000 @sonyalpha #sonyalpha #alphacollective
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*Dreams of Iceland* Gear is the #1 question I get for my work. If I had only one lens to use for my trips I’d select the Sony 16-35 f2.8 GM every time. About 90% of my landscape photos are with this lens. Its sharpness is absolutely incredible and its maximum aperture of f/2.8 makes it the perfect lens for astrophotography. I absolutely love the versatility of this lens for more advanced techniques such as focal length blending for which I shoot my foreground at 16mm and background at 35mm without having to change the lens. I can also take a shot at 16mm and take a quick panorama at 35mm and have both options with this one lens. For this composite I used the a7riii + 16-35 f2.8 for the foreground and the 24-70 f2.8 GM for the sky. Foreground : 1/1000, f4, iso 125 Sky : 8sec, f2.8, iso 3200 @sonyalpha #bealpha #aicdoesiceland
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