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"A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles." -------------------------------------- Agi @equitness and I @nancycastiglioni spent such fantastic quality time together at the @pilatesfestivalindia I'm beyond grateful for our friendship and for the time we had together in India and Dubai and the experiences we shared while there. Here we are photograped by hugely talented and all around great guy Tomas @tfalenta in our @kdwapparel travel suits. -------------------------------------- These travel suits are the absolute best travel wear ever!! Please feel free to use my code NancyCasti20 for discount. They are truly wow! -------------------------------------- Un viaje se mide mejor en amigos más que en millas. En esta foto estamos con Agi Falenta en la India en nuestros respectivos enteritos de KDW Apparel. Tan agradecida de tener esta amistad y poder haber disfrutado juntas de increíbles experiencias en la India y Dubai. -------------------------------------- #kdwapparel #iwearkdw #pilatesinstructor #pilatesclass #pilatesworkshop #pilatesfestivalindia #yasminkarachiwala @yasminkarachiwala #pilatesindia #india #kerala
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❤️ Milan, Italy!! Here I go. ❤️ #Repost @pilates_sarpi with @get_repost ・・・ SAVE THE DATE!!! May 9th , 2020 The fabulous Nancy Castiglioni @nancycastiglioni will be in Milan for a brand new Workshop 😍💪❤️!!! Getting PHIIT with Nancy! a Pilates High Intensity Interval Training workshop with Nancy Castiglioni Learn how to you create a PHIIT class to work out the entire body. Design an invigorating, fun, challenging and upbeat class combining high intensity interval training with traditional Pilates moves. Some clients can't jump? No worries. There are modifications for all cardio moves that will still get everyone's heart rate going and get them sweating and burning calories. Nancy Castiglioni will also be at our studio for 2 "All about the flow" Masterclasses of 90 minutes each: two Pilates lessons that will allow us to combine together classic Pilates exercises to build fluid and fun sequences, both for us and for our students. ————————————————— Scopri come creare una classe PHIIT (Pilates High Intensity Interval Training) per allenare l'intero corpo 💪 Crea una classe corroborante, divertente, stimolante e piena di ottimismo, che combina l'allenamento ad intervalli ad alta intensità con i movimenti tradizionali del Pilates. se alcuni clienti non possono saltare? Nessun problema! Per tutte le sequenze cardio sono previste modifiche che faranno comunque aumentare la frequenza cardiaca, facendo sudare e bruciare calorie. Nancy Castiglioni sarà presso il nostro studio anche per condurre 2 Masterclass da 90 minuti ciascuna, dal titolo “All about the flow”: una lezione di Pilates che ci permetterà di combinare tra loro esercizi di Pilates classico per costruire delle sequenze fluide e divertenti per noi e per i nostri allievi. For more info DM or write an email to [email protected] 🙏🏻. —- #pilates #pilatesmatwork #pilateslovers #workshop #pilatesworkshop #intervaltraining #car#cardioworkout #cardio #masterclass #milano #italy #2020 #pilatessarpi
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A flow originally by @cesarangelinopilates and me, done with @f.l@f.l.ypilates at the Pilates Festival India after my workshop on Variations, Progressions, Transitions and Flows on the Mat there. Loved flowing with you! Grateful for your beautiful words. Thank you Tomas for the video! 💙 ------------------------------------- #Repost @f.l.ypilates with @get_repost ・・・ TO LIVE A CREATIVE LIFE,WE MUST LOOSE OUR FEAR OF BEING WRONG- JOSEPH CHILTON PEARCE ☺️.. The First lesson of Pilates Festival by @nancycastiglioni😍♥️ ... Endless thank you For Teaching us the Value Of Flow Pilates..😊 Get to the Mat And Move💯 . Endless Thank you for this video, 🙏😍😍😍 The forever memories ❤️.. I Can't take my eyes off of You When you Flow beautifully ♥️ I Can't take my mind off of You When You teach soulfully♥️. . Thank you @yasminkarachiwala @pilatesfestivalindia for Spreading knowledge of being FIT .. through PILATES FESTIVAL 3.0 💯.. . Thank you @tfalenta for filming the video 🙏you are amazing . #flypilates🤸 #pilatesfestivalindia #pfi2020 #Pfi3 #mat #matflow#matmovement #matpilates #flo#flowtes #flow #movement ------------------------------------- Un flow originalmente creado por Cesar Angelino y yo y filmado ahora conmigo por una participante del congreso en la India donde dicté clases y talleres.
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I URGE YOU TO TRAVEL As far and as much as possible Work ridiculous shifts to save your money Go without the latest iPhone Throw yourself out of your comfort zone Find out how other people live And realize that the world is a much bigger place than the city you live in And when you come home Home may still be the same And yes, you may go back to the same old job But something in your mind will have shifted And trust me, that changes EVERYTHING ----------------------------------------- What an amazing experience it has been to be able to travel to Dubai and India to teach my classes and workshops. Incredibly happy about it all!!! Thank you for inviting and hosting me @yasminkarachiwala @pilatesfestivalindia Special thanks to my awesome colleagues @equitness @sianmarshallpilates @judypilates @toranerrol @annktoran and to everyone who participated! Many more photos and videos in my stories Photo by the fabulous @paola_mindbodysoul So grateful for our friendship. Huge thanks to @tfalenta for editing my photo and mainly for sharing the laughs and good times with us crazy ladies!! ----------------------------------------- Te recomiendo viajar Tan lejos como sea posible Trabaja turnos ridículos para ahorrar dinero Arreglatelas sin el último iPhone Ve fuera de tu zona de confort Descubre cómo viven otras personas Y date cuenta de que el mundo es un lugar mucho más grande que la ciudad donde vives Y cuando vuelvas a casa Tu hogar puede seguir siendo el mismo Y sí, puedes volver al mismo trabajo de siempre Pero algo en tu mente habrá cambiado Y confía en mí, eso cambia TODO ----------------------------------------- #pil#pilates #pil#pilatesstrong #nancycastiglioni Palabras de @tri@tripotocommunity #pilates #pilatesstrong #pilatesinstructor #pilatesclass #pilatesworkshop #pilatesfestivalindia #pilatesdubai #pilatesindia Words by @tripotocommunity
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For @pilatestv @korayyagmur Open Leg Rocker - #ope#openlegrockeray This exercise develops pelvic stability and core control, coordination and balance and improves scapular stability. -------------------------------------- Este ejercicio por si solo desarrolla estabilidad pélvica y control del centro, coordinación y equilibrio y mejora la estabilidad escapular. -------------------------------------- #openlegrocker #pilates TV #pilatesinstructor #pilatesclass #moveoftheday #fullbodyworkout #homeworkout #homeexercises
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Pilates Festival India!!! Jumping with excitement about teaching for the first time in India! Can't wait to get started alongside @equitness @yasminkarachiwala @sianmarshallpilates @judypilates @pilatesfestivalindia @toranerrol @annktoran Thank you @shaaziaq for the video!! #pilatesfestivalindia #pil#pilatesindia #pilatesindia #pilatesclass #pilatesworkshop
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👑 I N D I A 2 0 2 0 ! 👑 Thrilled to be presenting at the @pilatesfestivalindia for the first time alongside such a star-filled, talented line-up. 💙 The best location @theravizkovalam for my first trip to India, the best hostess @yasminkarachiwala, the most wonderful Pilates friends @equitness @sianmarshallpilates @judypilates! We cannot wait to meet you all tomorrow... LET THE PILATES FESTIVAL INDIA 3.0 BEGIN!! 💎🌟💎 Photo by the awesome @tfalenta #pilatesindia #pilatesfestivalindia #pilatesinstructor #pilatesworkshop #pilatesclass #yasminkarachiwala
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Movement is life!!! After a long flight and an even longer layover in New York on my way to Dubai and India a few days ago, what better than to meet my dearest friend and fantastic instructor @zoefeldmanpilates and take a private at her studio after lunch, coffee and lots of chatting? So grateful Zoe! This felt amazing to my tired tight body. ❤️ ------------------------------------ El movimiento es vida! Qué mejor que una clase privada después de un almuerzo, café y mucha charla con mi querida amiga y fantástica instructora Zoe Feldman en Nueva York después de un largo vuelo y aún más larga espera? Tan agradecida! ------------------------------------ #pushrthrough #fullswan #pushthroughcadillac #cadillacpilates #pilatescadillac #pilatesusa #pilatesinstructor #pilatesclass
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