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Never thought I鈥檇 buy a BMW but this car actually slaps 2020 M5 Competition (Bought it 3-4 months ago but I forgot to post it)
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3 years ago today 馃槀 if you didn鈥檛 know a cute lil mustang driver totaled my R8. I remember being heart broken at the time but since then I realized material is material and things come and go. Memes are forever though.
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RIP Legend. your music has helped me in more ways than you鈥檇 ever know. We lost a special one. So young and so talented. You鈥檒l never be forgotten
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RIP @not_nordan Idk why Instagram deleted my account. So we still on our sad boi vibes 馃槥馃馃徎馃*+***+*******+***+*
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I was so sad here 馃槥馃馃徎馃+*+*+**++
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Uh ha haaaaa,.. don鈥檛 follow @not_nordan PLEASE.
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