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Everything good in abundance. Our Rebels and Outlaws Law of Attraction Candle is inspired and created with all good intention to bring abundance and help you manifest all that is magical. The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It uses the power of the mind amd heart to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. This fresh herbal candle is created and conjured to allow all abundance into your life and help you let go of the negative. It is magical in bringing money and wealth to your wallet and health to your home as well as breaking strings of bad luck. #lawofattraction #prosperity #candlemagic #greencandle
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New Moon magic. The new moon is the ideal time to sage and clear and cleanse with burning bundles. Today in using mugwort, sage and sweetgrass to release and rejuvenate.
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Our love @libbeylazarus in magical with skin. We love the way she uses our @rebelsandoutlaws Potions to prepare and provide an unforgettable experience for her clients. Our potions can be used to smudge space, freshen bed linens or refreshing the face or body while protecting the energy of the client and caregiver. #esthetician #potions #smudgespray #toner
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Morning Rituals. @rebelsandoutlaws Potion to protect and prepare. Our potions can be used to smudge space, freshen bed linens or refreshing the face or body to bring 🌹 🍃 🌹 This concoction is prepared  to help the user feel confident in breaking the rules and finding their own voice with courage and conviction. Spray on damp skin, smudge the room, mist on brushes or work station to summon the fearlessness to break through.  Prepared with the power of  Rose Oil to reduce fear, summon power and empower love, Sage for longevity, wisdom, protection and the granting of wishes.and balanced with Frankincense to purify, and lavender to encourage. Witchhazel gets its name from being commonly used to craft divination rods and is ideal here for protection, healing and finding your own power.  Finished with it amethyst, and moonstone for an excellent focal point for the mysteries and meditations in any spiritual matter, it is rebirth. Amethyst helps to cleanse, purify and heal the mind, body and spirit. Moonstone has been used in magic for centuries and will aid you in your journey to yourself. Peppercorn is an ideal herb for building protection, strength, confidence, and the  inventiveness essentials for rebel girls and boys. #rebelsandoutlawsnyc #potions #rosewater #sage #smudgespray
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So we make our choices When there is no choice And we listen to their voices Ignoring our own voice Eucalyptus for preparation of our @rebelsandoutlaws #soothsayersandstorytellers candle poured and prepared under this brilliant waning crescent. This is the perfect time of the month to look back to what you have accomplished during the past month, what mistakes you made and how you can improve and keep growing. Perform rituals of gratitude and relaxation, which indicate conclusion. Eucalypts represents clear voice, clear vision, leadership, clarity, goals, focus and healing. Eucalyptus will increase energy and boost the immune system, healing and cleansing the body and provide rejuvenation and connection. Get ready my Sister's of the moon. #eucalyptus #waningcrescdnt #candlemagic
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Strengthen your connection. 🖤🖤🖤 Thank you @sin@sinnarith Reposted from @sinnarith OBSESSED with my new favorite candle! 💯💯💯🤩 If you guys haven’t tried one of these candles by @rebelsandoutlaws, you need to try them! Both beautiful and empowering. Starting my 2020 with one of these has me feeling 💯! -“Strengthen Your Connection Invoke wisdom, honor and strengthen your connection with the unseen realms. Purple candles enhance spiritual activities and increase your magical powers.” #energy #love #peace #cadles #art #inspire #beauty #believe #goodvibes #goodtimes #happynewyear - #regrann
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The Memento Mori contains a special combination of oils to trigger the memories of love and those we have lost. Each of these oils carries significance in honoring and celebrating a loved one (while putting attention to the feelings of those of us “left behind”). Today would be my Grandmother's Birthday. A woman who taught me so much about the person I wanted to be. In her memory I have developed our Rebels and Outlaw's Sacred Ceremony Candle in Memento Mori. A candle to help my circle remember that even when our loved ones are not here with us, they are with us. I dedicate the first light to my Non. May perpetual light shine upon them. Memento Mori. Amor Vincit Omnia Memento Mori translated literally means 'Remember To Die'. Over time it has become a reminder of mortality. Our own life and those who have left before us. Amor Vincit Omnia reminds us that 'Love Conquers All' and that we hold those dearest to us in our heart and minds forever. #mementomori #rebelsandoutlaws #candlemagic
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