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“I went to space and ain't ever gon' come back to Earth, they gonna throw a lil' salt” Set New Standards for yourself and Get Better Today! Shirt: @gbt_merch 📸: @doohannohan #GetBetterToday #NewStandards
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🚨 BENCH PR 🚨 Y’all know the vibes.. I had to step in be gym and act up today. I hit 410lbs186kg for a set of 3 (1st video) after moving 405lbs/183.5kg for my 1st set of 3 (2nd video) rather easily. Maaaaaaan... we really heatin up! 🎥: @doohannohan #GetBetterToday #NewStandards #BigBenchRuss
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CowboyRuss is checking tf in 🤠🇨🇱 Huuuuge bench day with 385lbs/174.5kg for a set of 5. Y’all gonna have to start calling me BigTexRuss or something. I swear I won’t know how to act if my bench takes off lmaoooo 🎥: @doohannohan #GetBetterToday #NewStandards #CowboyRuss #BigTexRuss
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Today was a solid Monday workout. Bench is on 🔥 right now so I’m taking full advantage of it. 430lbs/195kg has NEVER looked this smooth. I also had back downs with 315lbs/143kg for sets of 7. I followed bench up with some slight work for chest & triceps. I have the workout down below for those who want to try it out for themselves! Vol. 3 of my workout program is coming soon 👀 1. DB Floor Press - 3X10 2. DB Overhead Press - 4X10 3. Machine Chest Press - 3X12 4. Single Arm Tricep Ext - 4X10 🎥: @doohannohan #GetBetterToday #NewStandards #BigBenchRuss #Sheffield2020
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The strength is creeping back! I was shocked at hitting 365lbs/165.5kg for an AMRAP set of 5 yesterday. Friday’s are usually my struggle days on bench but I think @marthasxox transferred some of her strength to me 😂 Today I hit a very solid paused squat single with 625lbs/283kg and followed that up with a conservative 545lbs/245kg for my final set of 5. Thank you @lithium_strength for the hospitality and AMAZING gym. I want to make this meet in Sheffield my best one yet! Lets mf go! #GetBetterToday #NewStandards #ValleyBoyz #InTheJsTho #CalibrateTheseNuts
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The Get Better Today hoodies & long sleeves are live! Click the link in my bio to shop NOW! 📸: @doohannohan #GetBetterToday
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This is what a typical “powerbuilding” workout looks like for me. I do a “bodybuilding” workout after smashing my heavy compound movement for the day! I hit 4 second hold with 680lbs on deadlift and followed it up with a big body back workout! Vol. 3 of my powerbuilding program will be dropping before the year is over so be on the lookout 👀 Save and like this post so you can try it on your own later! 1. Heavy deadlift workout 2. Seated Cable Row - 3X8-10 3. Machine Row (Standing) - 4X8 4. Incline DB Row - 3X8 5. Rope Pullover - 4X10 🎥: @doohannohan #GetBetterToday #NewStandards
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