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Me seeing all these guys benching 405 and deadlifting 700 trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong😂 Time to step my game up for real✊ • Hope everyone’s having a chill, productive Sunday! Less than a week till the @bpnsupps pop up shop in LA haha pumped to see everyone and for some warmer weather🙌
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Finished up the first full training week of college nationals prep this week, got a new gym membership, starting to get into the flow of school this semester✊solid week, Hope everyone has a solid Friday man🔥
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If I hit a 700 lb. deadlift this year, does that mean a two-hand dunk could be coming?🤔Probably not but that would still be kinda cool though😂
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They say your biceps and calves are supposed to be about the same size, but that can’t be true since my calves are way bigger🤔😂 • Tank & joggers: @alphalete code DENGLER Necklace: @zephyrcollectionusa code DENGLER🔥
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Pretty productive Tuesday today, working on some things behind the scenes🙌decided to just go ahead and get the gym membership at Beyond Limits Training today. If we can’t film at Ohio State, gotta adapt and find another way around it😤
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Today was DAY 1, officially the first day of prep for collegiate nationals at Penn State🔥 crazy excited for this thing man! • Who would wanna see some sort of a YouTube series over the next 2-3 months on the road to nationals? Think it could be a pretty lit series😤
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Been doing this thing for almost 6 years now, crazy how far you can come🙌still crazy motivated even 6 years later because there’s always something to improve on, always looking to get stronger, and always looking to compete✊that’s what it’s all about man!
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BIGG gym day today had AMRAPs for deadlift and bench today, which went pretty well😤 Deadlift: 545 lbs x 9 reps Comp. Bench: 305 lbs x 7.5 Well take it for now, but we got more in the tank for sure man✊ hope everyone has a Good Friday night!
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