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This little elf is ready for Christmas 馃巹 #stolewifespost #SMACbaby #1stChristmas
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Congrats @aliana8o8 for winning our 5 week Pre-Thanksgiving challenge with @nutrishoppasadena. Impressive discipline since @kkellizz and @munchkinlee tried hard to tempt you the whole time with junk food. #SMACtraining #winner #fitfortheholidays
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Faves 馃ぃ rawr xd 馃挭馃槑 #SMACtraining #youngathletes #soccertraining #aclprevention
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How do you get faster? Running long distances WILL MAKE YOU SLOW! We use lots of short sprints to develop speed and work on proper mechanics. Sled pushes help to reinforce the forward lean position in sprinting and allow athletes to develop lower body strength in a very safe manner. #SMACtraining #youngathletes #startthemyoung #developgoodhabits #masterthebasics #slowfeetdonteat @brandons__3
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How early can kids start lifting weights? 11-12 is perfect as long as you're smart about it. We use a box to help with depth and heel raise to make the movement easier. Bench press is easier than push ups since the weight is considerably lighter and all boys want to bench. There's a lot of other specific modifications we make so young athletes the basics so they can begin getting stronger and developing their athletic abilities. I'll be posting all week the different training methods and modifications we use for young athletes. This doesn't mean we only use these with middle school athletes, if a high school or college athlete comes in with no experience this is where we start. #SMACtraining #youngathletes #middleschool #startthemyoung #developgoodhabits #masterthebasics
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Happy 1st Mother's Day! Jacob is truly lucky to have you as his mama. Happy Mother's Day to my mom who made me into the man I am today.
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A few more people pushing people. Sorry if you don't make it, it's cuz I don't have a good picture of you. Send me one and I'll post it! #SMACfamily #grateful
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Last week was SMAC 7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! I've been a little distracted welcoming my little man into the world. Thank you to everyone who has pushed the sled over these 7 years. Opening SMAC was my 2nd best idea (proposing to @ctwills #1) #SMACfamily #grateful
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