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we are all one ❤️
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The pod #sensorium1
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• The pod •• The reason why I have decided to build a custom pod was because it had to have two phases (as you can see there are two bases one smaller one, one bigger) The first phase, which is the one with the smaller base is where people meditated, the second phase where they saw their live 📊 data ✨📱When the fabric was installed, phase 1 & phase 2 were separated by a curtain; so it was like a room within another room ◼️◾️
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#sen#sensorium1 tracks heart variability data (time & distance between each heart beats) 📱The biofeedback is reflected back to the audience as LED lights. They can see their pulse as flashing lights and their emotional states through the different colours of the spectrum ••• from blue • to red ••• Blue means that you are calm 🧘🏻‍♂️ Some people have experienced a rainbow of colours & everyone's data was unique ••• but only 4 people out of 323 who have experienced #sensorium1 were able to keep the room blue for the whole experience (4 minutes) 🧬 I wonder what is their secret 🧐 I wish I had more time with my users to further analyze the data points 📊
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🧬 Biofeedback shows us what is happening in our bodies that we might not be aware ••• It teaches us to be body aware and to take control of our bodies. Do you take a few moments in your day to be present in your body? Do you know how to relax your body? You can learn to relax yourself by doing a quick body scan that would only take 2 minutes of your time. Simply close your eyes, and starting from the top of your head, focus on each part of your body separately and try to be aware of every sensation you feel ✨
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It is scientifically 🧬 proven that new experiences create new connections in our brains, that contribute to the general knowledge that we have about things. The 🧠 brain consantly tries to connect • all • the • dots, and this is why experiences are transformative. This is why the creation of sensory experiences that make people present in the moment will be the beginning of healing our world, one step at a time. Introducing mindfulness as a way of experiencing, will create a chain of reaction that will lead to collective elevation ✨ The world is suffering and my responsibility is to keep remaining positive by expanding @sensoriumx & to continue to create transformative space experiences for a better future. (I don't know whose image this is, please let me know if you know) words by @orchestraofsensations
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✨✨✨✨✨ #sensorium1
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Back when @lesuperjean and I were installing the pod for the exhibition! Woaw. I absolutely had no idea how everything would come together, I just kept going and believed that everything was going to be okay and that I needed to trust my journey of creation ✨
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