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London, 2019.
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what would life look like if you knew how many days / years you have left? shot by me
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Imani, 2019 - shot by me
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Rarri 馃毥
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how are u feeling today ? 馃檭
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I didn鈥檛 start 2020 off by posting alot, but I do feel blessed. I know big things coming for me, even tho I don鈥檛 know how I鈥檒l get there yet. I just wanna thank y鈥檃ll for the support you鈥檙e giving me everyday. I鈥檓 surrounded by love everyday. Lately I haven鈥檛 had lot of time to do shoots for myself, but I always keep my cam with me wherever I go. 馃挄
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I love creating. It鈥檚 the only way I know how to be the happiest; to capture experiences, meeting new people and keep moving. I know that I鈥檓 satisfied when there鈥檚 a period that felt like a good book, and when it鈥檚 good you can鈥檛 stop reading until it鈥檚 over. Also sometimes life feels like reading a book you don鈥檛 even want to read, but you just have too. It鈥檚 the same with art. I can get really frustrated when I haven鈥檛 created for some time. and I blame myself for that. I know some artists, including me, who put a really high pressure on themselves, but for what??? I know I have something to offer. I don鈥檛 always know how to put it all out in this world. I am really tired of being hard on myself.
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Solace @issa_gold 馃挩
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