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Just taking a moment to take to appreciate where God is taking me! If you really know me & my story you’ll know it’s truly a blessing I’m standing here today. It’s crazy how your life can change in a year!! I always joke and say last year this time I was broke flipping Boxes @UPS & Look at me now doing what I love on National Television!! S/O to my OG @deionsanders for putting me in position to capture these priceless moments!! 2020 get ready we going to new levels this year!! #TrustGodNBetOnYourself
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On a mission tryna shift the culture 🎨🎨 #YoungVisionary
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Merry Christmas everybody!! Enjoy your loved ones & cherish those moments because they don’t last forever!! #Blessed
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Proud of the Young Goat @shedeursanders we handled business last night and secured the #3Pe#3Peat you put the work in all year to get to this point!! We been on tour All summer and this the final stop 😂💯 S/O to my OG @deionsanders for welcoming me into the @tcchfootball family it’s been a pleasure man I fell in love with the game again!! In the words of the GOAT himself “Content, Content, Content” Back to work Next week!! #3Peat #ShotsByLott
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Sometimes I get so caught up in work that I don’t appreciate the things that God is doing for me!! Major S/O to my OG @deionsanders for putting me in position to use my gift with my Work on a National Platform & S/O to @overtime @overtimepav for giving your boy some TV time! Lol Make sure you swipe I had to show them folks I could still move a lil Bit! #Primetime2.0 #ShotsByLott @shotsbylott
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The fact I'm still standing speaks volumes to my savages!!We lust lavishness and aim for extravagance!! #Blessed #ShotsByLott 7:30 CENT/ 8:30 EAST We live from ESPN2 #TuneIn @tcchfootball
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Officially a OG where I’m from!! Truly Blessed to be in this position!! I wouldn’t change anything about my story because everything I went through prepared me for the Life I live today!! Thank God for another Year!! Humble&Relentless! #TrustGodNBetOnYou #ShotsByLott #CountryLott😂
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Major S/O to my boy @jalenramsey definitely a real one!! This summer has been amazing 🙅🏾‍♂️🧢 #JagNation don’t worry he ain’t going nowhere either even if we have to Start a Go-Fund-me to pay him!!! 😂😂 Stay tuned Major content Otw with #CB1!! 🎥🎥 #PayThatMan @jaguars #ShotsByLott
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