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~ He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge ▼ If yesterday's post sparked some inspiration but perhaps might be biting off more than you can chew, today's posts might have some jewels you can use to prepare for and consider addressing in order to be more successful in moments of #fitspiration The following were inspired by @coachzachdeck Do check his page! ▼ ✓ Eccentric pushups on the knees - focus on scapular retraction and depression and pull the floor to the chest (vs lowering to the floor) ✓ Scapular retractions with shoulder extension and elbow hinges/tricep extension ✓ Segmented spine flexion from head to tailbone - makes for better core control ~•~ When these movements have full control, range and strength spice it up with these progressions ~•~ ✓ Eccentric pushups ✓ Weighted scapular retractions with shoulder extension elbow hinges with external rotation to ABDuction ✓ Segmented spine to down dog which can translate to pike ▼ In the end though, joint independence before interdependence which is what all these movements require. So be sure your ish works like it should even before the more basic flow in the interest of your body. See previous posts for more or find an FRC trainer 👍🏼 . . . . . #functionalrangeconditioning #functionalrangecontrol #JointHealth #MSWN #pilatesteacher #FRCms #pilatesstudio #mobilityandpilates #corecontrol #scapularmobility #pilatesworkout #workoutideas #fitnessinspo #fullbodyworkouts #pilatesstrong #pilatesfit #fitmomma
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~ 👁️ 🄲 👇🏼~ ❤️ 𝓗𝓪𝓹𝓹𝔂 Palentine's Day to all my awesome Fitness and #Pilatespal 's I'm so grateful to have a #fitnesscommunity who have been sharing in my movement journey... I just want to say, I see you ❤️ To all you who post nearly everyday, inspiring us to move in all sorts of ways and with challenges, this post here is for you, and in particular today's post goes to: 👉🏼 Micki @mickiphit @pilatesphit and her #CreativePilatesLove challenge to keep our #Pilatesflow juices flowing. Cheers to your last 3 days, a pushup-ab-plank flow 👉🏼 Lisa @lisakayepilates and her fun #Fridayfitness posts with #fitballfriday 👉🏼 And Nancy @nancycastiglioni who recently posted a similar post ❤️ And those of you who don't post as often because you're out there doing your thing, but still make time to share your knowledge, questioning, exercise settings, cues, ideas and coaching skills to motivate those of us listening to be better... I see you. ❤️ Give yourselves all a hug from me to you Or come give me a hug in 𝗞𝗶𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗲𝘁𝗰𝗵® 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗞𝗶𝗺 class today. 𝕃𝕚𝕟𝕜 𝕚𝕟 𝕓𝕚𝕠 for more details. . . . . Wearing super comfy @fabletics #pilatestrainer #pilatestudio #FRCms #pilatesstyle #pilatesbody #fullbodyintegration #handstandpractice #homeworkouts_4u #homeworkoutvideos #corestrength
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~ Pedestrian Trees ~ One of my favorite parts of teaching Kinstretch® classes has been helping people understand the specific intentions that goes into every joint's CARs. ▼ Don't get me wrong, having newcomers discover the freedom of movement available after the efforts of PAILs/RAILs is cool, but CARs is what @hunterfitness likes to call "the low hanging fruit." They're fully accessible to everyone, easy to incorporate into your daily routine and movement practices even if you never come back for another Kinstretch® class (which you absolutely should see my note below), and the minimum of rotational movement you could do with the least amount of energy. ▼ CARs are so much more entailed than what so many of us see or post on IG, or what some trainers teach as CARs but have never took an FRC course. As you can see from this excerpt from last Friday's Kinstretch class, everyone's CARs look different from each other's, as they should. Everyone is a different age, with different body types, fitness levels, body awareness and joint capacities. It isn't about making the movement happen but what we are trying to accomplish within the joint that makes the movement. ▼ It should be noted though that experienced fruit pickers pick the fruit off the top of the tree first because they are the ripest and tend to be the least bruised or damaged from pests. Also most commonly used apple trees are shorter and smaller in the industry now, making the top of the tree even more accessible even without a ladder. Kind of like how @Kinstretch classes are an orchard that can provide some of the most worthwhile fruit to care for your joints! Come take class with me. Link in bio: 𝙁𝙧𝙞𝙙𝙖𝙮𝙨 2:30-3:45 pm @sanmarinoathleticclub ~•~ 𝙈𝙤𝙣𝙙𝙖𝙮𝙨...starting on President's Day! Monday, February 17th 12:00-1:15 pm @pilatesandarts . . . . . . @functionalrangeconditioning #FunctionalRangeSystems #FunctionalRangeConditioning #FRC#FRCms #ControlYourself #MSWN . #KinstretchwithKim #pilatestrainer #FRCms #mondaymobility #mobilityfocuspilates #pilatesstudio #mobilitytraining #pilatestraining #teachersteacher #pilatesstrong #strongandflexible #movementcoach #movebetter #fitmomma
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I've said it before and I'll say it again, you need the mobility and independent control of a joint in order to stabilize it, especially in loaded positions and joint interdependent movements like those featured today. ▼ Often times scapular movements are under utilized and though plank, pike or the combo of the two are used for "functional training" or as a #corechallenge , they are often executed lacking scapular awareness, control, and strength. ▼ Scapular CARs in any of these variations are not only a fantastic way to incorporate everything listed above, but can also strengthen scapular ranges. If you have instability, insecurity or difficulty sustaining your head or handstand, while there are many joints to consider including the spine (see many previous posts on spine), consider your scapula - it should ideally be protracted which not only supports the shoulder joint but also the core through connective tissue. ▼ Part II featuring planks and #headstands for my #Pilatespal Agi @equitness and her #chairchallenge2020 ~ AND ~ #Pikes for #MoveYouWithPilates with @pilates_fit_monica and most specifically for Barbara @studiopilates365 who called me the Queen of Pikes (which I'm not but I'll take it anyway)! 😜 . . . . . Wearing #spectrumleggings by @kdwapparel #iwearkdw #functionalrangeconditioning #functionalrangecontrol #JointHealth #MSWN #pilatesteacher #mobilityandpilates #corecontrol #scapularmobility #pilatesworkout #workoutideas #fitnessinspo #fullbodyworkouts #pilatesstrong #pilatesfit #fitmomma #movementmatters
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~ Friday Friend-day ~ ▼ Joining my #Pilatespal Agi @equitness and her #chairchallenge2020 with Part I of this #mobility and #pilatesflow combining as many days as I could: ~•~ ✓ Cross legged Rollover into ✓ Teaser and Rollback ✓ Hip ADDuction circles ✓ Pelvic curl with crossed legged ADDuction ✓ Teaser with leg switches ✓ Isometric Movement challenge I gave my Kinstretch class last week using Hip External Rotations and inverted ankles to rollover, internally rotate hips and control through ankle dorsiflexion to squat ✓ Added the step forward to rotate hips and transition to pyramid stretch in preparation for tomorrow's Part II 🎥 Sped up x3 . . . . Wearing #Spectrumleggings by challenge sponsor @kdwapparel #iwearkdw #pilatestrainer #pilatestudio #FRCms #pilatesstyle #pilatesbody #chairexercise #homeworkouts #homeworkouts_4u #homeworkoutvideos #corestrength
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~ Rotational challenge ~ End range options to challenge mobility and control in increasingly difficult environments ~•~ ✓ Bilaterally alternating Glenohumeral joint axial rotations in ABDuction with bent elbows ✓ Adding ADDuction hovers in shoulder flexion and extension ✓ Isometric Movement Path from 1/2 split to Cossack lunge ✓ Bilaterally alternating Glenohumeral joint axial rotations in ABDuction straight arms + ✓ Swim hovers in Cossack ✓ Cossack lunge transfer ~•~ Challenging agility, degrees of freedom, motor control, and strengthening capacities of joints at end range. ▼ Positions that place the hips into loaded deep hip flexion for challenging end ranges in upper body movements particularly in overhead or extension, forces the body to work even harder with the inability to compensate with thoracic extension. Think of alternative options with this in mind that work best for you and try these out! . . . . @functionalrangeconditioning #functionalrangeconditioining #functionalrangecontrol #lJointHealth #shouldermobility #MSWN . . . Ankle weights: @toneybands Use my discount code: toneybandthursday/kimberly Link in bio. #pilatestrainer #FRCms #transformationthursday #mobilityfocuspilates #mobilityandpilates #fitmomma #pilatesfit #pilatesstrong #strongandflexible #movementcoach #movebetter #pilateschallenge #seamlesstransitions
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~ Making an ankle ~ There's a lot to be said for ankle mobility and not just for specific sports, activities, or movement practices, but just having an ankle do what an ankle is supposed to do - dorsi and plantar flex, evert and invert and move in all the ranges between. ▼ Not only that, but tolerate loads as being upright moving beings. Where there is lack of capacity, there will be compensation. In addition, an ankle without ranges or independent control like what we are working on through a set of Level II ankle CARs, lacks the neuromuscular feedback to properly stabilize especially while moving. Add to this instability, capacities pushed beyond their limits say from misjudging a curb, and the body reacts by seizing down on already limited ranges. And a vicious cycle ensues as our body ages. ▼ I have been helping my 75+ client who enjoys daily runs re-establish all these ranges in his ankle and toe. Here we are working on improving dorsiflexion ranges and control, just one piece to this multi-range puzzle. ▼ In turn, his ability to stabilize within the ankle has been improving, as challenged with the single leg presses on the #WundaChair . Which means the feedback to his nervous system is improving, gradually increasing his ability to divert hands-to-the-ground falls from those uneven pavements, and eventually (since were not there yet) capacities to tolerate those sneaky curbs. ~•~ ✓ Ankle Dorsiflexion PAILs/RAILs ✓ Dorsiflexion Passive Range Holds - how much of your passive ranges to you actually own? ✓ Level II CARs - my hand is providing resistance and trying to block/cue any leg compensations ✓ Single leg presses with Hip flexion hold transitions 🎥 Sped up x5 👉🏼 Make ankles do ankle things and make your Pilates and runs better 🦶🏼 . . . . . @functionalrangeconditioning #functionalrangeconditioning #functionalrangecontrol #JointHealth #MSWN . . Happy #WundaChairWednesday @lori.shipp #anklemobility #mobilitytraining #pilatestrainer #FRCms #workoutwednesday #mobilityfocuspilates #pilatesfit #pilatesstrong #pilatescommunity #strongandflexible #movementmatters
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~ Test drive ~ #Torsopress variation on the Wunda Chair to challenge ✓ Hip External Rotation ✓ Hip Flexion ✓ Shoulder Extension ✓ Spine mobility and core control ▼ Post creating more hip external range with a super spicy set of PAILs/RAILs in the elevated pigeon (as posted last week), not only do I enjoy taking expanded joint ranges out for a test drive like today's post. But its also important to challenge whether all the moving pieces do their job while interacting with each other, as well as be able to execute movements with core control against all these movements and any forces. ▼ What I love even more is the specificity that I can now apply to every Pilates exercise, taking a movement practice to more and more levels. So even when I wanna move just to move, I can move even better. Want to move better? Come to 𝗞𝗶𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗲𝘁𝗰𝗵® with me this Friday! Link in bio. . . . . Happy #teasertuesday #functionalrangecontrol #fullbodyintegration #corecontrol #pilatestrainer #FRCms #tuesdaytips #seamlesstransitions #mobilityfocuspilates #mobilityandpilates #pilatesstrong #fitmomma #strongandflexible #movementcoach
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